Lighting manufacturers in China and India

Are you looking for lamp manufacturers or lighting manufacturers in China and India? Perfect. Our team can help you find the best lamp suppliers from China and India. 

Thinking for People we have a division specialized in finding lamp factories, led lighting manufacturers and electrical material that suits your needs, designs, style and technical specifications. Even if you want to manufacture designer lamps with your own designs we can help you to find custom lamp factories that fit what you are looking for. So, if you are wondering which are the best lamp manufacturers from China and India and hardware manufacturers from China and India, contact us now. 

We offer a door to door service from the manufacturer’s door to your warehouse door, we help you import lamps, import lighting and import led from China and India.

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Contact us and tell us what kind of lamps, led, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting you want to import for your business and we will inform you how to do it. Normally, our team works in 2 ways: 

  • Requesting quotations for lamps and lighting from different lamp factories and lighting factories without you having to travel to visit factories in China and India, because our team already takes care of everything for you. 
  • Organizing the visit to factories in China and factories in India by making a trip to the country and our team will accompany you to visit lamp and lighting factories that suit your tastes. 

Import of lights into the European Union

The import of lights, LED lamps, LED lighting and everything related to electronic devices and electrical equipment into the European Union must comply with strict safety standards and regulations set by the EU regarding the import of electrical equipment. 

As an importer, you must require the manufacturer in China or India to produce the electrical material and assemble it in accordance with the standards and regulations in force in order to avoid problems and economic losses in your imports. 

Importers are responsible for the regulatory compliance of imported products and Chinese or Indian manufacturers are not responsible, therefore as an importer you must require the lighting factory or lamp factory to manufacture the product in accordance with the regulations of the country where the product will be exported, in this case, in the European Union. 

Products must have the corresponding certifications and CE marking, strict quality controls and must import products with the necessary documentation to import lamps and import lighting. Contact us if you don’t know how to import led lights from China and India.

Importation of lights to America and Latin America

The import of lights to America and Latin America is similar to Europe. In Latin America, each country may have its own electrical standards or require that they comply with some European standards or American standards, depending on each country. 

Our import team will require lighting manufacturers to comply with the regulations you require for regulatory compliance in terms of importing lights and importing lamps into your country.

Lighting factories in china

The main Chinese lamp manufacturers and lighting factories in China are located in Zhongshan province, the lighting capital of China. The industrialization in hardware manufacturing and lamp manufacturing in China is very professionalized and you can buy lamps in China with good quality and at good prices. A proof of this is that Chinese lamp factories and lighting factories export approximately 60% of all lamps in the world.

Lighting manufacturers are specialized in the production and processing of lighting and export lamps, LED lights, LED bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, incandescent bulbs, LED spotlights, LED tubes, uplights, downlights, fittings, spotlights, streetlights, industrial lamps, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, designer lamps, Christmas lights and countless other lighting items. 

If you are an importer or distributor of lighting and you are interested in importing lamps from China to market and sell, contact us and tell us what your business is and we will tell you how we can help you. It’s that easy. Our China lamp import team has a lot of experience with importers of lighting, led lights and lamps from China.  

We will help you find the best lighting companies in China to suit your business, we can verify manufacturers and we have verified suppliers that meet the regulatory requirements set by each customer and we will start importing Chinese lamps and importing lighting from China. We can also consolidate the goods from different manufacturers in China and the goods from manufacturers in India to ship the goods bundled in the goods containers to your country. If you have any inquiry, please call us.

Visiting lamp factories in China

If you would like to travel China to visit lamp factories and lighting factories, our import team can arrange visits and accompany you to visit China lamp manufacturers and China lighting manufacturers that suit your lighting style, tastes and sales market.

Our team can handle everything from:

  • search for lighting suppliers and lamp manufacturers in China and lighting manufacturers in China
  • get price and quotations for the items you are interested in purchasing
  • verify the Chinese company
  • inspect factories in China
  • manage logistics in China
  • grouping in China of the different manufacturers and then shipping everything
  • in a container to your country
  • manage container loading
  • inspect container loading

And any other customer requirements, as a factory visiting company in China, we can manage the whole supply chain from the lighting factory to ship goods from China to your country and the various outlets. If you want to know more, please contact us. 

