Manufacturer for clothes, fashion and accessories

Do you want to manufacture clothing in India, manufacture clothing in China or another country. We help clothing and fashion brands, companies and entrepreneurs to find the best clothing manufacturers to make the new spring – summer, autumn – winter fashion seasons, women’s, men’s, boys, girls and baby clothing, home, advertising, work and new lines of clothing, women’s footwear, men’s footwear, slippers, accessories and complements. We help you to find a manufacturer for clothes or garment manufacturer in India, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia. We help you to manufacture clothes with manufacturers in China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia. We are an international trade consulting firm and we help companies to manufacture and import from Asia. Shall we start?

If you want to travel to China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam or Indonesia to visit manufacturers garments in Bangladesh, India, China, Vietnam and Indonesia, perfect. Our team can help you organize business travel and create an agenda with manufacturer for clothes.

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Garment manufacturers in bangladesh

Garment manufacturers in Bangladesh have turned Bangladesh into a hub fashion manufacturers for major fashion brands, new fashion brands, retail chains, entrepreneurs, catalog companies, online websites, promotional and gift companies where clients send their designs to manufacture custom made garments according to their designs, qualities and packaging. 

Our team is in charge of managing clients’ purchase orders and organize visits to factories in Bangladesh for clients to decide which manufacturer for clothes is the most interesting to work with based on synergies, capabilities, qualities and price. Shall we start manufacturing in Bangladesh or buy fabric in Bangladesh?

Garment Manufacturers in India

If you need clothing manufacturers in India we have a lot of experience in manufacturing clothing for clothing brands, franchises, clothing stores, clothing distributors and clothing wholesalers from different parts of the world. 

We know the best garment manufacturers in india.  Do you need quotation, quotation and price of clothes factory in India with custom clothing manufacturers in India? Contact us.  We offer to find high quality garment manufacturers, consolidate cargo or group cargo from different manufacturers for export from India.

Garment Manufacturer in China

If you need clothing manufacturers in China or look for Chinese clothing suppliers we have a lot of experience in managing orders with clothing manufacturers. Therefore, if you need to create a clothing brand we can help you in the whole process of manufacturing and importing from China. Currently, we are working for brands, franchises, clothing stores, distributors and wholesalers from different parts of the world.

 Do you need quotation, quotation and price of clothes factory in China with manufacturers for clothes in China? Contact us.

Find a manufacturer to make my clothing

Depending on the type of clothing, you should “Find a manufacturer to make my clothing“. We select different clothing manufacturers from India, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam or Indonesia to manufacture clothing for my brand. We take care of everything, so that the women’s, men’s, children’s and baby clothing manufactured for the customer reaches their facilities to proceed with the distribution and sale of clothing.

Currently we have customers who sell in store, franchises, online stores that sell through their website or social networks, in many parts of the world. Brands from Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Denmark, Croatia, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Qatar, Bolivia, Dubai, Bahrain, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Poland and Russia.

Create clothing and apparel brand

Thinking for People helps new entrepreneurs who want to create clothing brands and we help them to manufacture clothing according to the type of garment they want to design, buy, manufacture and import to distribute and sell to their customers. If you are interested in creating your brand, it’s simple contact us.

Clothing and styling

In the manufacture of fashion and clothing for women, men, boys, girls and babies many details must be specified, from the type of fabric or fabric, different qualities of fabric, new fabric trends and new designs, embroidery, badges, logos, buttons, zippers, sequins, etc …, models, sizes of women’s clothing US, UK, EU, plus sizes, petite clothing, tall clothing and maternity clothing. In addition, to take care of the image of your branded clothing we will design the labels, packaging for your clothes and identify them correctly to take care of the branding of your brand.

Each garment wants its customers to differentiate themselves from the rest of the people marking a fashion style and way of dressing. Therefore, in the fashion world there are different types of clothing styles.

List of styles of clothing and fasion

  • Classic style
  • Urban style
  • Military style
  • Rocker style
  • Avant-garde style
  • Oversized style
  • Bohemian style
  • Retro or vintage style
  • Grunge style
  • Punk style
  • Hippie style
  • Informal or casual style
  • Sport style
  • Pin up style
  • Hipster style
  • Sufferer style
  • Executive style
  • Gothic style
  • Ethnic style

Women's clothing manufacturers

If you are looking for a manufacturer of women’s fashion and clothing, accessories and complements to manufacture your own women’s clothing or you want to create your own clothing brand, then we can help you to find the best manufacturer of women’s clothing, designs, sample management, manufacturing and import management of women’s clothing and apparel.

