Guide to importing goods in 2024, how to import 2024

How to import, in our guide to importing goods update 2024, you will be able to start importing step by step and you will know the general aspects that you must take into account to start importing from China, India and other markets goods, products and goods. It explains what is importing, how to import, import guide, why to import, import guide by country, guide to importing goods, customs and tariffs.

What is importing. Import is when someone, a natural or legal person, buys goods, goods and services from another country and transports them from the exporter’s country to the importer’s country for sale, consumption and use. Export is the same but in reverse. Import and export of goods is very important to know the trade balance of a country.

How to import goods or how to import products. Here we inform you about the import procedure and we summarize it in the guide to importing goods in 8 steps. Day by day we are working with many companies from many sectors and from many countries and we have experience of performing imports for customers. Every import is an international commercial operation and implies a series of risks that you must know beforehand, once you know them the important thing is to mitigate them. We are import and export professionals and we are dedicated to the import of products for companies, importers, distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, national suppliers of your country and entrepreneurs who want to import and make purchases in other countries and manufacture their products in manufacturing companies in other countries. In general, we have prepared an Guide for import goods.

How to import - Guide for import of goods update 2021

What is exporting products, goods and services. Exporting is when an exporting company, exporter, individual or legal entity sells merchandise, goods and services to another country and the products and goods are transported from the country of the exporter to the country of the importer who is the buyer for sale, consumption and use.

We help you to import goods, so that the importation of goods is easier and safer. Write or call us, we like to make things easy.

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Import from India

If you want to start importing from India you can consult our guide for import from India and see what India exports to other countries to buy in India wholesale and import products from India. Here you can consult a list of products exported from India.

Import from China

If you want to start importing from China and see what China exports to other countries to buy in China wholesale and import products from China. Here you can consult a list of products exported from China.

With this guide to importing goods and start business importing in 8 steps you will know which are the steps to start import. If you have any doubts about any part of the import process, the best thing to do is to contact us and we will help you with everything, you will be able to have more peace of mind when carrying out the import operations correctly. We take care of everything and manage the supply chain for your business so that you only have to take care of selling and attracting more customers to sell more.

Do you want to know the import price of a product, goods, machinery and other industrial products? Contact us, we can help you with your import.

  1. Business verification and verify suppliers and manufacturers to import product
  2. Negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers for imports
  3. Purchasing process for import
  4. Supervise product quality control QC
  5. Import financing of goods
  6. List of import documents to import goods
  7. Logistics and transportation for imports
  8. Customs, customs procedure of an importation

Business verification, supplier and vendor verification

Choosing reliable suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers and companies from another country is very important to buy wholesale or outsource the manufacturing of your product to manufacturing companies in another country.To import smoothly, one of the steps in the import process is company verification or business verification.

So that you have to verify seller or verify supplier you can import smoothly and focus on negotiating the CIF price, FOB price or other price depending on the delivery terms and negotiate the rest of the details of the import process with verified suppliers and trusted suppliers.

But before checking suppliers, you have to look for suppliers, wholesalers or manufacturing companies and for this you have several options:

  • Contact an import company, purchasing agent or import agent in the country from where you want to import to provide you with the price for the import product you want to buy in bulk. Here we can help you in all the import process, if you need help to import products contact us, if you need help and you know how to import goods read on.
  • Search for suppliers through company directories in China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc… contact them and start covering all the steps of the import process.
  • Or search for suppliers on Indian online shopping sites such as IndiaMart or Chinese online shopping sites such as Alibaba, Aliexpress, Made in China, Global Source and many others.

From here, you will have to verify suppliers or verify vendors and manufacturing companies to import. Companies that are importing products always ask if the supplier is reliable or not. If you contact us we can provide you with the experience of filtering suppliers and verifying companies based on good practice standards contrasted for each sector and each country, so that we try to minimize the risks to the customer.

The Thinking for People team has the experience of working with a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers of products in different sectors and in different countries, mainly in India, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other Asian countries, from Europe Spain, France, Portugal, United Kingdom UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, among others and America. We adapt to the characteristics and specifications of the product that the customer, company or importer wants to buy wholesale and import goods to bring products from China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other countries.

Negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers for imports

The negotiation process with suppliers and manufacturing companies to make the purchase and import is a fundamental part to fix the purchase prices and the manufacturing prices of the product and the conditions. Once you contact us and we know the product you want to import, the Thinking for People team will give you a quotation price for those products you want to import according to the INCOTERM chosen to import.

Buying process for import

During the whole buying and importing process, our team helps you in the negotiation, choice of the best INCOTERM, sample management, import documents, product certifications, transport, transport insurance, etc… and helps the importer in all those aspects that affect the import operation and that it is necessary to negotiate, so that the purchase process is carried out successfully.