Lighting styles

Lighting styles are very varied and lighting factories usually specialize in one or more lighting styles. The main lighting styles are:

  • nordic style lamps, nordic lamps
  • industrial style lamps, industrial lamps
  • arabian style lamps, arabian lamps
  • Indian style lamps, Indian lamps 
  • boho style lamps, natural style or Mediterranean style lamps are boho lamps 
  • rustic style lamps, rustic lamps
  • tiffany style lamps, tiffany lamps

types of lighting

In the market there are many types of lighting depending on the element you want to illuminate or highlight within an environment. The main market niches for lighting companies are:

lamp manufacturer

Home lighting

The China lighting manufacturers and luminaire manufacturers, in the case of indoor lighting concentrate on the manufacture of:

Modular lighting systems

LED Spotlights

Low voltage lights

Pendants lamp

Ceiling lights

Wall fixtures

Linear luminaires

LED spotlight tracks

Floor lamps

Track spotlights

Ceiling lamps / suspended lamps

Table lamps

LED modules

Recessed spotlights

LED signage

LED linear systems

LED Strips

Picture lights

Glass lamps


Emergency lighting

Led downlights

Desk lamps

Wall washers light


Crystal globe lamp

Crystal lamp

With LED lights you can create intelligent lighting systems if you configure them with technology to control LED lights. Intelligent systems control when LED lights are turned on, when they are turned off, which light turns on, which light turns off in homes, hotels, buildings, offices, lighting and outdoor lighting. LED lighting is the cheapest lighting and will gradually replace incandescent bulbs and fluorescent bulbs, because LED spotlights provide more efficiency and energy savings.

So, if you want to import led lights, lamps and technology, contact us and you will start importing lights from China directly from lighting manufacturers and manufacturers from China and India of pendant lamps. 

Outdoor lighting, garden lighting and building lighting manufacturers mainly manufacture:

Outdoor modular lighting systems

Light projectors

Linear lighting systems

Recessed ceiling fixtures

Surface Uplights

Wall recessed

Floor recessed

Outdoor wall fixtures

Outdoor ceiling lights

Over wall led lighting

Led bollards


Solar streetlights

Chilout Lighting

Balizas luminosas

So, if you want to import led spotlights from China, lamps, lights, lighting and electrical material from China or India, please contact us.  We offer our service to companies to buy, manufacture and import lamps from China and India. 

Lighting for offices and hotels

Office and hotel LED lighting manufacturers take care of every detail to improve the luminous efficacy of lighting products designed and positioned to optimize the user experience.

  • In office lighting, the efficiency of the led luminaire must be optimal for working, as well as the distribution of light points in offices. 
  • In hotel lighting, large lamps are used for stairwells and lounge areas. Chandeliers or chandeliers. 
In addition, in both office lighting and hotel lighting, the same home lighting products are often used, but with more power and different shades of light.
lamp manufacturers

Commercial lighting

Commercial lighting manufacturers take great care in detail and offer customers product lines where the customer focuses on the objects to be purchased, so that the lights guide customers from product to product available in store for purchase.   

Modular lighting systems

LED projectors

Linear lights

LED spotlights

LED logos

Lighting modules


LED linear systems

LED signs

LED decoration

Linear luminaires

LED spotlight rails

Track spotlights

LED signage

If you want to import LED lighting or manufacture commercial logos, signs and customized logos in large quantities, contact us. We offer our service to companies to buy, manufacture and import lighting from China

lighting manufacturer

Street lighting

Manufacturers of street lighting, LED luminaire and road lighting take care of luminous efficacy, luminance or illuminance levels, glare, light pollution, flexibility and LED road luminaire designs. The new designs of solar street lighting or LED street lighting are very energy efficient products.

Urban led lighting

Signal lights

LED streetlights

Street lighting

Projector spotlight

Solar street lighting

Solar led spotlights

We offer our service to companies to buy, manufacture and import lighting from China.

LED Industrial lighting

Robust and efficient industrial lighting

Industrial luminaire manufacturers in China incorporate the latest efficient technological advances. In industrial environments with dust, humidity, chemicals and high temperature environments, it is very important to have industrial luminaires capable of withstanding extreme conditions. 

Industrial lamps

Industrial lamp manufacturers in China can meet your needs as a distributor of industrial lamps and other lamps, equipment and accessories such as:

High intensity discharge lamps

HID bulbs

Industrial fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent tube

LED tube

Industrial led lamps

Emergency lighting

Signal lights

Protected luminaires

Watertight LED luminaires

Spare parts


Lamp accessories


Special luminaires

Industrial led bell

Electrical equipment


LED waterproof screen

LED luminaire

lighting signals

Emergency lighting

Signal lights

Illuminated signs

christmas lights manufacturers

Christmas Lighting

Christmas lights manufacturers decorate our streets, buildings and homes. Therefore, several months in advance are the ideal dates to import Christmas lights, decorative lights and Christmas decorations. Normally, they are used:

  • Christmas lights to decorate homes, indoors and outdoors.
  • Christmas lights to decorate hotels and shopping malls, indoors and outdoors, indoors and outdoors.
  • Christmas lights to decorate streets outdoors.

