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Chinese, Hindi, Italian, Bengali, French, Urdu, English, Spanish telephone interpreter

Thinking for People has a special division to provide real-time, low-cost and excellent quality over the phone interpreter and call interpreter services in more than 40 languages. With our telephone interpreters and meeting interpreter via meeting Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Whatsapp and other applications we help you, we help you hold conversations and communicate fluently in meetings, video calls, seminars, webinars, business calls, customer service, paperwork and aspects of daily life.

If you want to access over the phone interpreter service, call us and an assistant will assist you, write to us. Shall we talk?

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How to translate phone calls

You are wondering how to translate phone conversation or how to translate calls, the solution is a profesional language interpreter or phone interpreter is done over the phone, it is a way to perform a simultaneous translation over the phone and is used worldwide to communicate correctly and understand each other in any language and field of life.

Telephone interpreting performed by real time call interpreters helps our clients to communicate correctly through telephone calls with companies, institutions, municipalities and organizations, whether in technical, medical or commercial matters, requesting quotations or budgets, booking accommodation, resolving problems with utility companies, submitting incident reports to insurance companies, legal matters, etc… 

Our language interpreters and telephone translators are available for cell phone calls and video calls so that you can connect with us and make the call to whomever you want to call. It’s that easy. You can use our interpreters for English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu.

Live phone call translation and professional call interpreting can be done for multi-calls, multi-conferences, video calls or video conferences. If you don’t know how to translate calls in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu, then call us and we will help you with our real time over the telephone interpreting service, also known as “telephone interpreter translation services, telephone translation or call interpreter services”.

Telephone conversation translator

Do you need a telephone translator of spoken conversations, a simultaneous translator English Spanish or another language? With our simultaneous telephone translation service you will be able to talk about anything from closing all the business deals you need to attending any customer through a phone translator of spoken conversations in English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu. The service is available to everyone, but is especially intended for companies that want to import, export and do business.

Over the phone interpreter

The telephone language interpreting service is provided in English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu. Get immediate access to our English interpreters, Spanish interpreters, Chinese interpreters, Hindi interpreters, Bengali interpreters and Urdu and French interpreters. Get your spoken conversation translator and meeting translator.

Availability of telephone translation and interpretation services

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are aware that calls often cannot be planned, so interpreters adapt to companies and their international operations, as we work with clients, startups and companies from all over the world.

90 telephone translators , telephone translation

More than 90 telephone translators perform call translation and over the phone interpreting work in more than 40 languages and the availability is immediate because we have a large number of professionals with linguistic skills to perform the translation and interpreting tasks in the different languages available.

Professional language interpreter

Language interpreters are professionals, so simultaneous translation and interpreting can capture all the nuances of a conversation, whether in business, commercial or informational matters.


If you are here it is because you need an interpreter service Spanish English and other languages such as Chinese, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, French, Italian, Arabic. Perfect, we can help you.

Follow the steps and we will send you a free quote and you will be able to access the translating and interpreting services.

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Access to telephone interpreting and simultaneous translation over the phone by contacting us through:

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Access the telephone interpreter and call translation service.

The call interpreter service is available for:

  • English interpreter
  • Spanish interpreter
  • Chinese interpreter
  • Hindi interpreter
  • Bengali interpreter
  • Urdu, French, Arabic and other languages interpreter. 
Ask us about our 24 hour, 365 days a year telephone interpreter and translator service. We work with clients from all over the world. Contact us.

Simultaneous translation of calls, translation of video calls and translation of videoconferences

Simultaneous translation over the phone to answer calls, make calls, multi-call, translate video calls or video conferences are important in two-way simultaneous communication between people. Our services allow you to hold conversations or meetings through video calls with people relevant to you and who are located in other continents and countries. Language interpreter for your meeting or hold meetings, serminars and webinars and translate in Zoom meeting, Skype, Whatsapp, Google Meet and other applications.

