How to import from China

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We offer you our help and advice to import from China and our import advice to import Chinese products such as machinery, and equipment, iron, steel, aluminum, clothes, shoes, glasses, bathroom sanitary ware, slippers, furniture, decoration, industrial supplies, machinery, agricultural machinery and many other products and merchandise. We have an office in China.  Shall we start importing goods?

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In this section of How to import from China we present a guide to importing from China for warehouses, companies, distributors, wholesalers and suppliers in your country to buy wholesale products and goods in China from Chinese manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers.

If you want to learn more about China’s trade, what services China exports and imports and China’s trading partners read on. Thinking for People has developed a guide how to import from China so that you know what are the main points to consider when wondering how to import from China. If you are interested, check out our guide to importing products.

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Thinking for people is a company to import from China and in the process of importing from China wholesale, since in our team there are people from China who are in charge of importing goods directly from the Chinese market. If you want to import wholesale products from China we can help you. Contact us.

Logically, to import you must contact us to talk to our team to know directly the product you want to import. Based on your needs, we can propose you several suppliers from China with their respective price quotations for the product you want to import. From here, we can help you in the closing of the price quotation. If you accept any of the proposals that we have presented to you from the Chinese supplier, we will help you during the whole process of purchase and management of the goods, with the logistics, transportation and all the necessary documents for the import of the product according to the requirements established by the legislation, customs, etc…

advice for import from china

We offer our advice to import from China to any company and country in the world. Simply contact us and tell us the product you want to import and we will propose you a purchase price FOB or price CIF and solve all your doubts to carry out the import in a professional way. We can take care of everything, from finding suppliers and manufacturers, China supplier verification, sample management, supervision of the manufacturing process, quality control and management of shipment of goods and international transport to your country and customs clearance.

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Importing from China

importing from China wholesale

We help companies to import from China to Spain, Mexico, United States, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Philippines, Portugal. 

If you live in another country, contact us and we will let you know if we can help importing from China to your country. The services we offer include:

  1. Advice on the process of importing from China or Asia. Collection of all relevant information of the product you want to import as an importer in the import process.
  2. Search for Chinese manufacturers and suppliers that meet the criteria set by the customer or importer of the goods.
  3. Obtaining quotation prices from Chinese suppliers for the goods to be imported.
  4. Support during the process of closing the commercial agreements and Incoterms required by the importer.
  5. Coordination with other service providers involved in the commercial operations, such as legal, tax, customs, insurance, logistics, etc. for the successful closing of the commercial operations in India.

Thinking for People helps companies to import goods from foreign suppliers, especially to import from India, China and Asian market.

We offer a service of assistance for wholesale purchase in China and advice to importing from China or buying wholesale from China for customers or importers from Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Panama, USA, Brazil, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Paraguay and Uruguay. If you want to buy in China to import to another country other than the above, just write to us and we will also help you.

Guide to importing from China in 2024

Guide to importing from China for buying wholesale suppliers and importing from China. When buying Chinese products, the buyer or importer should consider some tips to keep in mind when buying wholesale from China.

Import laws of your country

Buyers or importers when importing from China must take into account the import laws of your country, wherever you are, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Panama, United States, Brazil, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Paraguay and Uruguay. For example, ffp2 masks China.

Buying wholesale from China

Thinking for People has a lot of experience buying wholesale from China, buying from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, therefore we know the culture, the way of being of the suppliers and the proper procedures to have the minimum possible risk when buying in China. Therefore, we can help you to buy in a safer way.

Do you need to know the price of any Chinese product to import from China? Call us or write us.

Search manufacturers in China

When a client does not know how to search for manufacturers in China and Chinese suppliers, they write us an email indicating which product or merchandise and the quantities of each product they are interested in in order to make a wholesale purchase in China directly from Chinese manufacturers. From there, our Thinking for People team will contact you to indicate the most appropriate procedure to buy in China depending on the type of product you want to import from China.

china suppliers verification and companies verification

When you want to buy in China from another country it is very important to China suppliers verification, verify chinese manufacturer or verify chinese wholesale before buying, so that if you company verification in China you can do business with greater peace of mind and you can import from China without uncertainty. Therefore, in a purchasing process it is essential to work with verified Chinese suppliers or business verification in China to import and avoid risks. We can help you if you don’t know how to verify a Chinese company. 

Shipping from China

We advise all companies that want to buy in China during the whole process, from negotiating with Chinese suppliers, managing the shipping of goods from China to how to do the customs clearance in your country.

Customs and tariffs

We can help you to make the arrangements with Customs, payment of duties and tariffs to clear the goods in your country, so that as an importer of goods you can pay the tariffs and duties for each import.

Made in China and the Chinese economy

Practically, in our daily life there are hundreds of imported products made in China and manufactured in China.

