Aluminum foundries, aluminum scrap importing and exporting

Do you want to know how to export scrap to China, India, Turkey, Dubai, Singapore or any other country? That’s perfect. Our team advises international wholesale scrap companies to export scrap, waste and scrap to aluminum foundries in China, India, Turkey, Dubai and Singapore, depending on the type of scrap. 

If you need to export scrap metal wholesale and want to export aluminium scrap metal, perfect. we team help hundreds of companies to complete the process of exporting scrap and waste. The price of aluminium scrap depends on market conditions, the quality of the metal and the price of aluminium quoted on the London Metal Exchange LME. We are an international trade consulting company with expertise in aluminium scrap and we help companies to import and export.

Do you want to import and export scrap aluminium rims, aluminium profile 6063, used can briquettes, sheet metal, radiators and crankcase aluminium to India, China, Turkey and Dubai? or export scrap electronic to Singapore? Do we start importing scrap and exporting scrap aluminium?

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The service you need, what we can do for you

Thinking for People is a leading metals trading organization with a global presence. Whether you are a supplier or a customer, our metals team can help you.

Are you an aluminum dealer or scrap supplier?

We help you do business and benefit from the best market conditions. We offer a first class service to advise you and export metals. Do you want to start selling metals?

The services we offer are:

  1. We advise you to manage your sale. Your sales team contacts us every day to indicate material availability, quantity, quality and condition.
  2. Sales contracts. Each contract is specific for each material, including quantities, price, terms, quality and payment conditions of the metals. We indicate the requirements to export aluminum.
  3. Metal delivery and transport conditions. Each metal has a destination and containers normally travel by road, rail and by ship in sea containers.
  4. Sampling of goods and results. The sampling of goods is important and depending on the material, different samples are taken and the results are indicated. 
  5. Payment is made in accordance with the terms of payment and the corresponding invoice. 

Are you interested?

If you are interested in starting to trade, export and sell metals, contact our team, it’s easy, write us a whatsapp, an email or call us.

Are you an aluminum buyer or scrap customer?

We are always concerned about the quality of metals, that’s why scrap metal customers from all over the world contact us to buy metals.

The services we offer: 

  1. If you are an aluminum producer and you need to buy aluminum for your production, distribution and sales we can help you. Send us the technical specifications of the material you want to buy and we indicate all the requirements to import aluminum. 
  2. Visit your foundry or facility to determine the properties, characteristics, specifications and formats of the metals you want to receive. 
  3. Sending of daily quotations on metals available in the market.
  4. Logistics and supply chain management. 

Shall we try? 

If you are interested in buying metals and raw materials, please contact our metals team. It’s easy, write us a whatsapp, an email or call us. 

If you want to visit foundries in India, China and other countries to buy aluminum directly from foundries, perfect, please contact us. We can organize  the business trip to India, China and other Asian countries and schedule meetings with manufacturers and suppliers, metal mills.

When it comes to aluminium scrap recycling, each country has its own legislation on the collection and recycling of metals. Normally, recycling companies are licensed in their country to perform such recycling activity.

In the case of aluminium scrap, there are different formats on the metal market and the price per kilo depends on the metal stock market.  There are different alloys on the market, which is why they are grouped together, for example: lacquered profile, natural anodized profile, construction profile, anodized sheet metal, lacquered sheet metal, offset lithography, crankcases, cables and aluminum copper radiators.  According to ISRI specifications there are different specifications: Tablet (lithography sheets), Taint Tabor, Tally (radiators), Talk, Wire (Talon, Tann and Taste), Telic (chips and drilled material), Tense (crankcase and engine), Tutu (profiles), Acsr conductor wires, UBC, Tough, Troma (car wheels or car rims and truck rims).

The final objective is the recycling of metals, in this case brass, copper, aluminium for smelting in furnaces, so as to obtain new secondary aluminium ingots with different alloys depending on the type of molten metal. 

If you have material available for sale, complete trucks or complete scrap containers for wholesale scrap metal export, contact us. We can help you. 

Exporting scrap aluminium wheels / rims - ISRI Troma

Aluminum wheel scrap price - aluminum scrap Troma As Per ISRI

Aluminium wheels scrap or aluminium rims scrap is the aluminum obtained from the wheel rims of passenger car wheels. Are you looking to sell aluminum alloy wheel scrap or to buy aluminum alloy wheel scrap ? This is the best place where you can order Aluminum Alloy Wheel at the best price. Order Now!

There are 2 types:

  • scrap aluminum wheels /rims (clean)
  • scrap aluminum wheels / rims (dirty)

ISRI Code: Troma scrap aluminum rims, car rims and truck rims / Aluminium Scrap Troma As Per ISRI

Harmonized Code: 7602, 760200, 76020010, 76020090

HS Code: 76020010 and 76020090 Aluminum scrap and scrap metal

If you don’t know how to export aluminum scrap troma and you have material available to wholesale scrap and export to China, India, Turkey and Dubai, we can help you. Contact us and we will help you with the exporting wheels rims.