Women's clothing and fashion

We can assist you in the manufacture of any or all of the clothing items on this list of fashionable women’s clothing:

  • Women’s coats
  • Women’s socks and stockings
  • Women’s blazers
  • Anorak and sportswear
  • Women’s shirts
  • Women’s T-shirts and tops
  • Women’s cardigans
  • Women’s blouses
  • Women’s basics
  • Women’s blouses
  • Women skirts
  • Women’s vests
  • Women jackets
  • Women sweaters and sweatshirts
  • Leggings women
  • Women’s pants
  • Women’s shorts
  • Women’s overalls and dungarees
  • Women’s polo shirts
  • Women’s cardigan
  • Women’s swimwear and beachwear
  • Women’s sportswear
  • Women’s clothing
  • Women’s sleepwear pajamas
  • Women’s work wear
  • Women’s maternity wear
  • Women’s underwear and lingerie
  • Women’s uniforms
  • Women’s jeans
  • Women’s dresses
  • Women’s wedding dresses
  • Women’s celebration dresses

Women's accessories and fashion accessories

We can help you with this list of fashionable women’s accessories :

  • Women’s bags and suitcases
  • Women’s wallets, card holders, cases, purses, wallets
  • Women’s belts
  • Women’s scarves
  • Women’s scarves
  • Women’s briefcases and backpacks
  • Toiletries and travel bags
  • Watches
  • Women’s sunglasses
  • Caps, hats and caps for women
  • Masks for women
  • Women’s gloves
  • Umbrellas
  • Women’s footwear
  • Women’s slippers
  • Masks for women
Fabricante de ropa de hombre y accesorios en India, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Camboya y Vietnam.

Men's clothing and fashion manufacturers

If you want men’s clothing manufacturers we can help you in the process of manufacturing and importing men’s clothing. We can manufacture in different parts of the world and send you the fully finished clothing to your facilities for marketing and sale. We take care of the whole process.

Men's clothing list

We can manufacture all the men’s clothing listed below in the list of men’s fashionable clothing:

  • Men’s coats
  • Anorak and sportswear
  • Men’s socks
  • Men’s shirts
  • Men’s T-shirts
  • Men cardigans
  • Men vests
  • Men jackets
  • Men sweaters
  • Men sweatshirts
  • Men pants
  • Men shorts
  • Men polo shirts
  • Men cardigan
  • Men swimwear and beachwear
  • Men’s sportswear or sportswear
  • Men’s sleepwear and homewear such as pajamas
  • Men’s underwear
  • Men’s workwear
  • Men’s suits
  • Men’s groom suits
  • Men’s uniforms
  • Men jeans

List of men's accessories and accessories for men and men's fashion

The following is the list of fashion accessories and men’s accessories that can be made to be fashionable:

  • Ties
  • Bow ties
  • Suspenders
  • Men’s bags and suitcases
  • Men’s wallets, card holders, cases, purses, purses
  • Men’s belts
  • Men’s neckerchiefs
  • Men’s scarves
  • Men’s briefcases and backpacks
  • Toiletries and travel bags
  • Watches
  • Men’s sunglasses
  • Caps, hats and caps for men
  • Men’s face masks
  • Men’s gloves
  • Umbrellas
  • Cufflinks for shirts
  • Men’s shoes
  • Men’s slippers
  • Men’s face masks

Manufacturer of children's clothing and fashion

Girls and boys fashion and clothing in a great business for entrepreneurs to create a personal brand and market and sell your own designs and brand for girls and boys. If you are looking for children’s fashion and clothing manufacturers, then Thinking for People can help you in the whole process of making children’s clothing, below is a list of boys and girls clothing to go fashionable:

  • Coats for girls and boys
  • Bodies for girls and boys
  • Socks for girls and boys
  • Shirts girls and boys
  • T-shirts girls and boys
  • Cardigans girls and boys
  • Vests for girls and boys
  • Jackets girls and boys
  • Skirts girls
  • Sweaters and sweatshirts girls and boys
  • Leggings girls
  • Jumpsuits and overalls for girls and boys
  • Pants girls and boys
  • Girl and boy shorts
  • Girl and boy polo shirts
  • Cardigan girls and boys
  • Girls and boys swimwear and beachwear
  • Girl and boy sportswear
  • Girl and boy sleepwear and homewear
  • Girls and boys underwear
  • Suit for girls and boys
  • Uniforms for girls and boys
  • Girl and boy jeans
  • Dresses girls
  • Shoes for girls and boys
  • Shoes
  • Masks boys

Baby clothing manufacturer

Whether you want to create a baby clothes and baby fashion to sell in physical store or clothing franchise or through your online store or website, Thinking for People can help you through the whole process to design, find the best baby clothing manufacturer according to the type of garment, manage the baby clothing samples and help you import baby clothing, such as this list of baby clothing:

