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Import service of raw materials, clothing, products, machinery, agricultural machinery and equipment for companies and businesses. If you are looking for an import and export company, you have already found it, will we start importing in 2021?

Tell us what you are looking for and we will tell you how we can help you import goods, with wholesale and factory direct purchasing at an international level. We know where to look and find what your company needs.

If you are interested in importing and exporting, contact us by phone, whatsapp or email.

Objectives of import service

We help companies import from anywhere in the world to save on purchases and improve a company’s supplier portfolio.

Results of our import department

The objective of our import department is to reduce your company’s raw material and product purchasing costs so that you can earn more money and increase the competitiveness of your business.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to manufacture in India and import from India to your country we can help you in the whole process.

Manufacturing in China

If you are thinking of manufacturing your product in China, but you don’t know how and need help, contact us and we will solve all your doubts to start manufacturing in China and importing from China to your country. We can help you in the whole process.

Manufacturing in another country

Tell us in which country you want to manufacture and we will tell you what we can do for you. It’s that easy, contact us and tell us what you want to manufacture in another country.

How we import products

We locate manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers in all parts of the world, through our databases, our commercial offices in India and China and through our international know-how and experience.

International purchasing department

Our international purchasing department provides value to companies, entrepreneurs and businesses that want to import products obtaining the best prices and product quality for each client, with direct purchasing from manufacturers or wholesale purchasing from wholesalers and suppliers.

Supply chain management for all imports

We are in charge of helping you during the whole import process and in all its phases, supervising and resolving any incident that may occur in the management of the supply chain to transport the product or goods correctly to its destination.

Import tariff

The cost of the import service for companies is a small percentage of the savings in the purchase, this would be our import fee.

If you need a product quotation or a product price for wholesale purchase and import of products, then write or call us.


We offer foreign trade solutions, here you can consult our Guide to importing goods. We offer our import consultancy and advice and management of international transport, maritime and air transport. If you want to know more information about incoterms and customs, please consult our dictionary.

Do you need to know the requirements to import machinery, products and other goods? Do you need to know the costs of importing? Contact us.

How to import products

Importing products from other markets to your country involves a deep knowledge of markets of the origin of the product, exporting country, and destination of the product, country of the importer, in order to make purchases from international suppliers “protecting the buyer” throughout the import phase and advising the client throughout the process on possible risks in commercial operations and how to act in each case to minimize risks or mitigate risks.

Our advice seeks to protect the buyer in all the phases of the import process or to carry out the operations with the minimum possible risk.

Importing company

If you want to create an import company to sell imports or create a company to import in Spain, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Bolivia, Panama, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, United States USA, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom UK, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain or any other country.  Contact us.

International trading company

How our services can help you as an international trade company to start importing products:

  • Reduce product or merchandise purchase costs by making wholesale purchase or making direct purchase from international manufacturers.
  • Reduce risks by working with professionals, we will apply all good practice filters to mitigate risks.
  • Facilities to adapt to the regulatory compliance of each country and the quality standards of customers.
  • Find commercial purchasing opportunities by having an international presence and purchasing profile.

Reduce costs

Thanks to Thinking for People's supplier selection processes, you can find suppliers and manufacturers that meet your product demand, technical and economic solvency, regulatory compliance in your country and the supply times required by your business.

Reduce risks

We request from suppliers and manufacturers all the necessary documents to carry out import operations. We work for you to make the best decisions based on the documentation provided and we help you in the validation of the documents and in making your decisions to identify and eliminate risks that may be encountered.

Improve business governance

Import risks do not all end with the export or purchase, but we work to meet the demands of customers based on their needs, the technical requirements set by the customer, regulatory compliance and consolidate their relationships with suppliers and manufacturers in any country.

Find more business opportunities

By being pre-qualified as an importer you will be able to acquire more visibility as an importer and you will be able to obtain better quality and prices from suppliers and manufacturers in the sector.

Import service of Thinking for People

If you need to import products and goods we can help you, just contact us and tell them you want to buy internationally. We are available 24h and weekends. Contact us with a call, an email or whatsapp, whatever is more comfortable for you and it’s that easy.

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