Supervise product quality control QC

Product quality control is essential to avoid problems when importing a container of goods into your country or buying imported products. Quality inspections to manufacturers and suppliers are necessary to meet the quality and safety standards of a product to start importing. In an import is necessary to comply with the quality and safety standards of your country and you can avoid problems in customs procedures and you can sell and distribute your products in the country because they meet the quality and safety standards.

Import financing of goods​

The financing of the import, logically your commercial bank depending on the volume of purchase and your quality and credit capacity as a company or importing company may grant you a more or less advantageous import financing, so that you can close the process of purchase of the goods with suppliers and manufacturers.

List of import documents to import goods

The import documents of a goods are of utmost importance to avoid problems in the import process. Depending on the type of goods, the documents required may be more than those shown here, simply because of the type of product to be imported. In general, the documents required to import goods are the following:

  • The commercial invoice issued by the supplier.
  • The packing list (where all the information corresponding to the list of goods and product shipped is specified).
  • The bill of lading of the goods by means of the Bill of Lading or BL in the case of maritime transport or the Air way Bill in the case of air transport.
  • Certificate of origin.

Thinking for People and its team will assist you in the whole process of purchasing, manufacturing and closing the import operation with suppliers and manufacturing companies according to the customer’s requirements.

In addition, we solve all the doubts that our clients may have about importing, we inform them about everything and advise them on all the steps to be taken to import the goods and we follow up on the import.

Logistics and international transport of goods for imports

The Thinking for People team is experienced and works with many forwarders and air, sea and land transport operators at national and international level and helps to manage all phases of transport and to close the full cycle of logistics and transport operations for the import of goods.

For example, if you want to import containers from China and India or another country or you want to make groupage operations because the minimum order quantities do not reach a full container we can manage it. Tell us the product and the country and we can help you to import. If a container of product is a lot of goods or you want to ship by another means of transport, contact us and we can manage everything according to your needs.

Customs import. Customs and tariffs

Logically, customs import. If you need to know tariffs before buying, manufacturing and importing goods from other countries, you as a buyer must know the import laws and legislation of your country, see what regulations you have to comply with so that the goods can enter your country without any problem. If you do not know, we can help you. In addition, as an importer you must know what are the taxes that the product must pay and customs tariffs or know if the import regime is free or does not pay tariffs, which is the payment to be made at customs when the goods are picked up or cleared through customs. If you want to know the tariffs in Europe, according to TARIC codes or the tariffs in the United States according to HTS codes, please consult the indicated web pages.

Many times, the importation of a product from a certain country cannot be done because of dumping. In this case, importers and importing companies look for suppliers and manufacturers from other countries to comply with anti-dumping laws. Normally, if the price, quality and supply of suppliers and manufacturing companies from that other country is good, then they will continue to import the product from other countries, if the supply of suppliers and manufacturing companies is not good, then domestic companies will start manufacturing in your country to produce the product.

We can help you solve your doubts, prior to the purchase, in negotiations with suppliers, in the manufacture of your product and throughout the import process on how to import, resolving your doubts and acting to resolve any import incident so that the import process is a success.

Do you want us to help you import and improve your import and business supply chain? Contact us.

Why you should start an import? This is a question that many companies ask themselves. Importing goods in many companies is necessary to improve the profit margins of your business and to be competitive in your sector and business. Manufacturing in another country and importing goods is a way for companies to lower costs, have better quality, manufacture cheaper, have less fixed costs, except if you manufacture exclusive and value-added products. The same happens when buying wholesale directly from suppliers, companies have the benefit of buying cheaper and with better prices, so your company will have a higher profit and improve business margins, you can allocate more money and resources to innovate, find new products, find new suppliers and manufacturers and sell and market your products in more markets.

Thinking for People is a specialist in the import of building materials, clothing and fashion, gift items, marble, granite, sandstone, steel, iron, spare parts, tools, car parts, accessories, capital goods, machinery, industrial products and many other products.

Import goods and equipment

In this section we present information on some import products such as clothing, fashion and apparel, furniture, car and motorcycle parts and spare parts, construction materials, marble, granite and natural stone, machinery and capital goods, tools, hand tools, spare parts, tooling, hardware and consumables and many other products that we are in the process of writing.

If you want to import or import from other countries contact us we can help you import.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs and companies are in need of women’s clothing and men’s clothing manufacturers to produce new seasons, new designs and new styles. We help entrepreneurs and companies to manufacture their clothing and fashion in different countries around the world. There are many entrepreneurs who create their own brand of clothing and fashion, with their own clothing style and personal brand. We help those companies, entrepreneurs and fashion brands to design and manufacture their seasonal models, manage the orders and bring the imports where the client indicates.


