Buy in bulk from China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand

If you want to buy in blulk from China or buy in bulk from India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Thailand for resale and factory direct purchase, we can help you.

Buying wholesale sourced or manufactured products is the solution to maximize profits in your business and improve profits. If you do not buy wholesale from a manufacturer in your country, then what happens is that you are buying from an importer and therefore you do not get the best prices or you cannot compete with the cheap prices of your competitors.

That’s why our international purchasing department helps hundreds of companies to buy directly from factories in China, factories in India and other countries.

Another solution to “how to manufacture products with my brand” is that you can directly manufacture products, market and sell. We can help you to manufacture products in Asia. Shall we talk?

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How to buy in bulk from China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Tailand

Our wholesale purchasing department manages the purchasing processes of many companies, facilitating the supply of products from the factory, so that the customer is only responsible for importing and buying wholesale to resell or if you buy an industrial by-product and manufacture to manufacture your final product.  We can help you:

In general, if you want to know how to buy in bulk, these are the steps:

  1. Our team receives the technical specifications of the product from customers and looks for the product you want to buy wholesale in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Bangladesh, directly from the factory.
  2. Our expert department in international purchases indicates the CIF or FOB price of products for complete containers and accompanies you throughout the process of purchase, manufacture and import of goods and tells you how to buy product for resale directly from the factory. 
  3. With our import advice you will be able to make your purchases in a professional and safer way, so you will avoid many problems that arise when making international purchases and we will solve any incident based on our experience.
  4. Verify Chinese company from which we are going to buy. Chinese company or from another country.
  5. You must sign sales contracts with the factory, wholesalers or supplier in origin.
  6. Quality control of the manufactured products so that the products meet the requirements demanded in Europe, Latin America, Canada or the United States.
  7. Management and shipment of goods from China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Bangladesh. Our international purchasing department is in charge of managing and organizing the purchases so that the merchandise arrives at the warehouse in your country.
  8. Duties and taxes. When you import goods into your country you have to pay customs duties (tariffs and taxes) to bring the goods into your country. 

Why buy in bulk with our import team from China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Thailand? Because we have a lot of experience making international purchases for companies from many countries and because we help and accompany you during the whole process. In addition, our team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

If you want to buy in bulk yourself, look for wholesale pages.

Buy in bulk from China

Buy in bulk from China is a very common practice for importers of products from China, since in the Asian market you can find good opportunities to buy wholesale and import goods to your country.

Factories in China are very competitive in terms of price and quality. And in the end, the quality of Chinese products is linked to the purchase price you pay for them. The higher the quality, the higher the price and vice versa. Contact our China import team for professional international sourcing. We offer our advice to buy in China wholesale.

Many people contact us because they want to buy products from China at bargain prices, but knowing the Chinese market, we know if you can buy for that price or not. Keep in mind that many Chinese traders put cheap prices to establish a conversation with the buyer and as the negotiation progresses they start to raise prices and problems arise, so with our advice there will be no doubts, but everything will be defined from the beginning of the business transaction.

Buy in bulk from India

If buying from China is not an option for you for various reasons, you can also buy in bulk from India, Vietnam, Thailand and Bangladesh.

Different customers, for different reasons prefer to import from India, for example because of the tariffs on Chinese products, because of the increase in transport costs, as transport is now more expensive to import from China, another cause may be for the quality, because in India they manufacture at cheaper prices, because in China there are none or because the price of products in India is cheaper because India is a producer of raw materials, etc., in fact there are many reasons.

From our offices in India, we offer India wholesale buying advice to all buyers and importers worldwide. Contact our India import team.

Sites to buy in bulk

As for the pages to buy wholesale, each country has specialized pages, just select the page and start looking for wholesale suppliers and look for factories to buy. Here you can see the b2b websites in India or China b2b marketplace.

Once you consult the pages to buy wholesale you should:

  • Contact suppliers and manufacturers
  • Verify suppliers and manufacturers
  • Buy from suppliers or start manufacturing my products
  • Sign sales contracts
  • Manage samples
  • Make payments
  • Inspect product quality
  • Inspect container loading
  • Manage container logistics and shipping
  • Clear goods through customs

Until the goods arrive at your warehouse or facilities. If you need advice to import in any of the above steps, contact us and we will help you.

