Find India wholesale suppliers on B2B portals and web sites

Users often want to search how to find India wholesale suppliers or wholesalers that are reliable and then they proceed to search for suppliers on online B2B marketplace or e-commerce platforms. India has a multitude of online marketplaces which you can check out below if you read on. From the most popular online websites in India such as IndiaMart, Alibaba, Globalsources, Trade India, among other online B2B marketpalces. If you need help finding suppliers contact us.

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If you are interested in buying wholesale in India, manufacturing, knowing how to source suppliers in India, verifying suppliers or knowing how to do business in India, then contact us.

India wholesale suppliers

If you want to do business in India we present you information and tips to find Indian manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers.


India’s exports are 40% services, 60% products and merchandise. The range of services exported is very broad, but the main ones include travel and tourism, transportation, insurance and financial services and ICT. As for the goods exported by India, the main export sectors are chemicals, minerals, stone, food and agricultural products, metals, clothing and textiles, machinery, vehicles and electronics.

The new export products that India has incorporated to export from India and have increased exports in recent years are zinc, steel, ceramics, tiles, ceramic pavers, clothing, fabrics, working machinery, among other products.

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B2b portals to export and find India wholesale suppliers

Here is a list of 11 b2b portals to export and find India wholesale suppliers. By accessing these e-commerce platforms you will be able to identify Indian suppliers .

IndiaMart is India’s largest B2B portal where buyers from all over the world connect with manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers from India. On Indiamart you can find suppliers of medicines, pharmaceuticals, parapharmacy, electrical equipment, generators, turbines, motors, power generators, electronic components, leather products, leather raw material, leather bags, leather jackets, leather clothes, cleaning products, tanks, hardware material, cables, building materials, bathroom sanitary ware, scaffolding, tiles, wheels, car tyres, motorbike tyres, marble, granite, sandstone, handbags, wallets and purses, office supplies, school supplies, essential oils, herbal products, ayurvedic medicine, natural herbs, fashion accessories, jewellery, tools, industrial manufacturing, electrical goods, cosmetics, textile, rice, grain, seeds, decorative items, ornaments, hand tools, machinery, steel, metals, tractors, furniture, furnishings, stand, beds, chemicals, footwear, paints, and suppliers of many other products. If you are wondering how to buy from Indiamart contact us.

What is alibaba? Alibaba is an B2B marketplace developed in the 1990s and is the world’s largest B2B platform. It is a business portal where buyers and sellers connect to do business. Logically, you have to select suppliers very well and verify suppliers to make it reliable to buy on Alibaba. If you have any doubts about how to buy on Alibaba, please contact us. is a multi-sectoral B2B marketplace with 17 product categories with around 157,000 suppliers, exporters and manufacturers from China and other Asian countries such as India, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tahiland, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan. Globalsources has a major presence in Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, USA, India and Japan and is a meeting point between Indian exporters and importers from all over the world.

Trade India is a database of Indian companies. Here you can find suppliers of garments, agricultural machinery, auto spares and auto parts, pipes and tubes, chemicals, building materials like tiles, iron, steel, bathroom fittings, consumer electronics, cables, electronics and electronic supplies, beverages, food, furniture, household goods, industrial supplies and industrial parts, textile and furniture, medical supplies, hospital supplies, work tools, hand tools, power tools, leather goods, leather, leather products, school supplies, office supplies, packaging material, boxes, paper, pharmaceuticals, plastics, HDPE, LDPE, rubber, printing products, toys, textile and fabrics, sports and training material, abrasives, hotel supplies, etc. is a directory of companies from India. Some of the categories you can find suppliers of handicrafts from India, paper and cardboard, wood, printing material, jewellery, costume jewellery, computers and peripherals, household appliances, medical instruments, machinery, industrial chemicals, sports equipment, toys, spices, plants, essential oils, cosmetics, perfumes, furniture, furniture, furniture, generators, industrial equipment, construction material, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, clothing and footwear. is an marketplace for Indian companies.

Bombay Harbor Directory

Bombay Harbor Directory is an outsourcing directory for India.

Export India Directory

Export India Directory is an Indian B2B marketplace. is a search engine for companies in India.


E-indiabusiness is a global B2B business opportunities website.

Indian Yellow Pages

Indian Yellow Pages is an online B2B database.

How to find suppliers from india

Identifying a supplier from India through any of the business directories is easy, simply access any of the India B2B business platforms to start contacting suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers.

Once you access the B2B websites you will be able to:

  • Find suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers from India
  • You will need to verify suppliers in India
  • Negotiate with suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers
  • Close trade agreements, purchase and sales contracts, INCOTERMS
  • Manage shipments of goods from India
  • Customs, taxes and duties for goods to enter your country.

If all this seems too complicated and also if you are going to make an important purchase I suggest you to talk to us, we can help you in the whole process and we will help you to mitigate risks in your commercial operations. We have an office in India and we can give you support and coverage to buy in bulk.

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Verify India wholesale suppliers

Through any of the B2B directories you can identify Indian suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers, but before doing business to buy wholesale or any manufacturer in India will manufacture your brand or product it is advisable to verify supplier or verify manufacturer. If you need help to verify provider from India, contact us directly and we can help you do business in India.

How to buy on Alibaba India

If you don’t know how to buy on Alibaba India contact us, we will help you through the whole process.

Why find India wholesale suppliers with Thinking for People?

Get the best prices from india

In India, local people are better at negotiating prices than foreign people, because they know the industry, they speak the same dialect and language, they know the culture and the way to do business.

Our Indian staff speaks your language

Our Indian staff provides customers with personalised customer service in their language, depending on the type of import product or commodity we can assist you from design to the management of the entire supply chain.

Professional service for buy wholesale

Our team of Indian agents are professionals in foreign trade and international trade and are used to handling hundreds of containers a year for our customers and buyers from all over the world.

Do you need help finding India wholesale suppliers?

If you need to look for India suppliers, India wholesalers, factories and manufacturers for your products, simply contact us. We can help you at all stages of importing so that you can make your international purchases with greater security. Tell us the product or goods you want to buy and we will tell you how we can help you. We can help you from sourcing suppliers in India to arranging the shipment of goods to your country.

In which sectors can we find suppliers for you? Virtually everything, from raw materials such as steel, aluminium, machinery, building materials, clothing and garments, footwear such as shoes and slippers, advertising clothing, to Indian handicrafts, furniture and furnishings and plants.

Right now we are available for you and to answer any questions you may have. We are available 24h and weekends. Contact us with a call, an email or whatsapp, whatever is more convenient for you and it’s as easy as that.

Are you interested in exporting from India? Do you want to buy in India from reliable provider? Do you have a company you want to start importing from India? Buy in bulk? Do you want us to verify suppliers in India you want to do business with? Contact us. We can help you with our import and export business.

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