How to import shoes and slippers

Import shoes and import slippers from China, India and other countries. Today, if you want to buy wholesale women’s shoes, men’s shoes, children’s shoes, men’s shoes, women’s shoes, children’s shoes we can help you. Whether you sell in a store or you want to sell online through an ecommerce, marketplace or your own website.

If you are a company and you need buy packaging of paper, cardboard, aluminum, disposable trays, Kraft paper, glass, glass bottles, glass jars, cans and other containers and packaging, contact us, we can help you to import from China and import from India.

If you want to import homologated masks, surgical masks, FFP1, FFP3 and FFP2 from China. Contact us.

If you are a construction company, developer, architect, engineer, marble company or company importing marble, granite, travertine, sandstone, porphyry, natural stone and building materials for construction, civil works, public works and building construction.

If you want to import machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial products and capital goods from other countries we can help you with the import of machinery.

How to import car spare parts and auto parts

If you are interested in buying and importing spare parts for cars, trucks and motorcycles from China and other countries, then please contact us.

How to import tools work, spare parts, tooling, hardware and consumable materials

Work tools, spare parts, tools and hardware, personal protective equipment from China, India, Taiwan, Germany, USA and other countries.

Import guide by country

Below, we present relevant information about imports from India, China, USA and soon others. You will be able to find out what these countries export, which countries are the main buyers, what the countries import and much more information about foreign trade and international trade.

How to import from India and guide to importing from India, know what India manufactures, what India importers buy, what are the main countries that import from India and what sectors India buyers import from.

How to import from china

How to import from China, guide to importing from China, know what China manufactures, what China exports, what buyers in China buy from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, which countries are the main importing countries from China, what they import from China and from which sectors buyers import from China. Do you need to import glasses from China, import machinery from China, import clothes from China and many other products contact us. We will solve all your doubts about how to buy goods in China.

How to import to USA

How to import to USA, guide to importing from USA, know the main USA import items, what does USA import, what do USA importers buy, from which countries does USA import and from which sectors do USA import buyers and import companies import.

Do you want to know how to import | Do you want to know our import guide in 8 steps for companies | Import consulting and import advice | How to buy in India | How to buy in China | Tariff and duties | Import company

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This is your website where we can help you to cover all your needs to do business with other countries, buy wholesale, buy directly from manufacturers, for example if you want to import products from China, import products from India, import products from USA, import products from Germany, import products from Spain and many other countries, contact us.  You are a company and you want to import from China, India, any Asian country or any other country in the world and you don’t know how to buy in the country, manufacture in the country and import from the country.

Products imported from other countries

If you are considering buying imported goods from wholesale suppliers and products imported from other countries, a good way to make money is to buy directly at origin, it is a good way to reduce the purchasing budget, buy at a cheaper price and sell at the same prices sold by your competitors so you will be making money or more money for the sale of your imported products. In addition, the products and packaging can be customized with your corporate image and logo so you may even be able to sell more expensive by having a better way to present the product.

The way to import products is by actively searching for suppliers in China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambodia and many other producing countries.

Where do you want to import goods from? Do you want us to help you? We will follow the corresponding steps to close the operation of buying from suppliers or manufacturing with manufacturing companies and import products according to your requirements and the current legislation of the country of destination.

In the case of import services, any company and any person uses today a multitude of digital platforms and services from providers located in other countries. However, you can hire non-digital professional services from other countries for the development of your professional activity and your business such as civil engineering services, industrial engineering services, etc.. and many other professional activities, so it is very important for service companies to acquire greater visibility to be known outside their country and to be able to export.

Do you want to import from another country? We offer you our import services. We help companies and freelancers to earn money buying at better prices in other markets.

Do you want to manufacture your product in manufacturing companies in India, China, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam or another country in Asia and the rest of the world? Thinking for People has a lot of experience in helping customers to manufacture in other countries. If you call us and tell us what you want to do we can help you.

Do you want us to be your importer or import company? Tell us what goods or import product you want to import and we will import the product for you.

Do you want us to help you optimize the logistics of your imports? It is not the same to go through one port than another. You can reduce shipping times, we know Asian countries very well and we can help you in the management of the supply chain for your business.

Do you have problems at any stage of the import and need help? Call us, we are import experts and we will try to help you with the import.

How to import and export, import and export consulting

If you need advice to import products, we can help you, just contact us by any of the 3 ways: whatsapp, a call or email. We will solve your import doubts.

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