  • Baby coats
  • Baby bibs
  • Baby bodysuits
  • Baby shirts
  • Baby vests
  • Baby jackets
  • Baby clothing sets
  • Baby skirts
  • Baby sweaters and sweatshirts
  • Baby shorts
  • Baby pants
  • Baby cardigan
  • Baby sleepwear and sleepwear
  • Baby underwear
  • Baby shoes

Manufacturers of workwear, work uniforms and advertising uniforms

If you are looking for a manufacturer of workwear and work uniforms for advertising, customized and screen printed advertising apparel with your logo for your company or custom apparel for a business event, then Thinking for People can find for you the best custom advertising apparel and textile manufacturer in China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh or any other country to manufacture all kinds of clothing like T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, pants, jackets, fleece, parka, vests, raincoats, leggings, tracksuits, towels, sportswear, workwear, workwear, personal protective and safety equipment buying the cheapest clothing and finding special offers. Contact us to find workwear manufacturers in China or any other country.

Thinking for People can take care of everything, tell us the type of advertising apparel you want and we will tell you how we can help you. We can help you from design, sample management, manufacturing and importation of the advertising apparel so you can distribute it and improve the promotion of your branded product, service, commercial event, promotional event or sporting event. If you are interested in other promotional gifts such as backpacks, briefcases, water bottles, umbrellas or other gifts that are normally given at events, congresses, conferences and seminars. 

Manufacture my own brand of clothing

Entrepreneurs who say I want to manufacture my clothing brand and fashion brand we can help them through the whole process of branding, design, manufacturing, sourcing, sample management, importing and business development.

Thinking for People has a lot of experience in advising and helping companies to manufacture their own brand of clothing in other countries, so we can help you with the designs, the first product samples, in the negotiation with the manufacturers of clothing, garments, accessories and creation of complements.

If you are an entrepreneur and you want us to help you to manufacture your own clothing brand, then write or call us, we would like to talk to you without any commitment and tell us about your project, what clothes, accessories and complements you want to design, what stock of clothes, accessories and complements you want to have, what sizes you want to manufacture, what is your target audience and we will tell you how we can help you.

household linen manufacturer

Manufacturer of household linens, bed linens and home fashions

If you want to manufacture household linen and home fashion such as bed linen, blankets, blinds, towels, curtains, carpets, cushions, towels for hotels and other decorative and hotel items for home, hotel and garden we can advise you and help you to manufacture and find the best suppliers in other countries.

Clothing suppliers

If you are looking for clothing suppliers of women’s clothing, men’s clothing, baby, boys and girls, home wear and home fashion contact us we can help you import imported clothing for you to sell to your customers.

Tell us what kind of clothing you are looking for and we will tell you how we can help you import and manage your imports. Contact us.

Importing clothes from India, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam

If you want to import clothing from China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, Turkey or other countries with your brand, contact us, we can help you to manage the import clothes for women, men, boys, girls and babies, advertising clothes, workwear and workwear, homewear, bedding and accessories and the supply chain of clothing and fashion. We help you import clothing from Bangladesh and other countries.

Contact us, whether to manufacture clothing and fashion or if you buy imported clothing directly from clothing manufacturers and suppliers, buy the new seasonal models that are being made for distribution and wholesale of clothing and fashion.

Import clothing

Thinking for People can help you import imported clothing from China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and other countries by importing both imported clothing and imported footwear.

Imported clothing for sale on Amazon, Ebay, ecommerce, marketplace and websites

If you are thinking of creating a website, ecommerce to sell clothes or sell clothes on Amazon, Ebay and other marketplaces, contact us, we can help you to import seasonal imported clothing and seasonal imported footwear to make your online sales. You take care of selling and we take care of managing your entire supply chain to expand your catalog and generate more business, selling more if you plan to sell online.

Do you need to import wholesale clothing and import footwear to sell on Amazon, Ebay, websites, ecommerce and marketplaces? Contact with us

Clothing manufacturer committed to the environment

Many of our customers are looking for apparel manufacturers that are committed to the environment, that use new materials, manufacturers that are committed to product quality and that make the apparel business a sustainable business. For example: to manufacture clothing made of 100% organic cotton fabric or garments that meet all environmental requirements during the manufacturing process so that the materials, dyes and fabrics used do not contain harmful or hazardous substances.

Contact With Thinking for People

If you need to find the best clothing manufacturers in India, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indonesia and clothing wholesalers we can help you, both in manufacturing and import and supply chain management for your clothing brand. Our team advises manufacturers, wholesalers and new brands to manufacture in India, Bangladesh and China.

Contact us without any obligation to advise you. Write us an email, Whatsapp or call us, Thinking for People can help you in any of the phases to manufacture and import clothing, fashion, accessories and complements to your country so you can start selling now!!!. We are available 24 hours a day and any day of the week.

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