Imported Indian sandstone blocks are imported by customers from all over the world and then in their country they cut the natural stone according to their customer’s technical specifications, so that each piece can be cut into smaller sandstone slabs or blocks to suit the technical specifications of the works that developers, architects or engineers have designed.

Therefore, if you import blocks, you will be able to manufacture floors, pavements, small blocks, wall coverings, decorative elements and other customised pieces to adapt to the needs of the client.

Sandstone slabs

Importers of sandstone slabs or imported sandstone slabs are used for the manufacture of interior flooring and exterior flooring and interior cladding and exterior cladding on facades.

Quarried sandstone slabs can be larger or smaller depending on the size of each block. Therefore, flooring and cladding manufacturers will be able to customise the pieces for their customers and their construction projects.

Suppliers Indian Sandstone

The choice of an Indian sandstone supplier will depend on factors such as the quality of the material, the colour and the specific needs of each project. If you need to import from Indian sandstone suppliers we can help. Our India export team works with India’s leading sandstone quarries and factories. We will help you select the best sandstone exporter in India for your project, contact us.

Quality of Indian sandstone

The quality of Indian sandstone can be measured by its durability, strength and appearance, therefore the quality will also depend on the price of Indian sandstone.

Sandstone use and application

Use of sandsone in construction, building and decoration. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed by grains of sand joined together, therefore sandstone is used in the construction of buildings, housing and ancillary works and decoration.

Here are some of the most common applications:

  • Building construction and residential construction
  • Flooring and facade cladding: sandstone is cut and polished to create slabs of different sizes for interior flooring, exterior flooring, facade cladding and interior cladding.
  • Historical monuments: both in the construction of historical monuments and in the renovation of historical monuments.
  • Decoration and landscaping: in the manufacture of retaining walls, stairs and decorative elements in gardens and parks. Interior decoration, chimney cladding, etc.

The choice of sandstone type according to its use depends on its characteristics of durability, strength, aesthetics and stock availability.

The colours of Indian sandstone include shades of red, beige, brown and yellow, so it is used in many architectural buildings in exteriors as structural elements and facades; in interiors of buildings it is used as decorative elements because of its appearance and good technical specifications in various architectural applications, both in the USA, Middle East, Europe and Latin America.

Indian sandstone is commonly used for flooring, paving, wall cladding, structural elements and other architectural and landscape purposes, sandstone is valued for its natural variations, durability and its ability to withstand weathering. Please note that different types of Indian sandstone may have different properties, so it is very important to choose the right variety depending on the intended use and aesthetic preferences of the project.

Every customer consumes a type of sandstone, therefore our team selects sandstone manufacturers and suppliers from India based on sandstone colours (beige, brown, yellow and red), available quantity of blocks in quarry, Indian sandstone stocks and sandstone price in India in order to import sandstone from India.

Indian sandstone price

The price of sandstone can vary significantly depending on some factors such as the size of the sandstone blocks or slabs, colour, the quantity of purchase, the type of finish, the quality of the stone and the geographical location. If you want to know the price of sandstone please contact us.

For more information, please contact us and we will provide you with prices of Indian companies, local suppliers, quarries and distributors of natural stone in India to purchase the material and import sandstone.

sandstone quarries India

India is one of the world’s leading exporters of sandstone due to large deposits of high quality sandstone. Some popular types of Indian sandstone are:

  • Rajasthan sandstone: This region of India is especially known for its sandstone quarries. Rajasthan stone is available in various colours and designs.
  • Dholpur Sandstone: Dholpur, in the state of Rajasthan, is famous for its unique and attractive sandstone, often used in historical monuments and buildings.
  • Agra Red Sandstone: Quarried near the city of Agra, this sandstone is known for its reddish hue and is often used in construction.
However, sandstone is also found in Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. There are a large number of sandstone quarries in India with varying sizes and production capacity. Therefore, it is important for importers to check the quality of the sandstone before shipping to their country, so customers ask us to carry out pre-shipment inspections of the sandstone in containers.

Imported sandstone - Importing countries

Imported sandstone is imported for building construction, decoration and landscaping, mainly by importers from:

  • United States
  • China
  • Europe: Germany, France, UK and Spain
  • Middle East: United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia
  • Asia: Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia
  • Australia

Of course, the choice of the type of imported sandstone will depend on the quality, the use and the application for which it is intended.

imported sandstone from india

Sandstone imported from India is a quality sandstone that can be used for a variety of construction, decorative and landscaping purposes. If you need to find a sandstone quarry that suits your needs, if you want to travel to India to visit quarries and factories, if you need to carry out pre-shipment inspections of container loads to validate that the goods you are receiving are the goods you have paid for and if you need advice on importing from India, contact us now.

In addition, our team of natural stone experts will assist you throughout the purchasing process and the management of container transport to avoid delays and optimise the delivery of your orders in your country.

Contact us now to import sandstone, we are available 24h and weekends. Contact us with a call, an email or whatsapp, whatever is more convenient for you and it’s that easy.

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