Verify suppliers in China and India, Bangladesh, Vietnam

Importers and buyers from different parts of the world contact us because they need help to verify suppliers in China and verify suppliers in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries and business verification because they do not trust or do not trust the suppliers they have contacted themselves.

Importers are constantly doing suppliers verification because it is the only way to know the company you want to do business with so you can eliminate barriers and do business in other countries.

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Supplier Verification and Company Verification

If you have doubts about whether a company exists or the company does not exist you should proceed to the verification of companies. The same applies if you need verification of a supplier, wholesaler, manufacturer, distributor, importer and exporter in China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Spain and other countries.

Supplier verification is performed when you normally make a purchase from a supplier, manufacturer or exporter or advance money to that company when you make a wholesale purchase or ask a manufacturer to manufacture your product. Therefore, as the purchase volume is higher, the volume of money to be given to the supplier becomes more important and the supplier verification step becomes more important.

Keys and tips on how to verify a supplier and company

Keys and tips on how to verify a supplier and verify a company. If you want to know if a company exists you should follow these guidelines and get to verify suppliers:

  1. Request business reports from the country’s official records.
  2. Call the company and ask relevant questions to verify the supplier, company and person responsible for the company.
  3. Visit the factory “in situ” and validate its location.
  4. Request documents from the supplier and company to verify the supplier and know if it exists or not.
Depending on the volume of purchase we can recommend you to perform an audit and quality control of the products you are going to buy or manufacture.
Doing these checking and verification jobs without experience is often complicated. Therefore, Thinking for People is a company to import that offers you our service to verify suppliers and companies. We can arrange to visit and verify your supplier.
Verification of suppliers, companies, manufacturers, manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters

Auditing and quality control of products

The best way to verify if a company exists is to perform an audit, visit the company and evaluate the supplier on site. We recommend that you proceed with the supplier verification until you have negotiated all aspects related to the wholesale purchase or manufacturing and before making any payment, so that with the audit you can avoid problems.

The quality control of manufactured products is important to avoid problems in customs legislation when importing products, as well as the buyer’s own quality control to verify the quality, composition and quantity of each product, so that the product you buy is really the product you have purchased and not another with other qualities or characteristics, for this reason it is important to perform quality inspections and quality control of manufactured products.


We help you to verify your supplier and company

If you need help with supplier verification or company verification in China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Spain and other countries, please contact us., the best thing to do is to contact us, tell us where you are in the verification process and we will help you verify if the supplier exists or not. We can also help you find suppliers.

We are available right now for you. Contact us via Whatsapp, email and phone.

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