Import and export

We are an import and export company. We are dedicated to the import of products, importing goods, equipment and export of products for our customers, warehouses, companies, distributors, wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers around the world. Our job is to assist companies in buying wholesale, buying directly from manufacturers, manufacturing products and importing products to increase your imports and exports.

We offer companies a sourcing service for suppliers and manufacturers to provide advice on importing goods. Mainly, we are specialized in import from India and import from China products and goods for our customers. So our customers tell us what they want to manufacture and we help them to subcontract the production and manufacturing of the product with Chinese manufacturers, from India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany, USA, Spain and other countries, so that your business and company is only in charge of marketing and selling. For example, Furniture India.

However, if you are looking to buy wholesale from wholesalers and suppliers in India, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, Germany, Spain, USA and other countries we can also help you in buying from wholesalers and importing goods to your country, so you only have to take care of marketing and selling. For example, Indian clothing.

We export and sell our clients’ merchandise using business consulting, marketing, digital tools and applying data analysis, we find product consumption patterns in other countries and thus decide which is the target country to sell in your business, what marketing actions to perform and capture the attention of customers.

We work to import to Spain, France, United Kingdom UK, Germany, India, China, Turkey, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Morocco, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Brazil, Dubai, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Vietnam, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, United States USA and Canada.  in 2021.

Do you want to import a product and merchandise and need a quotation and price? Call us or write us.

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Import advice and import consulting. In a global world, importing goods and buying in bulk is a process that is done to optimize purchases by buying at cheaper prices or buying at better quality for a competitive price and thus improve your business by making it more profitable, so that our customers can earn more money.

Many of our customers ask us for import advice of goods their products from different parts of the world and we take care of all the steps: from finding suppliers and manufacturers, negotiating with manufacturers and suppliers, managing product samples, purchasing conditions, minimum order quantity MOQ in the purchase, managing shipping and international transport of goods, making imports and managing the supply chain. Contact us to find out more about our consulting import services.

We import for our customers marble, granite, sandstone, clothing, women’s footwear, men’s footwear, car spare parts, car, motorcycle and truck parts, tires, furniture, machinery and equipment, capital goods, chemicals, make-up, oils, computers, telephones, smartphones, monitors, protective masks, work clothes, promotional and gift items, advertising clothing, steel, aluminum, hardware, pipes, washing machines, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, household appliances, heavy machinery, public works machinery such as bulldozers, excavators, bulldozers, graders, excavators, forklifts, tractors, agricultural machinery and more merchandise for our customers who import to Spain, France, United Kingdom, India, United States, China, Canada, Turkey, Germany, Bangladesh, Italy, Indonesia, Switzerland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Morocco, Hungary, Czech Republic, Brazil, Austria, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Vietnam, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Dubai, Cambodia and Qatar.

Do you have a problem with your import? We help companies, importers and entrepreneurs to import. Consulting import services. Contact us, we can help you.  

For your imports. Do you need to know the price of the product to import products and merchandise to your country? Call us or write us, we will help you to import

Thinking for People helps you, if you do not know how to import goods and increase the import of goods from anywhere in the world, write to us without any commitment. We help companies and entrepreneurs to import and export merchandise, machinery and capital goods.

We look for manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers that adapt to the requirements of our customers. We advise companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs to:

  • Manufacture in another country and outsource the production and manufacturing. For example, manufacture in China, manufacture in India or another country.
  • Direct purchasing from manufacturers in China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam or other countries
  • Buy wholesale directly from wholesalers to import products, merchandise, machinery and capital goods to the customer’s country and
  • We help you manage the entire supply chain so that customers only need you to market, distribute and sell products.

If you have the idea of manufacturing in another country, just call us and tell us about your project, we will be able to help you.

Our customers are companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world looking to buy directly from manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers worldwide and then import to Spain, United Kingdom UK, France, India, China, United States USA, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Morocco, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Vietnam, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Cambodia and Dominican Republic.

In Thinking for People we like to support the small and medium business, that can grow and sell more globally and increase exports, so if you want to increase the visibility of your products on the Internet internationally through its sales center and I suggest you to publish your products and services in Tabdevi marketplace and you will find thousands of customers around the world who want to buy and sell. In addition, Tabdevi marketplace is a central purchasing department, where you can publish your purchases and suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world can send their quotes, quotations and prices to buyers.

In the search for manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers to buy wholesale do you need help to know the manufacturing price buying directly from manufacturers or wholesale price? Write or call us, we will help you in manufacturing and purchasing.

Thinking for People helps you find the best manufacturer and supplier to suit your business, write or call us.

business consultancy

Business consultancy

Our strategic consultancy for SMEs is focused on analysing your company or business with the aim of helping you to implement the technological solutions that will produce cost savings, reduce time in carrying out tasks and optimise your company’s production systems and help you to sell more to a greater number of customers.

Thinking for People can help you optimise your business plan and improve it, providing new insights and business solutions, business strategy and new sales channels to sell more and export.

With our business consulting you can increase the growth of your business Do you want to organize your business strategy to grow and sell more with new technologies? Write us or call us.

