Paper Packaging Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors from China and India

Do you need a distributor, paper packaging manufacturer or supplier of paper, cardboard, carton from China and India? Do you want to import packaging from China or import packaging from India?

Are you looking for paper packaging factories in China and India for your product? We can help you to buy wholesale and manufacture packaging in China and India, both cardboard, glass, cans, metal, plastic and paper from China and India.

Increased consumption and delays in international shipping have caused many businesses to run out of supplies. Thinking for People has offices in Spain, India, China, Dubai and Canada and we can help you with importing packaging, raw materials for your business. Let’s talk?

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Manufacturing and import experts
Paper packaging manufacturers

Paper packaging manufacturers

We assist companies in the manufacturing of folding paper packaging, from boxes, disposable cake boxes, cake and bakery boxes, cake bases, boxes with lids, trays, medicine boxes, cosmetic boxes, product packaging, to custom paper bags. 

Carton packaging manufacturers

Carton packaging manufacturers

Manufacturing of folding carton packaging, from cardboard boxes, cardboard discs, square bases, cardboard boxes for household appliances, fruit boxes, food boxes, confectionery boxes, pastry and bakery boxes.

Paper packaging suppliers

Paper packaging suppliers

Our paper packaging suppliers in China and India will suit your needs, if you are looking for custom packaging manufacturers for my brand.  We can help you work with the best packaging manufacturers in China and India.

Packaging type

  • Folding cartons
  • Flexible materials
  • Labels
  • Mugs
  • Brochures
  • Trays
  • Cardboard boxes
  • E-commerce boxes
  • E-commerce packaging
  • Self-assembly folding cartons

Box printing and finishing

  • Digital printing
  • Offset printing
  • Flexographic printing
  • Metallic effects 
  • Solid colors
  • Laser perforation
  • Printed shape 
  • Tactile effects
  • Customizable packaging

Custom packaging solutions

  • Cosmetics and beauty
  • Medicines and pharmaceuticals
  • Pastry and confectionery
  • Bakery
  • Food and beverages
  • Coffee and tea
  • Food services
  • Personal care products
  • Luxury
  • Toys
  • Household appliances
  • Tobacco

Custom box and custom packaging

Customers can send us the packaging design and samples and a counter sample will be made to proceed to mass production, after validation of the quality and finishes of the product. Cardboard and paper packaging have infinite alternatives of customization, quality and finishes that can show your printed packaging. All processes of flexo printing, digital printing, offset printing, die cutting, folding, stamping, etc. can be performed so that you can differentiate yourself from the competition and expand your market. 

So, if you are looking for custom printing boxes manufacturer from China or India, please contact us. 

Ecological packaging

Each customer has different objectives and we partner with customers who are looking for eco-friendly packaging manufacturing using paper and cardboard packaging to protect their products in a sustainable way and differentiate yourself from the competition.  

China paper mills

China’s paper mills are exported to many countries in the world, China is a major buyer of paper pulp and therefore the country is concentrated in the country’s major paper manufacturers from China and its paper suppliers supply Asia and more than 180 countries in the world.

Packaging uses different types of paper imported directly from paper manufacturers, coated paper, cardboard, folding boxboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft packaging paper, wrapping paper, ecological paper packaging without bleaching or chemical treatments and other paper and cardboard, such as offset paper and others.

Do you want to buy paper from China and start importing paper from China for your business? Contact us. 

India paper mills

Another good option is to buy paper from India. The country’s manufacturing industry has evolved a lot and paper manufacturers from India produce quality paper at cheap prices, so that paper prices are competitive compared to the price of paper in China.

Do you want to buy paper from India and import paper from India to your country? Offset printing paper, thermal paper, bond paper rolls, coated paper, newsprint, cardboard and cartonboard. Contact us. 

The main paper manufacturing countries are China, Germany, the United States, Sweden, Canada, Italy, Finland and others. Therefore, if you need to import paper from China or any other country, our import team can help you.

Custom packaging types

  • Primary packaging corresponds to the consumer unit packaging and corresponds to the retail packaging format with its customized packaging or personalized packaging. These can be cardboard boxes, cardboard and paper packaging, aluminum containers, disposable trays, paper bags, plastic bags, blister packs, aluminum cans, tinplate and sheet metal containers. 
  • Secondary packaging are the boxes and trays that contain different units of the primary packaging, i.e., it corresponds to the wholesale packaging and distribution format of the product with customized packaging or general.  These are cardboard, wood, plastic boxes or trays containing the retail units.
  • Tertiary packaging is the packaging that contains a number of boxes and trays grouped on pallets for distribution and sale. These are cardboard corners to protect the goods from strapping, film and pallet tension. 