Buy steel

If you need to buy steel in China and buy steel in India, our metal import team can help you. Tell us the type of stainless steel, galvanized steel, corten steel and carbon steel you want to buy in China and India, tell us the dimensions and tell us the format: 

  • steel profiles and steel beams
  • steel plate
  • galvanized tile
  • steel sheet
  • galvanized pipe 
  • galvanized plate or galvanized sheet
  • corrugated rod and corrugated steel
  • steel sheets
  • stainless steel sheet
  • steel rod 
  • steel pipes 
  • stainless steel pipes

A36, 1045, 4140, 304, 316 stainless steel and other steel. 

Buy aluminium

Our aluminium import and metal import team can help you to buy wholesale aluminium from China, India and other parts of the world. If you want to import aluminium profiles from China and India, import aluminium sheets from China and India, aluminium bars, aluminium pipes, aluminium alloy coils, extrusion profiles, primary aluminium and secondary aluminium ingots and other types, then contact our metal import team.

Buy Indian granite

Our natural stone import team offers advice on importing granite from India directly from the quarry to your facility. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in importing granite and exporting granite to different countries around the world.

Aluminium scrap import and export

Our metal import team has more than 20 years of experience in advising scrap metal wholesale operations, wholesale metal purchasing and in the import and export of scrap, waste and scrap metal, in different countries around the world. 

We offer advice on exporting scrap and selling scrap to China, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries and a portfolio of scrap metal wholesale buyers of scrap and scrap metal.

Our metals and wholesale salvage team also offers advice on importing aluminum scrap. If you want to sell scrap wholesale and buy scrap wholesale, contact us.  

Buy building materials

We advise construction companies in the wholesale buy  building materials in China, India and other countries. The margin of many construction companies is concentrated in the purchasing department, in our team there are engineers who know perfectly the sector and know the needs of any work many purchasing departments of construction companies.

Buy wholesale building materials such as tiles, construction machinery, marble slabs, marble blocks, granite slabs for countertops, granite blocks, sandstone blocks and natural stone, tiles, roof tiles, bricks, corrugated steel, pipes, ceramics, hydraulic tiles, ceramic pavers.

Buy packaging from China

If you are a paper packaging supplier and need to buy customized packaging in China for your customers we can help you find the best packaging manufacturers in China for your product, with customized boxes and custom boxes, e-commerce packaging, boxes and food packaging (pastry boxes, pastry trays, take away and delivery packaging).

Paper packaging manufacturers

If you are a paper packaging manufacturer and you need to buy wholesale paper in China and India we can help you to buy paper and import paper to your country. Depending on the type of paper you want to buy we can indicate you the purchase price.

Buy tyres

If you are interested in importing tyres from China or importing tires from India we can help you to buy wholesale containers of tires, wheels, rubbers and rims, as tires are called differently in each country.

Buy industrial Machinery

Companies proceed to import industrial machinery from China, India, Vietnam and other countries, so they buy to resell in their country and be competitive in quality and price. If you want to import machinery, please contact our machinery import team.

Industrial supplies

Industrial companies import industrial supplies to supply their local market. Our industrial supplies import team can assist you in the whole process of importing industrial products.

Buy chemical products

Importing chemicals has its complexity and our chemical import team is prepared to advise you on importing chemicals.

Buy essential oils

Our team has an office in India and offers advice on importing essential oils from India. Therefore, if you are interested in importing essential oils, please contact our import team to help you.

buy in bulk in china

Buy t-shirts

If you are interested in buying wholesale t-shirts, contact our apparel import team.

Buy clothing

Buying wholesale clothing is not a simple process. Customers contact our team to buy wholesale clothing according to their style, tastes, season of the year, etc… As in other products you can buy clothes and manufacture my brand of clothing, but to manufacture clothes manufacturers require significant minimum volumes that depend on the process of making clothes.

Buy shoes and footwear

Sneakers, shoes and footwear are fashion products that customers tend to buy in bulk for resale. Typically, seasonal products are purchased and can be purchased directly from the sneaker supplier or manufacturer of sneakers, shoes and footwear under the manufacturer’s brand or my brand.

Buy bags, backpacks and wallets

Bags, backpacks, wallets and accessories are consumer fashion items that customers buy for resale. Depending on the buyer, they buy from the supplier manufactured products or buy from handbags, backpacks, wallets and accessories factories products with my brand.

Advice for buying wholesale in China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Thailand

Our team offers advice for wholesale purchasing in China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Thailand. If you need to verify a supplier, factory, perform quality inspection, inspect container loading and other services. So if you have a wholesale purchase intention, we can help you. Contact us.

Right now, our wholesale purchasing team is available for you, write or call us. We are always available 365 days, 24 hours a day.

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