Thinking for People can provide you with experience and business management on how things are done, write to us.


Marketing for business


Our clients want to capture the attention of their target audience and want to create an ecommerce, marketplace, use digital marketing and sales tools, manage social networks and generate appropriate content for the conversion and sale of their products and services. Thinking for People provides companies with business solutions that will help you sell more and export products to other markets.

Companies need to create content to promote their products and services and to sell on marketplaces such as Ebay, Amazon, Tabdevi, Alibaba, Carrefour or other marketplaces. We offer you our marketing content creation service to start selling on marketplaces, export products and enhance the brand image of your product or service.

If you have an ecommerce we can do the same, create content and marketing for your ecommerce and for your company. We can also adapt and translate the content into other languages so that you can sell in other markets and export your goods.

With Marketing for Business Do you need help to improve your marketing strategy and increase your sales and exports?With Marketing. Do you need help to improve your marketing strategy and fulfill your business plan? We love challenges, we offer you solutions, write us or call us.

Thinking for People in marketing acts quickly by generating content, validating the pieces that work and creating marketing strategies that work to capture the attention of your target audience, write to us.

Telephone interpreting and telephone translation

At Thinking for People we have a telephone translation and telephone interpreting team to provide service to companies and professionals who need it. The simultaneous translation service is available for English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu languages and is an interpretation and translation service for companies and individuals who want to communicate fluently and like to do business through a phone call, improving customer, supplier and manufacturer treatment and talk anytime, anywhere in the world. With our telephone translation and interpretation services you will be able to speak with more than 2.1 billion people in the world who speak any of these languages. If you need telephone interpreting and translation services in any other language, let us know, we can also help you.

Telephone interpretation of calls, multi-calls, video calls and videoconferences. We help people to communicate and understand each other. Contact us.

Thinking for People offers business solutions to improve communication between people, contact us.

Professional translator of languages and dubbing of videos and advertisements

Professional language translation and dubbing

Thinking for People has a very complete team of professional online translators to adapt all documents and marketing content to the client’s language to provide a complete service for exporting and selling to other countries. We take care of translating product data sheets, client catalogs, websites, commercial documents, contracts, social media content, commercial dubbing, podcast dubbing, video dubbing and subtitle creation into different languages. We translate and adapt your content to the language of your customers to start exporting and selling.

With our translation service we help our clients to connect with their target audience in the country you want to export and sell, so that your clients understand you and you can convey the message you want to convey to your audience. Contact us for more information.

Thinking for People offers a professional translation service for your commercial texts and voice-overs to adapt all the contents to the language of your customers, depending on the country where you want to sell your product and merchandise. Write to us, we can help you.

Are you an importer, exporter, company, SME and entrepreneur?

If you are an importer, exporter, company, SME or entrepreneur and you need to manufacture your product, we can find manufacturers from China, Germany, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia and other countries to manufacture your product and you can start selling. If what you need is to find suppliers or wholesalers from India, China, Taiwan, or other markets, we may already know them and if we don’t know them we can find them for you and we can help you import, export and manage the supply chain for your company.

If you are looking for import and export companies, contact THINKING FOR PEOPLE. We can advise you and we want to help you to import and we can also import as an importer the merchandise you need. Contact us by phone without any obligation.

Are you an entrepreneur and have entrepreneurial ideas? You don’t know where to start and need help, then just write to us.

Who our services to import, export, consulting, advisory and marketing

Our import, export, business consulting, advisory and marketing services are aimed at companies:

Large companies and SMEs, small and medium-sized companies

We work with SMEs and large companies who want to take their business to any part of the world and who want to bring their company to new clients, to be known, to obtain brand image and to acquire a continuous recognition from their clients. Our agency helps SMEs and companies with import and export and our marketing agency for SMEs has the conviction that companies are not local but that all companies can compete and be global.

Brands and new products

Create new clothing brands for influencers, new brands and creating new products! We recognize the passion of entrepreneurs and we identify with companies and professionals who are dedicated to creating new products or services to market and sell in the market. If you are thinking about creating a personal brand we can help you with designs, finding suppliers and manufacturers to buy and import, and selling and exporting products. Contact us.

Self-employed and professionals

We love working with professionals and freelancers to help them grow and sell more, because they do great things and sell authentic products. We identify with them and understand their culture perfectly. If you've made it this far, our business marketing agency and consulting firm wants to talk to you.


A startup is a newly created company where products and services are created, seeking to grow in business and create large companies. Thinking for People has experience in advising startups, importing products and exporting products and services. As a startup marketing agency we can help you sell. We are entrepreneurs too.

Below you can find the categories of our website where you can find import and export information:

Here you can see the categories of our website where digital marketing business solutions, telephone interpreter and translator and content translation and dubbing are displayed:

Manufacturing in another country, imports, exports, marketing for companies and business strategy

Thinking for People offers a complete business service to find manufacturers and suppliers in other countries, manage the international transport of goods and manage the entire import and export process.  If you are a company, SME, entrepreneur or freelancer and you need advice to import and export, just contact us and we will talk to you without any obligation. Shall we talk?

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