Webinar and meeting translation

If you need translating and interpreting service for your meetings, conversations, webinars or webinars we can help you, day by day our team participates via phone and video call and video conferencing applications in business meetings, presentations, start-up meetings, partner meetings or shareholder meetings, medical appointments, product presentations, seminars and other exhibitions. Translating video calls with Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Google Meet and other applications we are used to conduct meetings. Contact us for availability and pricing. Send us a no-obligation quote.

If you need a language interpreter for a meeting with manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers we can help you, our interpreters in meetings can provide the details so you can close possible business deals between companies, meet new manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers from India, China, Germany, Spain, Latin America, USA, Indonesia, etc … through virtual trade fairs or virtual exhibition fairs held in other parts of the world and then market and sell products.

If you want to attend trade fairs, exhibition halls and have a team of reliable interpreters to negotiate the purchase and sale, our team can offer you the service of simultaneous translation between buyers and sellers or between importers and exporters. Therefore, we offer the best translating and interpreting service by telephone and video call.

Our team, in virtual exhibition fairs, accompanies clients in virtual visits with suppliers from other countries in the world such as India, China, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and many other countries. Our telephone interpreters adapt to each client. We can provide a simultaneous translation service for all calls to your business and company that need a language interpreter over the phone for Spanish, English, French, Hindi, Chinese, Bengali and Urdu languages. So when a call comes in to your business you can add another person who will be the English interpreter, the Chinese interpreter, the Hindi interpreter, the Spanish interpreter, the Bengali interpreter and the Urdu interpreter.

Frequently asked questions about telephone language interpreting and simultaneous translation services

Yes, language interpretation and simultaneous translation of calls services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and weekends.

You can access the service by Whatsapp, calling to +34641629053 or via e-mail and indicating:

  • Language
  • Call duration
  • When you want to make the call and access the language interpreting service over the phone.
  • And the type of call: we have people prepared for any type of call, but if you tell us if it is a call with a supplier, commercial, business, imports and exports will be better to give you the best service.

Then, we send you a quote and you proceed to the payment to access the service. It is very easy. You just call us and we will guide you through the whole process so that you can access your language interpreter.

If you have any questions and want to know more about how to implement our language interpreting service in your company, write to us and we will be happy to help you.


It is very fast, in less than 3 minutes you can access the language interpreter service. I am very happy with the English-Spanish telephone interpreting service because I have been able to speak with suppliers, manufacturers and customers from other countries. With the service I have been able to capture all the nuances of a business conversation.
isaac sanchez
Isaac Sánchez
Company in Spain
With the telephone language interpreter service I have been able to speak perfect Hindi Spanish with new customers and distributors of my product in Spain and from Spain I will be able to continue selling in France, Portugal, Germany, Italy and the rest of Europe.
Company in India

Our team of overt the phone interpreters and translators work with clients, startups and companies in the United States USA, Mexico, Canada, Panama, Costa Rica, India, China, Colombia, France, Germany, United Kingdom UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Sweden, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Morocco, Egypt, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Phone interpreting service and simultaneous translation of telephone calls

Our professional language interpreters help companies to import and sell in your exports

The main objective of language interpreting and simultaneous translation via cell phone or landline is that people communicate and understand each other correctly in any area of life, but when you talk about business, perform commercial tasks, customer service tasks and carry out import and export tasks to other countries, communication and understanding between people has to be perfect. With our language interpreters you can expand your business.

Interpreters are sales agents who provide service and support to companies, SMEs and freelancers, facilitating at all times the correct communication, translation and simultaneous interpretation with all the nuances that are essential to capture in a business conversation, so that your communication is excellent with customers, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers or potential partners and business alliances that are working within the business consulting to make sales, customer service and all tasks to be performed in the phase of import and export.

In addition, our language interpreters and sales agents are professionals in foreign trade, so they give a professional added value to the simultaneous translation in all sales operations, commercial and business calls.

Professional translators Spanish English and English Spanish

If you are looking for a professional online translation service performed by a professional English Spanish and English Spanish translator, please contact us.

Other languages are also available for translations, such as professional Chinese, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu translation.

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