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Our metal sourcing team has a lot of experience on how to import steel from China and how to import steel from India. We assist and advise importing companies to buy steel in China wholesale and steel in India wholesale.

We help you import and buy stainless steel, profiles, corten, galvanized, corrugated or rebar, metal sheeting, cladding, structural sections, commercial bars, pipes and structural steel pipes for construction sites, construction, industries and fabricators from Europe and America.

If you want to buy steel from China or buy from India, simply contact us, just contact us, tell us the product you want to import and we will tell you the steel price and help you import from China or import from India to your country. Shall we start to import?

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Steel imports

Steel is a mixture of iron and a small percentage of carbon, no more than 1.075%, which results in improved physical and chemical properties. In the market there are many types of steels and alloys to obtain different characteristics and properties such as mechanical resistance, wear, hardness, toughness, weldability and other properties so that the material can be adapted to the different industries in the market to manufacture pipes, profiles, tools, household appliances, structures, industrial parts, industrial supplies and automotive parts.

Like all metals, steels has different finishes, treatments and finishes depending on the use and where it is used, such as stainless steel, corten steel, galvanized steel, rebar and others. In terms of form, the market offers flat products such as sheets, coils and coils of HRC hot-rolled steel,  as well as long products such as flat bars, bars and rods, perforated bars, wires, angles and profiles, round pipes, pipes with ISO measurements, square pipes and rectangular pipes.

The standardization and normalization of steels is defined by the AISI (American Iron and Steels Institute), ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), DIN (Deutsches Institut fur Normung) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization), BSI (British Standards Institution), NTP (Norma Técnica Peruana), JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard), SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and UNE (Una Norma Española) standards. 

The different grades of carbon steel and materials in Europe that can be marketed and manufactured in accordance with European standards are: S235JR steel, S235J0, S235J2, S275JR, S275J0, S275J2, S355JR, S355J0, S355J2, S355K2, S275N, S275NL, S355N, S355NL, S420N, S420NL, S460N, S460NL, S275M, S355M, S420M, S460M, S275ML, S355ML, S420ML, S460ML, S460Q, S460QL, S460QL1, 20Mn5, 28Mn6, C10, C22, C22E , C25, C25E, C35, C35E, C40, C40E, C45, C45E, C50, C50E, C55, C55E, C60, C60E, P235GH, P245GH, P250GH, P265GH, P280GH, P285QH, P295GH, P305GH, P355GH, P355N, P355NH, P355NL1, P355NL2, P355QH, P355QH1, P420QH, P460Q, P460QH, P500, P500QH, P500QL1, P500QL2, E335, E360. A 42 steel is equivalent to S275JR. Other quality, type and finishing as it is DX51D, DX52D, DX53D, DX54D, DX56D, DC01, A36, S355J2, DD11, AISI 304, AISI 316



The American carbon steel standards are: 

  • American standards: ASTM A36 steel / A36M, ASTM A105 steel / A105M, ASTM A106 steel / A106M ASTM A181 / A181M, ASTM A266 / A266M, ASTM A290 / A290M, ASTM A350 / A350M, ASTM A504 / A504M, ASTM A516 / A516M, ASTM A551 / A551M, ASTM A668 / A668M, ASTM A694 / A694M
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers: ASME SA-105 / SA-105M ASME SA-181 / SA-181M ASME SA-266 / SA-266M ASME SA-350 / SA-350M ASME SA-516 / SA-516M ASME SA-765 / SA-765M ASME SA-765 / SA-765M
  • AISI American Iron and Steel Institute: AISI A1040, SAE J 403


The European standards for carbon steel are:

  • EN 10025-2 / EN 10025-3 / EN 10025-6 / EN 10028-2 / EN 10028-3 / EN 10028-6 / EN 10083-2 / EN 10210-1 / EN 10222-2 / EN 10222-4 / EN 10225 / EN 10250-2 / EN 10250-3 / EN 10250-6 / EN 10273 / EN 10277-2

According to the designation of the NBE-EA standard, it designates three types A37, A42 and A52, with different grades b, c and d for each of them. The equivalences between the NBE-EA standard and the UNE EN 100025 standard are: A37b is equivalent to S235 JR, A37c is equivalent to S235 JO, A37d is equivalent to S235 J2, A52b is equivalent to S355 JR, A52c is equivalent to S355 JO and A52d is equivalent to S355 J2.