Exporting scrap aluminum profile - 6063 Tata, Toto, Tutu

Aluminium scrap profile

Aluminum profile and profile extrusion scrap is obtained from door and window profiles, enclosures, walkways, pipes, tubes, stairs and ladders. Large aluminum exporters classify it into several types:  

  • Lacquered aluminum profile
  • Aluminum dirty lacquered profile
  • Anodized aluminum profile
  • Aluminum dirty anodized profile
  • Profile with terminated bridge

ISRI Code: Tata, Toto, Tutu. 6063 Aluminium extrusion profile scrap, 6063 lacquered profile and 6063 unlacquered profiles, profiles. 

Harmonized Code: 7602, 760200, 76020000, 

HS Code: 76020000 Aluminum waste and scrap. 

If you don’t know how to export aluminum profile scrap and extrusion profile wholesale, please contact us. We can help you find aluminum buyers in India, Turkey and China.

Exporting scrap aluminium sheets - ISRI Tabloid

Aluminium scrap

Aluminum sheet scrap is obtained from the recycling process of sheets, sheet metal cuttings and products made from aluminum sheets, body parts, aircraft and packaging packaging. Exporters classify it into 2 types: 

  • lacquered aluminum trim
  • anodized aluminum trim

ISRI Code: Tabloid, aluminium scrap sheets 

Harmonized Code: 7602, 760200, 76020010

HS Code: 76020010 Aluminium scrap and scrap metal 

If you do not know how to export aluminum sheets and foils in sufficient quantity to wholesale and export to India, China and Turkey, please contact us. 

Exporting scrap aluminium Used Beverages Can UBC - ISRI Taldon / Taldrok

Briquette used aluminium scrap metal cans

Briquettes aluminum used beverages cans UBC scrap are obtained from the recycling process of used beverages cans, usually beer cans and soft drink cans. 

ISRI Code: Take, Talc, Talcred, Taldack, Taldon, Taldork, UBC aluminum used beverages cans

Harmonized Code: 7602, 760200, 76020010

HS Code: 76020010 Waste and scrap of aluminium 

If you want to know how to export used aluminum cans UB, beer cans and soft drink cans and can complete containers of scrap cans, contact us, we will help you with the export scrap cans. 

Exporting scrap copper aluminium radiators - ISRI Talk

Scrap aluminum copper radiators

Aluminum copper radiators scrap can be found in cars, vehicles, different types of machinery and air conditioners. Typically, radiators are sold free of grease, chemicals, plastics and iron parts. 

ISRI Code: Talk, aluminium copper radiators 

Harmonized Code: 7616, 76169990

HS Code: 76169990 corresponding to other aluminium articles.

If you want to export radiators and have a volume to load a trailer or container of radiators, contact us.

Exporting scrap engine block - Tense, Carter

Aluminium scrap carter

Aluminium casting or scrap engine block are parts from aluminium tense castings used in the manufacture of car parts, engine crankcases and other car parts such as gearboxes and engines. Both new carter and fragmented carter. 

ISRI Code: Tense, casting aluminium

Harmonized Code: 7616, 76169910

HS Code: 76169910 corresponding to aluminum metals and alloys.

Exporting scrap aluminium lithography - Tablet

Aluminium lithography or aluminum litho sheet  scrap is the metal coming from lithographic printing made by printing companies.

ISRI code: Tablet, aluminum litho sheet scrap.

Harmonized Code: 7602, 760200, 76020010, 76020090

HS Code: 76020010 and 76020090 Aluminum waste and scrap.

Aluminium scrap price

price scrap aluminum wheels

The aluminium scrap price is determined by the quotation on the stock market, whose reference price is the London Metal Exchange, LME: 

Aluminum price $2.079 / ton, date 28/9/22  (*) 

Date 28/09/22  $2.079/ton

(*) Source: London Metal Exchange, LME. 

Note: Logically, the aluminium price depends on the supply and demand at any given time, the type of aluminium scrap, the quality, cleanliness of metal, availability and other factors. Therefore, the aluminium price indicated is only a reference price. Each negotiation of purchase and sale of aluminium scrap differs from this reference price.

Our buyers

Our customers are castings and ingot manufacturers all over the world, it all depends on where the scrap is located. Each material has a natural market, simply in terms of cost and profitability for seller and buyer. If you want to know more, please contact us. 

How to sell scrap metal to China, India, Turkey and Dubai

Our team helps you through the whole process, from finding wholesale aluminium scrap buyers to obtaining logistics quotations to get the goods from your country to the buyer’s country, i.e. we accompany you through the whole process.  Our customers get access to aluminium scrap buyers in China, India, Dubai, Turkey and other countries.  

If you want to know how to sell scrap to China or you don’t know where to export scrap metal contact us. We are always available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Search for scrap metal buyers

Our team assists you in finding scrap buyers to sell scrap metal to China, India and other countries, as it has access to scrap buyers from all over the world and will be able to close scrap purchase and sale transactions on an international level.

HS codes or customs scrap tariff codes

We help you to select the HS codes or tariff codes for aluminum scrap so that you can make your exports and imports correctly, so that you do not have any problems at customs. 

