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We are experts to import tiles from China, India and Spain, ceramic tiles, nautral stone and building materials and to export tiles, ceramics, marble, granite and sandstone for our customers If you are interested in importing and exporting ceramics, buying tiles from wholesalers in India or China, contact us.

There are a multitude of ceramic tiles and tiles for kitchen,  bathroom, terrace, garden, outdoor, living room, dining room, living room and decorative elements in the market. Thinking for People has offices in India, China and Spain and can help you import tiles, building materials and natural stone such as imported marble, sandstone and granite blocks and slabs.

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If you are an importer, distributor, builder or a company that wants to start importing and exporting tiles to distribute and sell. Contact us, we will help you to import and export. Write us an email, whatsapp or call us directly. We want to meet you.

At Thinking for People we believe in internationalization and we are specialists in international purchasing. We assist companies in the import and export tiles, stoneware, porcelain, bathroom sanitary ware, ceramic tiles, gresite, bricks, marble, granite, sandstone and natural stone.

We are looking for local companies, importers and commercial agents who want to import tiles, ceramic tiles, ceramic floor tiles, wall tiles, bathroom sanitary ware and natural stone from India, China and Spain for the construction industry. We are looking for customers, importers and construction companies who want to buy tiles in different markets such as France, Poland, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom UK, United States USA, Canada, Indonesia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Morocco, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Vietnam, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Cambodia and Dominican Republic.

Access to the best export prices of ceramic pavements, floors, tiles or ceramic tiles at cheap and economical prices, depending on the qualities you want to buy. Buy from wholesalers ceramic pavements that adapt to the areas that customers want to decorate, both terrace, garden, outdoor patio, living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, garage, etc … and depending on the colors of the tiles, floors and pavements, being the most common black, gray, white, black and white, green, pink, turquoise, brown, blue, yellow and other special colors like imitation wood, slate, stone, marble, brick, glass, cement, stainless steel, etc…

The main ceramic manufacturing countries in the world are China, India, Brazil, Vietnam and Spain, in that order. If you want to import ceramics from China, India, Vietnam and Spain contact us, we can help you.

Types of ceramic tiles

The types of ceramic coverings are differentiated by thickness, absorption of the material, use and application of the ceramic covering and the transit or not on the covering and are as follows

  • Tiles are ceramic pieces with a thickness of less than 10 mm and are glazed ceramic, mainly used on walls. 
  • Rustic stoneware is a type of cladding suitable for exteriors, both in pavements as exterior tiles and in facades and walls. 
  • Stoneware tiles, ceramic stoneware or glazed stoneware is used both on walls in floor and floor tiles and are more resistant to the passage of people and are normally used indoors. Also called ceramic floor tile. 
  • Porcelain tile is suitable for both interior and exterior floors and walls and facades because it is much more resistant. Porcelain stoneware is glazed or unglazed, depending on its use and final properties where the material is used.  
  • Ceramic terracotta tiles are tiles with irregular appearance, with rustic tile appearance, with high water absorption, unglazed and with thicknesses above 14 mm. 

The types of ceramic used for kitchens are usually tile, porcelain and stoneware.  In bathrooms the same, but the bathroom floor is matte porcelain tile, to avoid slippery floors when the floor gets wet. In addition, with a matte finish porcelain tile the dirt is less noticeable than if the finish is glossy. 

ceramic tile import and export

Import tiles from China

The first place in the production of ceramics is occupied by China, with more than 5.6 billion square meters of tiles from China, so the Chinese ceramic manufacturers produce more than 40% of the world production of ceramics from China. If you want contact tiles companies from China to import ceramics from China, please contact us.

Buy tiles imported from China directly from tile factories, rustic stoneware, stoneware tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and terracotta, contact us and tell us: 

  • the dimensions, sizes of the tile or ceramic tiling and formats 10 x 20, 20 x 20, 20 x 50, 25 x 75, 30 x 60, 20 x 60, 30 x 90, 40 x 120cms, for example. If you want another format, please contact us.  
  • place of installation of the tiles for bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, living room, rooms, interiors, exteriors, facades or ceramic floors.
  • the finish of the tile or ceramic floor, glossy, matte, satin or other finishes.
  • indicate us the colors and textures
  • the shapes of the tile, i.e. rectangular, square, hexagonal or other shapes. 
  • type of ceramic: white body, red body, porcelain ceramic, etc. 

that adapt to your work, project or taste for distribution and sale.  

In the market there are many finishes, finishes and effects, for example different whites, hydraulic, metal effect, decorated, with reliefs, rustic, marble effect, wood effect, textile effect, cement effect, concrete effect, stone effect and plain colors, porcelain similar to wood. 

Import tiles from India

The second largest ceramics manufacturer in the world is India, with a production of more than 1.1 billion square meters of tiles from India, which is more than 8% of the world production of Indian ceramics. If you want to contact tiles companies from India and import ceramics from India, please contact us.

Similarly, if you want to buy imported tiles from India directly from the tile, floor and wall tile, rustic stoneware, terracotta, ceramic stoneware and porcelain stoneware factories, contact us. 

Tile wholesalers and manufacturers

We are experts in ceramics and we know the main international tile manufacturers and wholesalers, pavements and nutural stone. In the market there is a wide range of floors, formats, qualities, colors and finishes. Tell us what flooring, bathroom sanitaryware or tiles for wholesalers you want to buy and we will find the best manufacturer to start importing to your country. If you are looking for cheap and economical tiles, contact us.

Importer of tiles, ceramics and nutural stone

If you need to import and export floor tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramics, bathroom fittings, natural stone and construction materials, we are available 24 hours a day and weekends to answer all your questions. Contact us with a call, an email or whatsapp, whatever is more comfortable for you and as easy as that. We will be happy to assist you and solve your questions.

Contact us to create a partnership or simply to get to know us.

Are you an importer, wholesaler, distributor or builder? Are you related to the construction industry and want to start importing from China, India, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Spain and other countries? If the answer is Yes, then contact us.

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