The American standards for alloy steels are:

  • American standards: ASTM A182 / A182M, ASTM A322, ASTM A668 / A688M, ASTM A694 / A694M
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers: ASME SA-182/SA-182M, ASME SA-336/SA-336M
  • American Iron and Steel Institute AISI: AISI A 322, SAE AMS 6473 A, SAE J 404


The European standards for alloy steels are:

  • EN 10025-6 / EN 10025-6 / EN 10083-3 / EN 10084 / EN 10085 / EN 10089 / EN 10222-2 / EN 10250-2 / EN 10250-3 / EN ISO 683-17 / EN ISO 683-17
Import steel from China


China’s steel is one of the most sought after in the world and China is the world’s leading producer.  The steel and tube industry is very important to consider if you want to importing steel from China and India.

We all know that this metal is consumed for industrial manufacturing, machining, construction and manufacturing and has a multitude of applications and uses, so factories around the world contact us to import. The demand and consumption of your country depends on the economic growth, the degree of industrialization and the manufacturing capacity of the country, therefore developed and semi-developed countries have higher steel consumption than developing countries.

Many sectors and industries depend on Chinese steel and any variation in its production or international demand translates into a variation in the steel China price, so it can affect the entire metal industry, parts manufacturing, mechanics, machinery, industrial facilities, manufacturing, metal structures, construction and related sectors. The metal industry has suffered serious uncertainties caused by trade wars between countries and global protectionist measures causing steel tariffs to go up or down, depending on the economic climate between the different world powers, which causes an increase or decrease in price when it comes where and how to buy steel in China and where and how to buy steel in India.

If you are interested to buy steel wholesale and import from China and import from China or import from India, contact us, we can help you.

World production

The world steel production in 2019 was 1,864 million tons of crude steel worldwide and the main producing countries in the world are:

  • China. China’s production is 1,053 million tons.
  • India. India’s production is approximately 10% with 99 million tons. (t.)
  • Japan. Japan’s production is 83 million tons.
  • Russia. Russia’s production is 73 million tons.
  • USA. USA production is 72 million t..
  • South Korea with a production of 67 million t.
  • Turkey with a production of 35 million t.
  • Germany with a production of 35 million tons.
  • Brazil with a production of 31 million tons.
  • Iran with a production of 29 million tons.

In recent years, the world steel sector has had relevant changes in the pattern of foreign trade and in the import of steel from China and India.

Due to import from China and India, customs and regulatory bodies of countries and governments are requesting permits, licenses and other paperwork depending on each importing country. Therefore, if an importer, wholesaler, distributor, trader, factory or manufacturer wants to import steel, you have to know what are the necessary requirements and documents needed to import steel for your country, that is, you have to know how the import procedure works to import steel products without problems.

Steel China production

China’s crude steel production is 1,053 million tons, making China the world’s largest metals producer with more than 50% of the world’s production. According to various reports, steel suppliers and exports have increased for the third consecutive month in November 2020 due to a rebound in demand in foreign countries and steel prices China. At present, China’s steel industry has excess metals and iron production capacity and is closing and merging steel plants in Hebei province to adapt to new technologies and the country’s new growth plan.

steel exports

Exports of hot rolled steels and by-products processed and manufactured with this raw material are mainly destined for the following markets:

  • United States USA and Canada
  • In Europe, Steel China export are destined for Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Belgium, Poland and Spain, in order of import volume.
  • In the case of Latin America, the main importing countries by import volume are Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Costa Rica. In these countries are mainly rolled products such as long steel, flat and seamless pipes and other derivatives.
  • In the case of Africa, the main importing countries are Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Morocco.
Due to the pandemic there have been changes in exports, due to international demand, China’s domestic demand and the restoration of the market when buying steel in China.

Stainless steel, corten, galvanized, rebar

Stainless steel 304, 316, corten, galvanized sheet and galvanized pipes, rebar, among others, have a multitude of applications, from the manufacture of structures, industrial plants, industrial parts, industrial supplies, reinforcement or rebar for reinforced concrete in the construction of buildings, manufacturing and decorative elements. Rebars or corrugated iron are rolled steel designed to form the rebars of the structural elements of reinforced concrete buildings.