China is a country with a population of more than 1,380 million inhabitants and with an incredible potential for manufacturing in China a multitude of sectors such as the development of the service sector, textile manufacturing, machinery, electronics, agriculture, chemicals, metals, minerals, rock and natural stone and vehicles with an average Chinese GDP growth of 6.3% in the last 5 years and with China’s growth forecast of 5.3% per year until 2028.

If you want to import from China or buy in China, here are the main importing countries of China and the main products and services exported by the Chinese economy and that most buyers or importers buy for distribution and sale in their countries of origin.

China importing countries

Thinking for People helps companies from any country to buy in China and import from China to your country.

Here we show you by purchasing volume the most important buying countries in China according to the data of the Chinese economy as it is the case of which are the main importing countries and markets of China and to which Chinese manufacturers and suppliers send their products and services or exports:

  1. In Asia the main buyer countries to China and importers are Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Macau, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Myanmar.
  2. In Europe, the main buying and importing countries of China are Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Romania.
  3. In North and South America, the main buying and importing countries from China are the United States, USA, Canada, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Peru, Paraguay, Colombia, Uruguay and Ecuador.
  4. In Africa, China’s main buying and importing countries are South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya and Algeria.
  5. Finally, in the case of Oceania, the main buying and importing countries of China are Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

What to import from China?

If you want to import products from China and do not know what to import from China, then we tell you what China exports and import products will buy in China, which sectors are the most important to make your imports from China, which countries are the main importers of China, all this information and much more information about trade in China you expponermos on this website to buy in China.

You want to buy from Chinese manufacturers and Chinese suppliers, remember that if you are a company and if you want to buy in China Chinese import products, contact us we can give you price to import and we can help you manage the purchase and import. Ask us for prices to import from China.

In the Chinese economy, the most important sectors cited by turnover for export in China are the sector:

  • services
  • electronics
  • machinery
  • textiles, clothing and fabrics
  • chemical products
  • metals
  • agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • vehicles
  • rock and natural stone
  • minerals

For each of the above-mentioned sectors, the products and services that buyers will purchase in China from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers to import from China to their country of origin are detailed below.

services exported by china

The services most consumed by foreign buyers of Chinese companies are as follows:

  • Travel and tourism
  • Information technology and telecommunications ICT
  • Transportation
  • Insurance and finance.

Import electronics and electronic products from China

China technology is at the forefront of the world, therefore large manufacturers and distributors of electronic products to manufacture in China and manufacture their electronic equipment and then import them to each of the markets where they are marketing and selling electronic products. Buying wholesale electronics from China and electronic products from China is a booming sector and is a large market due to the production and manufacturing capacity of electronic products and the technology developed for the manufacture and assembly of electrical products and equipment from China.

List of the most imported electronic products from China:

  1. Radio and television broadcasting equipment
  2. Audio and video recording and playback devices such as video cameras, camcorders and digital cameras.
  3. Integrated circuits
  4. Telephony, cell phones, smartphones, cell phones, smartwatches, wireless headsets, activity wristbands and other telephone and connected devices.
  5. Diodes, transmitters and semiconductor devices.
  6. Photovoltaic cells, solar panels, photovoltaic-related equipment and products.
  7. Electrical transformers
  8. Static converters
  9. Inductors
  10. Computer monitors and monitors for workstations.
  11. TV screens, projectors, TV screens, TV accessories, TV antennas
  12. Audio and hifi devices such as mini chains, stereos, speakers, sound bars, wireless headphones, headphones, smart speakers, PC speakers, hifi speakers, wireless speakers, wired headphones, gaming headphones, mini systems, music players, home cinema, radio, voice recorders,
  13. Recording devices
  14. Sports cameras, compact cameras, lenses
    wires, cables, electric conductors, fiber optic cables
  15. Hair dryers, curling irons, hair straighteners, hair dryers, hand dryers, hair care appliances, epilators, shavers, hair removal machines, toothbrushes, hair clippers, hair clippers
  16. Health and wellness devices such as bathroom scales, massage devices, fitness machines, heating pads, electric blankets, medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, cardiac monitors, digital thermometers, infrared thermometers
  17. Electronic printed circuit boards
  18. Electrical apparatus for cutting
  19. Electrical switching apparatus
  20. Electrical switching devices
  21. Electrical protection apparatus
  22. Electrical shunting devices
  23. Electrical circuit connections.
  24. Switches, relays, fuses, plugs, sockets, lamp holders, junction boxes and other electrical apparatus.
  25. Microphones, loudspeakers, headphones, amplifiers.
  26. Batteries and electric accumulators
  27. Parts and components of electrical appliances
  28. Electric motors
  29. Electric generators
  30. Electrical appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, induction hobs, gas hobs, ceramic hobs, microwaves, ovens, dryers, freezers, stove hoods, wine coolers.
  31. Vacuum cleaners
  32. Electric condensers
  33. Lighting, illumination and signaling equipment.
  34. Burglar and fire alarms, buzzers and acoustic sirens
  35. Generating sets
  36. Radio equipment
  37. Electromagnets and magnets.
  38. Radar, radar and navigation aids.
  39. Laser cutting machines
  40. Electric starting equipment
  41. Starter motors
  42. Light bulbs
  43. Lighting equipment
  44. Electric lamps

For information purposes, many customers ask us to import electronic products, household appliances, electric motorcycles, among other Chinese products.

