Suppliers & Manufacturers of expansive cement for rock breaking

China’s leading manufacturers of expansive cement are manufacturers and suppliers that export this material to the rest of the world, are Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, and supply a multitude of building materials distribution companies, quarries, construction companies, and mining companies.

Expansive cement for rock breaking or demolition expansive cement is a product made in China. If you want to know the price of expansive cement to import from China, perfect. Please contact us.

As the name implies, manufacturers of expansive cement for breaking rocks report its use:

  • in excavation areas for building construction.
  • in mining
  • in civil works excavations, expansive cement is used to break rocks or demolish rocks as the contractor excavates the ground. For example, when building a road the geology is very diverse, so there may be clay soils with blocks of stone to be demolished, so with expansive cement you can perform this task of demolition or if, for example, in a civil work you want to perform the clearing of a rock slope in a controlled manner, you can perform this task with expansive cement.
  • in rock quarry or stone quarry it is used to cut rocks, break the blocks of rock and extract the cut blocks as you can see in the photo below in an easy, controlled, silent and safe way, so you can cut stone in a controlled way and without generating noise.
  • in building demolition the expansive cement is also used.


The expansive cement is also known as expansive mortar, expansive mass, expansive cement or expansive concrete. And in the market you can find 3 types of expansive cement, so that depending on the humidity conditions of the environment and temperature, that is to say, depending on your geographical area and climate you should use one type of expansive mortar or another, but do not worry because the Chinese manufacturer will inform you about everything and tell you which expansive cement is the one you need depending on all environmental conditions and geographical area.

How does expansive cement work?

The expansive cement preparation is added to water and the mixture expands and demolishes the rock if it is in a demolition or if it is used in a controlled way in a quarry it will be able to cut stone in the direction marked by the holes of the drills.

The non-explosive demolition agent, when mixed with water, produces a chemical reaction of rehydration and begins to generate an expansive force in a controlled and safe way, generating an expansive force of more than 7,000 tn/m2. The expansive cement generates an increase in volume. The mixed product causes an increase in volume and provokes high pressures in the rock or concrete, causing stone breakage or concrete breakage. The reaction is a slow process and is generated silently.

There are several types of traditional expansive mortar, depending on the temperature:

  • type 1 for temperatures between 25º-40ºC
  • type 2 for temperatures between 15º-30ºC
  • type 3 for temperatures between 0º- 20ºC.

If you want to cut granite stone in granite quarries, the usual distance between holes is 10-15 cm. If the stone is sandstone the distance between holes can be 20-30 cm. It all depends on the hardness of the rock you want to cut or demolish.

In addition, there is another type of extra strong extra power expansive cement for mining and quarrying works, this is super expansive mortar for fracturing of rock and concrete.

How to use expansive cement?

  • As in any procedure on the construction site, it is necessary to use all the elements of individual protection such as gloves, safety goggles and mask.
  • Drill the surface of the quarry rock or stone to be demolished.
  • Prepare the expansive mortar mixture so that it is a uniform expansive mass without lumps.
  • Once the expansive mortar has been prepared, the expansive mortar must be poured into the holes made with the drills.
  • Leave approximately 24 – 48 hours until the mass generates all the expansive force (depending on the type of rock and the distance between holes it will take more or less time to fracture the rock, the humidity and the climate).


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