Import steel from India

steel suppliers

If you are looking for steel suppliers of stainless, carbon, galvanized steel, galvanized pipes, galvanized pipes from China and India, we can help you to buy steel profiles, slab and plates, steel beams, round bars, flat bars, rebars, rods, square bars, hexagonal bars, pipes and tubes, speedfloor, railroad rail and other products. Contact us. We can help you. 

In each market, custom or fabricated steels have different dimensions and characteristics but the main ones are:

  • Hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized steel coils.
  • Profiles and rolled steel sheets for construction, industrial, machinery, pipe manufacturing, structures and industry.
  • Hollow steel sections
  • Steel bent sections and shaped steel plates
  • Pipes and tubes


  • Hot rolled steel coils
  • Cold rolled steel coils
  • Galvanized steel coils
  • Stainless steel coils
  • Polymer coated sheets

Contact us and let us know the steel finish, widths, thicknesses and hardening.


The main rolled steel profiles and sheets are:

  • IPN beams and profile, IPE profile, HEB profile, HEA profile, HEM profile, UPN profile, L profile, LD profile, T profile. U-profiles, double T-profiles, angles.
  • Round steel bars in sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 mm.
  • Square steel bars in sizes 5 x 5, 8 x 8, 10 x 10, 10 x 10, 12 x 12, 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20, 22 x 22, 25 x 25, 28 x 28 mm
  • Rectangular steel bars
  • Steel sheet
    • Cold rolled steel sheet
    • Hot rolled steel sheet
    • Galvanized sheets
  • Heavy sheet
  • Flat steel bars and flat bars in sizes, popular widths 20, 25, 30, 30, 40, 40, 50, 60, 75, 100 mm and thicknesses 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm.
  • Corrugated steel for rebar or corrugated iron: rebar 6-50 mm diameter and coils.
  • Rods
  • Hexagonal bars
  • Rails and fasteners, steel rails and railroad rails ASCE 18, 20, 25, 30, 40, 45, 60, RN45, 60E1, 60e2, 60e1A1, ZU-1-60, IRS 52, UIC 54, IRS-T-12
  • Wire rod

Contact us and give us the technical specifications of the material you want to import. 


  • Round hollow profile
  • Square hollow profile
  • Rectangular hollow profile

Please contact us and let us know the specifications of the hollow profiles.


  • Bent profiles, folded profiles or formed profiles:
    • L shaped profile
    • LD shaped profile
    • U-shaped profile
    • C-shaped profile
    • Omega shaped profile
    • Z Shaped profile
  • Shaped plates and shaped panels
    • Corrugated plate
    • Ribbed plate
    • Panels

Contact us and let us know the technical specifications of the material.


  • Seamless tubes are obtained by extruding a solid product such as an ingot, bar or billet and then hot or cold rolling.
  • Welded tubes are obtained by forming a hot rolled or cold rolled flat product to a circular cross-section and welding the edges of the tube.

Steel pipes and tubes 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 300mm or inch diameters 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/4, 1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12. Steel type L235, L275, L355, A310, AE235, AE275, AE355, A 490, A 590, A 690, S185, 2235, S275, S355, E295, E335, E360, ST33, ST37, ST42, ST44, ST52, A25, A, B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70.

If you want to import tubes and pipes, please contact our import team.

Rebar, steel reinforcement bars, deformed reinforcing bars suppliers

If you need to import rebar from China or import rebar from India and steel for construction, contact us. Our team has the experience of working with manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of rebar, reinforcing bars and welded wire mesh.

Our iron import team is expert in buying iron in China and buying iron in India for many construction companies, promoters and developers, saving costs, meeting the quality standards and the norm of your country such as Eurocode or ASTM norm. In the market there are different grades depending on the reinforced concrete structure you want to build.

For example:

  • Standar steel reinforcement bars, deformed reinforcing bars for construction AISI, ASTM, BS, GB, JIS
  • according to Eurocode and European standard: B500S, B500SD, B400S, B400SD, B400B, B500B.
  • according to ASTM standard: Grade 40 GR40, grade 60 GR, grade 75 GR75, grade 80 GR80, grade 100 GR100, grade 120 GR120 in  inch pound or grade 420, 520, 550, 690, 830, in metric system. HRB335, HRB400, HRB500, SD400, SD500, SRH400, SRH500, SRH335
  • Rebar or corrugated iron: rebar diameters range from 4 – 50 mm, in 6 and 12 m and coils.
In each country of Latin America and Spain, steel reinforcing bars for construction are called by different names, such as rebar, corrugated steel or corrugated iron.