If for any reason you have problems in customs with the import scrap and export scrap contact us, we want to help you. We will analyze your case and see how we can help you, if there is any solution we will inform you.  

Requirements for exporting aluminum scrap

Each country has its own scrap export and metal import requirements. If you have any questions, ask us about the requirements for importing metals and exporting metals.

In some countries aluminium scrap can be exported and in other countries aluminium scrap cannot be exported, it all depends on the protectionist policy of each country and the national industry. In addition, exporters will have to have the necessary permits and licenses to export aluminium scrap and waste.

Supply chain management, international logistics

The metals team assists you in the entire process of exporting metals and importing metals, as well as advising you on the entire container transportation process.

Because with us

The advantages of working with Thinking for People are:

  • our metals team has extensive experience in importing metals and exporting metals.
  • we offer advice on the export and import of primary metals such as steel, aluminum, zinc and other metals.
  • we offer advice on the export and import of secondary metals from aluminium scrap, copper, brass and electronic scrap from all over the world. 
  • if you have any problem in an import or export operation contact us, tell us the situation and we will try to help you and give you a solution. 
  • we are always available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. 
  • We accompany our customers throughout the entire import and export process.

Exporting scrap to India

The exporting scrap to India is very common, in fact the scrap exporting companies must perform the export complying with all the requirements to export scrap to India, requirements of the Indian government. 

One of the requirements of the Indian government for all scrap import operations is that the goods must have PSIC India pre-shipment inspection certificates. In addition, when the metals arrive in India, the authorities may subject the scrap metal containers to radiation testing and inspection of scrap metal containers in India once the metals arrive at Indian ports. The metal recycling authorities are setting limits for metallic and non-metallic impurities in the export of scrap metal to India.

If you are exporting scrap metal to India or selling scrap metal to India you should be aware of the Indian legislation on metal recycling and scrap metal, as well as Indian scrap metal importers, foundries, major scrap metal wholesale buyers and recycling companies in India.

If you need to make any formalities in India, perform a verification of Indian company or Indian importer, a container inspection at port or perform any PSIC India inspection, please contact us. If you need advice for exporting scrap metal, please contact us. 

Exporting scrap to China

Exporting scrap metal to China is a reality that many recyclers are now pursuing. The export of scrap metal to China is changing and new stricter standards for impurity limits have been introduced, so metal sellers who want to sell scrap metal to China to importers, foundries and metal recyclers and companies in China need to be aware that aluminum scrap containers in China will be subject to inspection and high purity limits. If you have any problems importing scrap metal, please contact our specialist metals team.

Exporting scrap to Turkey

Turkey is the leading importer of ferrous metals, followed by China and Malaysia. Scrap importers, foundries and recycling companies in Turkey buy from aluminum scrap exporters, they buy large quantities and Turkey is a large market for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The country’s economic and political stability is a determining factor for exporting scrap to Turkey.

Exporting scrap to Malasia

Malaysia has introduced new criteria for the import of scrap metal. Exporting scrap to Malaysia  are required to conform to the country’s regulations and depending on the type of metal require:

  • CoA approval certificates
  • pre-shipment inspections,
  • post-shipment inspections
  • the Malaysian importing company must be qualified to import scrap metal.

Exporting scrap to Singapore

Singapore is a trading hub, where large metals trading companies are located in Singapore, so Singapore trading companies buy metals at different prices and hold it to get the best selling prices.


Business consultancy for scrap and metal companies

Need a business consulting firm for your scrap metal company? That’s perfect. Our team can help you with any business enquiry about metal companies, scrap companies and trading companies.

Advice on import and export of scrap metal

Tell us what you need and we will help you export metals or import metals. If you have stock available to sell and export and you want to know metal buying price and metal selling price for the metal stock you have available? That’s perfect. Contact us.

Do you need help and advice to sell and export scrap to China, India, Turkey, Dubai, Singapore and other scrap importing countries? That’s perfect. Contact us and our metal import and export team will assist you.

Do you want to organize a business trip to visit factories and meet customers who are buyers of metals or manufacturers of ingots and metals? Perfect, contact our team and we will help you to organize your travel.

Our metal import and export team is available for you right now.  Contact us via Whatsapp, email and phone.

What is the ISRI code?

The ISRI code is the code used in the scrap metal, metal, electronics, glass, paper, plastic, textile and tire and rubber recycling industry. The non-ferrous metals recycling industry includes aluminum, copper, brass, lead, zinc, nickel and tin.

Aluminum is the world’s most widely used non-ferrous metal and includes used beverage containers, automobile parts, doors and windows, parts of house cladding and building envelopes, lithographic printing, aircraft and cables.

The ISRI codes for aluminum, copper, brass are: 

  • Briquettes from used UBC aluminium cans: ISRI code Taldon / Taldork
  • Lacquered and unlacquered aluminium profile: ISRI code 6063
  • Aluminium sheets: ISRI code Tabloid
  • Radiators: ISRI code Talk
  • Lithographs: ISRI code Tablet
  • Aluminium carter: ISRI code Tense
  • Scrap copper tube: ISRI candy
  • Scrap brass: ISRI honey
  • Brass radiator: ISRI Ocean
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