Import machinery, materials and supply industrial from China

Chinese manufacturers of machinery, supply industrial, automation, household appliances and technology is very advanced, every season Chinese manufacturers incorporate major advances and new Chinese products that are marketed and sold worldwide. China importers of industrial supplies, industrial machines, automation, household appliances, industrial products, construction equipment, machinery and industrial equipment are importing:

  • Computers
  • Machine spare parts
  • Industrial supplies
  • Toys and games
  • Air conditioners
  • Liquid crystal displays
  • Valves
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Compressors
  • Fans
  • Sports machines and sports equipment
  • Household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ovens, glass-ceramic hobs
  • Printers and photocopiers
  • Excavators
  • Hoists
  • Construction equipment and building material such as scaffolding, props, cranes, concrete mixers, forklifts, construction tools
  • Medical instruments and medical equipment
  • Christmas decorations and Christmas ornaments
  • Bearings, bearings
  • Mode boxes
  • Lifting machines
  • Industrial machinery
  • Glasses
  • Motors
  • Working machines
  • Watches
  • Forklifts
  • Hand tools, power tools, working tools
  • Farm machinery and agricultural machinery
  • Orthopedic appliances and orthopedic equipment
  • Instruments
  • Thermometers
  • OTC Material
If you need to import machinery, OTC material, motors, industrial supplies, tools, valves and motors, contact us. We can help you with the importing machinery from China and machines.
import clothes from china

Import clothes from China, textile, slippers, footwear, furniture, furnishings, decoration and accessories

Chinese suppliers and Chinese manufacturers have placed the textile, footwear and clothing sector as the second most important sector within the Chinese economy, so it has a strong manufacturing and exporting capacity to the rest of the world, of all kinds of materials and products related to the textile sector. If you want to import clothing from China we can help you, contact us.

The following are the main products that buyers and importers want to import from China:  

  1. Parts of lighting fixtures, illuminated signs, luminous plates, led lamps.
  2. Furniture, furnishings and furniture parts
  3. Seats, beds, bed sheets, fitted sheet, bedspreads, bed throws and bedding
  4. Women’s clothing, fashion and girls’ clothing. Tshirts, beach t-shirts, women’s suits, jackets, blazers, dresses, skirts, skirts, blazers, blouses, women’s shirts and pants, women’s shorts. Winter clothing such as women’s and girls’ coats, anoraks, windbreakers.
  5. Women’s coats, anoraks,
  6. Rubber, plastic and leather soled footwear.  
  7. Sweaters, sweatshirts, vests, sweaters.
  8. Fabrics with synthetic yarns
  9. Men’s suits, men’s pants, blazers, men’s breeches and pants, shorts, bathing suits.
  10. Mattresses, spring mattresses, foam & latex mattresses, mattress & pillow protectors, mattress toppers, cot mattress. 
  11. Bed linen such as comforters, cushions and pillows.
  12. Household linens such as tablecloths, toiletries such as towels and kitchen linens.
  13. Women’s and girls’ knitted T-shirts.
  14. Winter clothing such as men’s and children’s coats, anoraks, windbreakers.
  15. Panties, stockings and socks.
  16. Women’s underwear, slips, nightdresses, pajamas, robes, bathrobes, underpants.
  17. Brassieres, suspenders, corsets.
  18. Orthopedic articles and products.
  19. Sportswear, bikinis, shorts, swimsuits, ski suits, leggings, tracksuits.
  20. Blankets
  21. Rugs
  22. Fabric articles for decoration.
  23. Umbrellas, parasols, parasols
  24. Hats and caps
  25. Curtains and blinds
  26. Tarpaulins, blinds and awnings
  27. Handbags, purses, wallets, wallets, bags
  28. Scarves, scarves, handkerchiefs
  29. Knitted Tshirts for men and children.
  30. Medical furniture, surgical furniture, dental furniture such as examination tables, hospital beds.
  31. Barber chairs, barber chairs.
  32. Ropes, fishing nets
  33. Gloves, mittens and mitts
  34. Fabrics and textiles.
  35. Logos, embroidery
  36. Work wear, work clothes, work garments.