Do you need to find packaging factories in China and India? Contact us, we can help you. We work with China supplier and India supplier.

Paper packaging and carton packaging manufacturers from China and India

Paper packaging and cardboard packaging is made of a folded sheet of paper or folded paperboard that is adapted to the shape of the product. Normally, paper and cardboard packages are Kraft paper packages. This type of paper can be used to customize packaging, print the company and product manufacturer’s trademarks and logos with the product specifications, so that the paper packaging can serve as a promotional claim and contain the product information.

If you are interested, we can help you find the best paper and paperboard packaging manufacturers, paperboard suppliers and paper packaging factories in China and India. Also, if you are in need of paper and paper packaging manufacturers, paperboard packaging suppliers and paperboard packaging mills, please feel free to contact us. 

Therefore, packaging design is essential for companies that want to sell more and increase sales to capture the attention of buyers and customers. Working new packaging models with digital printing and industrial printing can include new consumer ideas, be innovative and generate new lines of business.

The use of paper and cardboard packaging in pastry and dessert packaging:

  • disposable cake boxes and customized cake boxes.
  • paper and cardboard packaging for food
  • square rigid silver and gold cardboard tray
  • round cardboard tray
  • cardboard packaging
  • Kraft paper trays
  • silver square bases
  • gold square bases
  • square bases for cakes
  • gold, silver and black rigid cardboard disks
  • round bases
  • Printed paper muffin cup, cupcakes and cakes, tulip cup, brownie cup, bakeable muffin cup, baking cups
  • Dry cake packaging tray
  • Plum cake tray
  • bakeable dry cake tray
  • Printed paper container
  • Printed disposable glasses and paper glasses
  • cake bases
  • silver and gold cardboard doilies
  • popcorn containers
  • white, gold, silver and black cardboard plates
  • Electronic packaging 
  • Gift packaging
  • Agricultural packaging
  • Apparel packaging and apparel shipping boxes
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Food packaging
  • Packaging trays
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Cardboard packaging tubes
  • Transport packaging
Paper packaging suppliers sell packaging for pharmacy, perfumery, toys, food, flour, sugar, rice, pet food, pharmaceutical products boxes, cosmetic, parapharmacy, accessories and more… 
Cardboard and paper packaging is the best choice when it comes to manufacturing packaging, but biodegradable. However, plastic packaging must be recycled.
Plastic flexible packaging and paper flexible packaging is used in the food industry. Typically, this is used to make the bags of potato chips, nuts, frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, candies, candy, bars, cookies, pasta and any other product you may see on the shelves of a supermarket or shopping mall.
If you are interested in buying packaging from cardboard manufacturers for your product and importing packaging, then we can help you find the best paper and  cardboard packaging manufacturers China and India for your business, we can help you in the whole process of finding paper packaging supplier from China and India, manufacturers from China and manufacturers from India and in closing business deals with paper packaging factories, disposable cake box factories from China, disposable cake box suppliers and manufacturers from China and India. If you need custom packaging in a China printing company or an India printing company, we can help you. Shall we talk?
If you are a cardboard collection company and have recycled cardboard, then we can also help you export cardboard and export paper.  



If you are looking for paper packaging factories to manufacture your model, with different sizes, varieties and formats, then our team of packaging import from China and India can help you select the best paper packaging manufacturers for your product at cheap and economical prices. 

With our import team you will work directly with the packaging manufacturer in China and India, working in an agile way with the shipment of samples and counter samples to replicate the box manufacturing and container. 

Do you have doubts about where to manufacture packaging? Contact us.


If you are looking for a paper packaging supplier, perfect. Our packaging import team can help and advise you to import packaging from China or import packaging from India. 

Contact us and we will find the best paper packaging suppliers for your product. 


Food packaging manufacturer and supplier from China and India

Do you need a food packaging manufacturer? do you want to do manufacturing in India or manufacturing in China? If you need help, we can help you find the best food packaging manufacturer for your product. Contact us.