Rebar, steel reinforcement bars, deformed reinforcing bars from China

If you want to buy rebar from China or corrugated iron in China we can help you, we work to import construction materials for our customers from different parts of the world. According to the logistic situation and prices in China there are 2 alternatives, buy corrugated iron in China or buy corrugated iron in India. We can help you in both cases. 

So, if you are looking for steel reinforcement bars from China or deformed reinforcing bars from China, please contact us.

Rebar, steel reinforcement bars, deformed reinforcing bars from India

Buying steel reinforcement bars, deformed reinforcing bars, corrugated iron in India is a good option to diversify suppliers and due to the delay in supply times from China.

In iron import operations you should not only analyze the price of corrugated iron, but you should also take into account that from India, container shipping prices are about 30% cheaper, usually and tariffs may be different from China, depending on each destination country.

However we can provide you with quotation and price of corrugated iron from China and corrugated iron price from India. Please contact us. 

Hot rolled coil

Hot rolled coil are the products obtained after working large cast ingots, which during the rolling process are heated to allow deformation and adequate stretching to obtain the profile with the appropriate measures and dimensions to obtain the commercial sections that buyers and importers in China need to purchase for their manufacture. If you want to know hot rolled coil price in China, contact us.

Steel prices china

The steel prices China is constantly varying depending on the type of alloy, domestic demand, importers and buyers, the production of Chinese steel companies and  India’s and China’s wholesale steel inventories, so please contact us and ask for prices. We manage the whole supply chain to import from China to your country.

If your country has anti dumping laws against China, then you can compare steel prices India and steel prices China to start buying steel in India. 

steel tariffs

Every importer, manufacturer or company knows that each country has its own tariffs, taxes and fees that must be paid in customs for each product that is imported from the country from which the import is made. In addition, due to trade wars between countries, you have to see if there are anti-dumping laws for the types of steels you want to import into your country.

In the case of steel products, it is necessary to take into account the type of steel, the finishes and finishes, coatings and other aspects that in international trade are not a restriction, but rather rules and criteria for importing steel products in general and that must be complied with import documents depending on the requirements and customs requirements in each country.

Do you want to know the tariff code, tariff classification, product classification, product codes, Taric code or HTS code?

Contact Thinking for People and as an importer we will study the tariffs, taxes and duties for your country.

china steel


If you want to know where to buy steel wholesale, please contact our steel import team and tell us what kind of steel you want to buy in China and India.

Our metal import team will ask you to send us the technical specifications of the product and the purchase volume, as well as the port of the destination country. In this way, our team will be able to tell you where to buy steel wholesale in China and India at the best price.

Import steel

If you need to import from India or import from China of industrial products, steel products and machined products we can help you to import, just contact us. Tell us what kind of steel you want to import to your country and we will indicate you price per kg and availability.

Thinking for People helps you with the import of metal products from China and India and we help you to prevent mistakes in the import process, save time and money. Contact us and we will advise you on importing steel and other metal products. If you are interested in selling aluminum, we can also help you import aluminum from China, India or USA.

We are available 24h and weekends. Contact us with a call, an email or whatsapp, whatever is more comfortable for you and it’s that easy.

Buying in China?

If you need help to import from China or industrial products such as clamps, anchors, bike racks, skateboards racks, hardware, fasteners, signs, signs, covers, profiles, pulleys, wheel supports, ventilation grills, cable parts, cables, tile profiles, latches, handles, pulls, shackles, handrails and railings, hoops, hinges, gutters, chains, wires, metal sheets, kitchen containers, drawer slides, pool ladders, boat equipment, cleats, sinks, railings, gates, bollards, eyebolts, jewelry, then contact us and start Import.

Contact us to create a partnership or simply to get to know us.

Are you interested in importing from China? Are you an industrial manufacturer and need to buy wholesale from China or buy wholesale from India for cheaper manufacturing? Contact us. If you are a construction company and want to save money by buying directly from manufacturers you can save money by importing building materials from China and importing from India. If you want to start importing from China or import from India, it is very simple, through email, with a call or whatsapp tell us what kind of metal you are looking for and we will tell you the price in China and price in India.

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