The following are some of the products for importing Christmas lights from China. If you need any Christmas lighting products or Christmas lights, please contact us. We offer our service to companies to buy, manufacture and import Christmas lights from China.

Low voltage led garlands

Detachable rope lights

Led icicle light

Led light net

LED tree lights

Christmas tree lights

LED wire light

Indoor and outdoor garlands

LED rope lights

Connectable led rope lights

Blinking led light curtain

Flashing led stars

Christmas Tree Lights

LED ornaments

LED stars

LED light curtain

LED lighting systems

Lamp custom-made manufacturers in china and india

Our import team can help you in the lamps manufacturing and fittings manufacturing, if you have your own design and you want to produce your lamps with a custom lamp manufacturer in China and India or manufacture fittings for your lighting equipment we can help you in the whole process of lamp manufacturing and lighting manufacturing and create your handcrafted lamp. 

If you are wondering where to manufacture custom lamps this is your place, contact us. Our team has a lot of experience in lamp manufacturing and with the different factories in China or factories in India you will be able to: 

  • Define the different aesthetic options, access to light points, with cables, without visible cables and arrangement of wall luminaires or floor luminaires.
  • LED light shades and colors available creating custom colors for your lamps.
  • Monitoring of luminaires to turn on lights, turn off Monday and determine their operation.
  • Finishes in white, black, gold, silver, chrome, gray, bronze, brass, rose gold and many more.
  • Packaging

Therefore, our team provides advice to manufacture led luminaire fittings and components for your custom lamps and custom lighting.

Manufacture fittings

The fittings factories in China and India are involved in the production process of lamps and lighting. Selecting a good fitting manufacturer is very important because in the process of manufacturing fittings, finishes, materials and finishes are very important to suit the tastes of your target audience and your sales market. 

Therefore, if you need to contact fittings manufacturers in China and India, please contact us. We offer our service to companies to buy, manufacture and import fittings from China and India. 

Fittings manufacturers in India

Fittings manufacturers in China

lighting companies china

In the market there are many lighting companies in China that are engaged in different activities

  • LED lighting companies
  • LED lamp companies
  • LED lighting companies
  • lamp lenses companies

LED lights China

LED manufacturers in China have increased production capacity and are extremely energy efficient and offer good value for money. 

LED lights are more efficient, generate higher power and have been able to generate white light, low power consumption, impact resistance and with a good lifespan. With LEDs you can create intelligent lighting systems because they can be configured and connected with high quality technology to control lights, create effects and manage colors. 

So, if you want to import LED lights from China, please contact us.

Lamps manufacturers india

The big stores of lamps, home and decoration, in addition to manufacturing in China also need other lamps manufacturing Hub and lamps importers tend more and more every day to make the import of lamps from India, because they tend to manufacture in India many complementary products and decorative items and household items in India.

In India many products are manufactured by hand and industrialization is also implemented. If you want to know more about lamp manufacturers in India, contact us. In India we help many entrepreneurs to manufacture custom lamps and fittings for their designs, obtaining the qualities set by the customer, depending on the materials and finishes that the customer wants.

So, if you are looking for lighting companies in India we can help you because we have verified suppliers, many of them making factory visits and knowing their product, their work, their workshops, their staff and managers.

Visiting lighting factories in India

We offer our customers the service of accompanying them to identify new lighting suppliers and lamps manufacturers in India and organize visits to factories in India where lamps and lighting are produced.

If you need our service, just contact us and we will inform you about everything. So easy. Shall we start manufacturing and importing lamps to your country?

Buy wholesale lighting in china and india

Do you need help to buy lamps in China or buy lamps in India? Are you looking for lamp manufacturers to manufacture fittings, manufacture lamps and manufacture lighting? Perfect, we can help you. Normally, our team works in 2 ways:

  • You can buy lamps in China and buy lamps in India without visiting the factories, we take care of visiting the manufacturers you select, ask for quotations, verify the suppliers, consolidate the merchandise and export it to your country.  
  • Or if you want, we can organize the trip to China and India, schedule visits to lamp factories, led factories and other lighting equipment and from there, select manufacturers, request quotations, verify suppliers, consolidate the merchandise and export it to your country.

Both our import agents in China and import agents in India will be able to solve all your doubts. Contact us and we will help you in the whole process of importing lamps to your country. 

Write or call us at Thinking for People | Our lamp import and lighting import agents are available 24h and weekends | We offer solutions on what, how and where to import lamps and lighting from.

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