There are different types of food packaging, if you want to manufacture your own food packaging models, contact us:

  • Packaging for potato chips.
  • Cardboard cone for french fries
  • Cardboard hamburger boxes
  • Boxes for noodles and noodles
  • Pasta boxes
  • Bread paper bags
  • Paper sandwich bags
  • Croissant bags
  • Paper window bags
  • Paper fruit bags
  • Food bags
  • Take away, take away boxes with window and without window
  • Cardboard boxes with transparent window in different sizes and dimensions.
  • White, gold, silver, black and colored pastry boxes, boxes for cakes and pastries.
  • Paper napkins

Confectionery, bakery and pastry packaging supplier and manufacturer from China and India

In the market there are different types of packaging for pastry, confectionery and bakery. If you are looking for a manufacturer of packaging in China or India for bakery, confectionery and bakery to buy wholesale packaging, contact us we can help you to manufacture in India and manufacture in China any model of packaging: 

  • Cake bases board
  • Cake box
  • Drum boards
  • Rigid boxes
  • Paper bags
  • Cardboard cups
  • Cardboard wrapping strips
  • Paper capsules
  • Paper doilies
  • Rolls
  • Cardboard pastry
  • Lids for aluminum containers
  • golden cardboard cake base
  • silver cardboard cake base
  • black cardboard cake base
  • white cardboard cake base
  • Gold, silver, black and white square cardboard trays
  • Gold, silver and white round cardboard trays
  • Boxes with window
  • Boxes for sweets
  • King’s cake boxes
  • Boxes for chocolates
  • Nougat boxes
  • Boxes with window

If you are interested in learning more about cardboard box manufacturers for bakery, contact our expert team in the manufacture of confectionery, bakery and pastry packaging.

Kraft paper bags supplier from China and India

If you are interested in buying Kraft paper bags from China and India and importing Kraft paper bags and patent paper to your country, then we can help you. You can buy customized bags with your brand and design, as the material is kraft paper, you will be using a recyclable and environmentally friendly material. Logically, depending on the size, measurements and strength of the paper bag you will require different quantities of kraft paper.

Paper bag types

Types of paper bags depending on the handle of the bag: 

  • Paper bags with die-cut handle is a bag that has an opening at the top and in the middle that serves as a grip.
  • Paper bags with flat handles
  • Paper bags with twisted paper handles.
  • Paper bags with rope handle or ribbon handle. Normally, the bags are more expensive and it depends on the customized bags. 
The bags can have different sizes and formats. Personalized bags can be printed on one side or printed on both sides. 
Types of bags depending on their use can be: 
  • Paper bags for bakery, pastry, confectionery and confectionery products
  • Paper bags for wine bottles
  • Decorated paper bags
  • Gift bags
  • Luxury bags
  • Jewelry bags
  • Christmas bags
  • Boutique bags

Depending on the trade or store, supermarket, franchise, distribution chain and the value of the product, brands invest more or less in customized bag packaging and brand image, creating customized paper bags.

paper bags
Importing paper bags

Paper bag tips and recommendations

Normally, perfumeries, cosmetic stores, clothing stores, jewelry stores, wine stores want their bags to catch the attention of other users when customers walk down the street and the bags are reusable bags after shopping, therefore they are luxury bags that serve to branding and enhance the brand image of cosmetic stores, clothing stores, wine stores, perfumeries, jewelry stores and gift stores. 

If the value of the product is low, the product has less margin, the product is of high consumption or first necessity, then stores or supermarkets tend to buy Kraft paper bags. 

Therefore, if you are interested in contacting paper bag suppliers and importing Kraft paper bags from India and China and patent paper bags, please contact us, we can help you. 

Paper packaging factories of China and India

Our customers work directly with paper packaging factories of China and with paper packaging factories of India, it all depends on the raw material price, manufacturing costs, delivery times and let’s not forget the shipping cost of a container from China or the shipping cost of a container from India. Therefore, we work with different paper packaging manufacturers to provide our customers with the best and cheapest prices for ordering from China packaging factories or India packaging factories. 

Based on our experience we can assist you in the whole process of packaging manufacturing in China and India and help you make the best decisions to start importing packaging from China or importing from India. 

Import packaging from China and India

If you want to import packaging from China and India and you need to know how to manufacture in China, manufacture in India and import goods or have any questions, just contact us.

If you need to buy wholesale from China and India packaging suppliers, both containers and packaging or need to find a China packaging factory to manufacture your China packaging with your customized design to have a competitive advantage for your product image, then contact us. We will help you through the whole process. 

In either of the 2 options we can help you import packaging of cartons, paper, cartons, cans, plastic and glass for your products, packaging for packages and packaging for your products. Do you need to start importing cartons, paper, plastic, glass and cans for your products? Perfect, we can help you find the best manufacturers in India and manufacturers in China to buy and import packaging and containers. 

Our expert team in paper and cardboard packaging is available for you, write us or call Thinking for People | Available 24h and weekends | We offer customized and personalized packaging solutions for our clients.

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