Import T-shirts from India, Bangladesh, China and Vietnam

We help entrepreneurs and companies from all over the world to find T-shirt wholesale suppliers and to import t-shirts and polo shirts, both custom t-shirts and basic t-shirts. We help you find the best T-shirts and polo shirts manufacturers in India and buy wholesale T-shirts and polo shirts. We have offices in India and China.

If you need to know minimum order quantities, wholesale prices of t-shirts, availability of models and styles, then contact us and our team will answer all the questions you have about suppliers, factories, manufacturing and importing t-shirts from Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and China.

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If you are interested in finding t-shirt suppliers, factories and manufacturers to manufacture clothing and import clothing contact us, we will help you in the whole process of finding manufacturers, suppliers and import of clothing.

Import T-shirts from India, China, Bangladesh and Vietnam

If you want to import t-shirts from India, China, Bangladesh and Vietnam, we can help you in the whole process, whether you are an entrepreneur or clothing company that wants to import basic t-shirts (without being customized) or manufacture t-shirts with your logo, personal brand, so that they are custom t-shirts.

In the manufacturing process several things have to be decided:

  • Type of fabrics and materials
  • Colors
  • T-shirts for men, women, children. Sizes, designs and type: regular t-shirts, tank tops, embroidered, half sleeves, long sleeves, polo shirts, sports shirts.
  • Wholesale volume of T-shirts or quantity you need to buy in bulk.
  • Finishing, i.e. labeling, packaging or not of the T-shirt or other customized details such as type of washing, digital printing, textile printing and other details.

Our team of textile and clothing experts will help you choose the best t-shirts for your business. Contact us.

Custom t-shirt

  • If the custom t-shirts are printed, it is necessary to take into account if it is front printing, back printing, if it has a customized outer label, a customized inner label or if it has a customized right sleeve and left sleeve.
  • If the custom t-shirts are embroidered, the embroidery can be on the chest or back.

Price of T-shirts in India, China, Bangladesh and Vietnam

The price of T-shirts depends on the materials, finishes and the manufacturing process in India, China, Bangladesh and Vietnam. According to all the variables described above, the indicative price of the t-shirts to import can vary from 1$ – 2$ which would be the lowest price up to several dollars, it all depends on the degree of personalization, embroidery, printing and other details.


T-shirt manufacturers

T-shirt manufacturers can customize all models. We know the best textile companies and garment manufacturing companies in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and China. If you want to manufacture clothes contact us and we can help you in the whole process of buying and importing clothes. Just contact us and we will guide you through the whole process of manufacturing, garment styling, sample management and the rest of the manufacturing process of T-shirts and polo shirts.

If you want to manufacture clothes in India we can help you to manufacture other models of women’s clothing, men’s clothing and fashion accessories.

t shirt manufacturers

Buy t-shirts in bulk, supplier and wholesale

If your goal is to buy wholesale t-shirts from apparel suppliers and wholesalers, perfect, we can help you to buy wholesale t-shirts in India, China, Bangladesh and Vietnam. We can help you to buy wholesale basic t-shirt designs and other custom t-shirts and polo shirts from the supplier and wholesaler.

Shall we talk about to import clothes?

Also, if you have found a wholesale, supplier or manufacturer and you want us to help you only in the process of importing clothes, contact us. We will help you in the whole process. If you are having any problem with an import you are doing, we will try to help you.

We are available 24h and weekends. Contact us with a call, email or whatsapp, whatever is more comfortable for you and it’s that easy.

Are you interested in import clothes or manufacturing clothes? If you have a company and want to start importing from India to UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Morocco, Brazil, USA, Turkey, Israel, Peru, Chile. Contact us.

beach tshirt and t-shirt manufacturers in india


If you want to manufacture T-shirts there are different countries where you can do it, i.e. you can manufacture T-shirts in Bangladesh, India, China and Vietnam and our apparel and textile manufacturing consulting team helps many companies to buy apparel in Asia and manufacture products in Asia.

There are different types of fabrics in the market:

  • natural fabrics: wool, cotton, linen and silk, Natural fabrics provide higher quality and are more resistant and durable.
  • synthetic fabrics: polyester, nylon, acrylic or rayon. Synthetic fabrics are more economical, textures and colors.
  • mixed fabrics: which is a mix between natural fibers and synthetic fibers. As a recommendation, if using synthetic fabrics, a higher proportion of natural fabrics versus synthetic fabrics is recommended. Mixed fabrics provide a soft, comfortable texture and are easy to iron.


If you are interested in manufacturing t-shirts in Bangladesh, polo shirts, hooker and other apparel contact our apparel import team and they will help you to buy wholesale t-shirts in Bangladesh and/or manufacture t-shirts in Bangladesh.


    If on the other hand, you are interested in importing t-shirts from India, perfect, it is very good option to buy wholesale t-shirts in India or manufacture t-shirts in India, contact our clothing import team.

    In the end, the choice to manufacture clothes in India, Bangladesh, China or Vietnam depends on the type of fabric, the dyes and the price of the T-shirts and polo shirts.

    For example, India and Bangladesh are cotton producers so the cost of fabric is better in these countries, however in other fabrics Chinese manufacturers may be more competitive.


    If you are interested in manufacturing T-shirts from China or buying wholesale T-shirts from China, we can also help you, contact our apparel import team. If you are interested in looking for T-shirt suppliers, perfect. Our team can advise you to find the best t-shirt suppliers that suit your t-shirt tastes, preferences, qualities and prices.

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