Electronic commerce or ecommerce opens a world of sales possibilities to any business, whether it is a store, franchise or even selling without having a physical establishment and it is independent of the means you have, whether you are self-employed, SME or company.

Day by day e-commerce is increasing and the trend is growing and the concentration of supply or sellers in marketplaces or electronic marketplaces is increasing, as these marketplaces are continuously specializing. For example: Amazon B2C, Ebay B2C, Alibaba B2B, B2B and B2C.

International ecommerce eliminates geographical barriers, facilitates contact, but let’s not forget that regulations must be respected when we contract or sell internationally and it is well known that it is not the same to sell a product or a service, and in the case of the product in turn depends on the type of product you are selling.

In Thinking for People we have experience in creating ecommerce at national and international level, but the simple act of creating an ecommerce does not guarantee you a business, since today’s customers are looking for the personalization of ecommerce, offers and a personalized treatment.

If you want to start selling online you have to identify who is your target audience and the type of ecommerce you are going to develop to sell online, for example if you are going to sell B2B, B2C, C2C, P2P, B2E and G2G. Here is what these acronyms mean:

  • B2B Business to Business is electronic commerce between companies.
  • B2C Business to Consumer is commerce between businesses and consumers.
  • C2C Consumer to Consumer is trade between consumers and consumers.
  • P2P Pear to Pear is trade between friends.
  • B2E Business to Employee is electronic commerce between businesses and employees.
  • G2G Goverment to Goverment is trade between governments.

Logically, depending on your objectives and the business structure and staff you are going to allocate to online sales channels, you will have to start somewhere else.
So you have several options to get started in e-commerce sales:

Social networks: if you are just starting out and have few resources, it is a good way to quickly start making contact with customers and you will have more or less authority depending on the content you publish.

Websites: if you already have social networks and want to start growing, depending on your type of business or what you are trying to sell, you will need a website, an ecommerce or sell directly on marketplaces.

Marketplaces: currently there are marketplaces where you can start selling, but you have to be realistic if you intend to get to the marketplace and start selling by writing 2 lines of description and features then you have nothing to do. In this case you will have to work on the product cards so that the SEO level customers find you and we say this only because if the product you are going to sell is already selling, this work is already being done by those who are currently selling, so to start selling you may have to spend money on advertising within the ecommerce and may not be so attractive to the marketplace. In this case, we recommend you to make good product cards to start selling online and if you can not contact us we can do that work for you and generate graphic content to start selling in marketplace.

Ecommerce: having a website you can develop an ecommerce to start selling, usually you can set up online stores or use different CMS to start setting up the store. If you want to set up an online store contact us we can help you. Since it is not only create the ecommerce but you have to have relevant content to start to capture the attention of users or customers to start buying your products.

Social networks

You can always start selling on social networks without having a website, ecommerce, marketplace, or anything else. It is the cheapest way to start connecting with your customers and let them get to know your products and services.

Social networks are meeting points and connection with like-minded people, who for whatever reason follow you and view your content so you can build customer loyalty by offering them brands, products and services that you represent and sell.


Create a website and start selling online. Any company, professional or freelancer who wants to start selling and exporting, the first thing you need is to have a website so that any commercial action by your company is reflected in an increase in visits and is a meeting point with new customers, both domestic and international customers. Everything depends on the approach you give to your website because it can be an international website or a national website, in short it depends on your target audience, i.e. the customer profile you have to develop your e-commerce strategy.


Start selling on marketplaces and attract customers. A marketplace is an additional sales channel for a company, we really like marketplaces, but you have to be careful with return policies and some platforms that can make selling on these e-commerce platforms are not a place for you. It all depends on the type of product you want to sell, the competition, the margins of your product and the selling prices of the competition, whether it is necessary to advertise or not to advertise and a long etc … If you have doubts, just call us, we can help you sell with websites, marketplaces, ecommerce and social networks.

There are many types of marketplaces, depending on the type of product you sell you can start selling in general marketplaces and niche marketplaces.


Sell online with ecommerce. Today many companies create their own ecommerce to market and sell products, so that through ecommerce customers are captured and purchase orders of their products are sent for distribution and sale.

Contact Thinking for People to sell online, we can help you.

Do you want to start selling on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Tabdevi, Indiamart?

If you are a company, professional or entrepreneur and want to sell online, we can help you sell through e-commerce on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Tabdevi, IndiaMart and through websites. Contact us.

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