Supplier verification and company verification in China, India

Importers and buyers from different parts of the world contact us because they need help for china supplier verification and India supplier verification and other countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam and Thailand. If you need to verify suppliers in China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Thailand we can help you. Customers always ask us how can I know if a company is real or if a supplier is reliable, or how can I know if an online company is legitimate?

Importers are constantly performing company verification or supplier verification because it is the only way to know if the company is reliable by doing a documentary verification or an In Situ inspection of the supplier or manufacturer, and even to see if the merchandise you want to buy in bulk is available in the supplier’s and manufacturer’s warehouse.

Only this way you will be able to eliminate barriers and do business in other countries. If you need to verify supplier or company because you don’t know if it is a trusted supplier or not, contact us now. Shall we talk?

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Supplier Verification and Company Verification

With supplier verification and company verification you can check up if a company exists or if the company does not exist. There are several ways to verify Chinese suppliers, Indian suppliers, Vietnamese suppliers, Thai suppliers and suppliers from other countries, by doing:

  • A documentary verification, where a search of company information is performed through the government records of each country to perform a supplier verification or company verification.
  • An in situ inspection to suppliers at the supplier’s facilities or an in situ inspection to manufacturers, to verify factory and to know if it exists or not. and that it has adequate facilities to manufacture our product.
  • A verification of goods, so that by doing a product quality control or goods inspection before making the payment, the customer knows if the goods are available at the supplier and manufacturer’s facilities and meet the technical specifications, quality and quantity that the customer needs before making the payment.
If you need to perform any of the supplier verification mentioned above, please contact us. We can help you with company verification.


Supplier verification is performed when:

  • when you are going to make a buy wholesale from a supplier, manufacturer or exporter and you are going to advance money to that company, therefore you need to perform a Chinese, Indian, Thai, Bengali or Vietnamese supplier verification.
  • or when you ask a manufacturer to manufacture your product, in this case you should also perform the Chinese, Indian, Bengali, Thai or Vietnamese manufacturer verification.
Therefore, as the purchase volume is higher, the volume of money to be delivered to the supplier becomes more important and the step of verifying company or verifying supplier becomes more important. Therefore, we recommend to the customers that before making the payment they should perform the verification of suppliers, manufacturers and companies to reduce the risk in the commercial operations.
We offer service of company verification in India to verify suppliers in India and service of company verification in China, Vietnam, Thailand and Bangladesh to verify suppliers in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Thailand.

how to verify supplier company

Keys and tips on how do supplier verification or how do company verification. If you want to know if a company exists you should follow these guidelines and get to verify suppliers. Some steps about how do I find out if a company is real? or how do i know if an online company is legitimate?:

  1. Request business reports from the country’s official records.
  2. Call the company and ask relevant questions to verify the supplier, company and person responsible for the company.
  3. Visit the factory “in situ” and validate its location, to verify factory.
  4. Request documents from the supplier and company to verify supplier and know if it exists or not.
Depending on the volume of purchase we can recommend you to carry out a manufacturing audit and product quality control you are going to buy or manufacture in China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Thailand.
Doing these checking and verification jobs without experience is often complicated. Therefore, Thinking for People is a company to import that offers you our service to verify suppliers and companies. We can take care of visiting the facilities and verify supplier company.

India supplier verification

If you need a India supplier verification or India company verification, we can help you. Our India team can assist you in all phases of supplier verification in India:

  • request business reports in India and official Indian records.
  • call the Indian company and ask relevant questions to verify Indian supplier, that the Indian company exists and talk to the person responsible for the company.
  • visit the Indian factory and warehouses of the supplier in India and validate your Indian supplier location to verify factory in India.
  • ask the Indian supplier for the company documents to check if everything is in order to make the wholesale purchase in India 
Our team speaks all languages and dialects of India, so we can help you in the whole process of verifying company, manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. How to know if a supplier is reliable, with us you can apply a first filter with a documentary verification of the supplier and manufacturer by reviewing the documentation of the company or making a visit to the factory or the supplier’s facilities to see the availability of the product and that the product you want to buy is really the one they are selling. During the visit, the different aspects required by the customer can be checked and validated with verification supplier in India  

China supplier verification

The China company verification or China supplier verification is similar to the rest of the countries: check reports, register companies in China, see if they have licenses and verify that they are Chinese export companies or Chinese import companies, depending on whether you want to import or export. In addition, you must do the rest of the steps indicated in the point to verify Indian company.

The above points would be the steps you need to follow to get reliable Chinese suppliers. To some customers, it seems complicated, so we offer you the service of China company verification and Chinese suppliers verification. and Chinese manufacturers. 

You can also contact us if you need other services such as:

  • Verify factory in China by performing an on-site inspection
  • Quality control in China
  • Product inspections in China
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Container loading inspection in China

If you don’t know how to find a reliable Chinese supplier or how to contact manufacturers in China, just contact us, we can help you. We can help you to verify supplier from China. How to know if a Chinese supplier is reliable, with us you can apply a first filter with a documentary verification of the Chinese supplier or with a visit to the Chinese supplier or Chinese factory, so that with the factory inspection you can validate the aspects required by the customer.

Factory audit in India and China

Our India and China team can perform manufacturing audits to companies in India and China to check if they can be an approved supplier for your company, i.e:

  • that the Indian manufacturer or Chinese manufacturer satisfies all manufacturing conditions and specifications,
  • that the manufacturer can manufacture in India or manufacture in China based on all the necessary certifications, regulations and standards that the product must comply with in order to import into your country and be able to market the product.
  • that the manufacturer has production capacity to supply its purchase orders in India and purchase orders in China.  


Our team assists customers in the verification of goods and inspection of products in India, China, Bangladesh, Thailand and Vietnam. Therefore, we can assist you in the whole process:

  • supplier inspection
  • perform product inspections for verification of goods and quality control of products and shipment
  • pre-shipment inspection to verify that all goods and cargo are ready and available for shipment and that they meet the quality control standards set by the customer.
  • container loading and container unloading inspection.
If you check up the supplier and perform the factory audits and everything is correct, then you have correctly proceeded to verify factory and you could formalize the sales contracts to start buy in bulk and manufacture in India, manufacture in China, manufacture in Bangladesh, manufacture in Vietnam or manufacture in Thailand.
Verification of suppliers, companies, manufacturers, manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters


A quality control inspection in India, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Thailand is the way to analyze and detect any deficiencies or improvements before the supplying manufacturer sends its order to the importer and the customer can avoid problems:

  • at the reception of the product at the customer’s warehouse: it is necessary to verify the quality of the products or shipment and the quantities of each product, so that the product that arrives at the customer’s facilities is really the one purchased and not another one with other similar qualities and characteristics. For this reason it is important to carry out quality control inspections of the products at origin, at the factory and before making the last payment.

  • customs clearance and avoid losing the entire order due to an incident in the entry of the merchandise into your country or due to non-compliance with regulations.

Product quality control India

Product quality control China

COMPANY verification in China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Vietnam

Do you need help to know how to verify supplier or how to verify company from China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand and other countries? Do you want to verify factory or to do a product inspection in India, China, Vietnam and Thailand and you don’t know how to do a product inspection or supplier inspection? Contact us now and tell us in which phase you are now with your supplier or manufacturer. We can help you in the supplier and manufacturer verification process, we can also help you to find suppliers.

Our team is available right now for you. Contact us via Whatsapp, email and phone.


However, in spite of performing a documentary verification or factory verification or visiting the supplier or visiting the manufacturer to see their facilities or to see the goods prior to loading or during the loading process, all commercial operations have a commercial risk that is beyond our control and that must be assumed by the customer.

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