Therefore, if you want to import Chinese product or merchandise or if you want to import clothes from China, import clothes containers or make groupage cargo with material purchased in China. We can also advise you to import furniture from China and furnishings, decoration and ornaments. Contact with us. We can help you with the importing clothing, bedding, pillows, mattresses, textiles and other products.

import furniture from china

Import furniture from China

The process of importing furniture from China is a common process that we carry out with clients from different countries and we manage the whole process of purchasing imported furniture for our clients.

Our team takes care of the entire import furniture process:

  • sourcing furniture suppliers and furniture manufacturers in China that match the style of imported furniture you want to import to your country
  • We manage the quotations and negotiation with furniture manufacturers in China
  • verify the furniture manufacturers and furnishing manufacturers you will be working with
  • inspect the furniture before loading the container.

We can also advise you to import furniture from China and furnishings and help you in the whole process of importing furniture. We can also help you import decorations and ornaments. Contact us for more information. If you want to import furniture from India or import furniture from Bali, we can also help you. 

These would be some furniture and imported furniture that you can import:

  • Sideboards
  • Showcases
  • TV furniture
  • Shelving
  • Coffee tables
  • Headboards
  • Beds
  • Bunk beds
  • Bunk beds
  • Closets
  • Nightstands
  • Chests of drawers
  • Trundle beds
  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Study chairs
  • Office chairs
  • Tables
  • Sinfonier
  • Shoe racks
  • Mirrors
  • Led lamps
  • Pictures
  • Lighting
  • Decoration

Import mattresses from China

If you need to import mattresses from China, mattress fabric and fibers for mattresses, mattress pads, toppers and pillows, perfect.  Our import team in China will solve your doubts and we will help you in the whole process of importing mattresses, mattress fabrics, pillows and mattress fibers. Contact us.

We know the main mattress manufacturers, mattress fabric manufacturers and mattress fiber manufacturers and we can help you to buy mattresses directly from Chinese manufacturers and import them from China to your country. 

So, if you are a company and want to buy mattresses wholesale, we will give you mattresses price and offers to import. 


If you want to import lighting from China, lamps, led lights, christmas lights, sconces, fittings and decoration, we can help you for example to:

  • import lighting & lamps: chandeliers and hotel lighting, chandeliers, ceiling lights, ceiling lights, pendant lights or hanging lights, table lamps, floor lights, wall lamps, light bulbs, led spotlights, led lights and other lighting products.
  • import decoration and gifts such as decorative gifts, art, wood crafts, wood handmade products, metal crafts, metal handmade products and mirrors.
  • import handicrafts made of metal such as metal lanterns, candlesticks, vases and urns.

So, if you need to import led spotlights and import lighting from China contact us and we can help you with the supply and importing of lamps, lighting, decoration and handicrafts. 

Import chemicals from China

China’s chemical manufacturers have a large production capacity of chemical products worldwide. Therefore, chemical manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers and suppliers export part of their production to buyers all over the world.

  1. Manufactures of plastics, plastic products, raw materials and other plastics
  2. New tyres
  3. Crockery, kitchen and bathroom utensils, plastic household items
  4. Packaging items such as caps, lids, capsules and closure devices.
  5. Polyacetals and epoxy resins
  6. Plastic sheets
  7. Plastic flooring and plastic floor and wall coverings
  8. Fertilizers
  9. Packaged medicines, generic medicines, active ingredients and OTC products
  10. Vitamins
  11. Self-adhesive plastic sheets
  12. Vulcanized rubber products
  13. Plastic pipes
  14. Plastic tubes
  15. Stains
  16. Colorants
  17. Epoxy resins, BPA, bisphenol A
  18. Catalysts, hardener
  19. Thermoplastic resins
  20. Plastic resins: polyethylenes, polypropylenes, polystyrenes, PET resins, rigid PVC and flexible PVC
  21. Polyethylenes HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE
  22. Acids
  23. Cleaning products
  24. Plastics for construction
  25. Glues and adhesives
  26. Paints
  27. Rubber vibrators, rubber anti-vibration or silenblock air conditioners
  28. Rubber pad, rubber sheeting, rubber conveyor belts and rubber rollers
  29. HDPE geomembrane rolls, EPDM geomembrane rolls
If you want to import tyres from China and plastics, paints, chemicals and raw materials. Contact us, we can help you with importing chemicals and raw materials from China. 
import tires from china

Import metals from China

Steel mills and foundries in China produce steel, iron, aluminum and other metals for manufacturers in other industries to manufacture their products based on the raw materials produced. As a world potential in metal production and metal manufacturing, then factories, exporters, suppliers and wholesalers of metals export their products to the rest of the world. Mainly, they export:

  1. Rolled iron and rolled steel, being the world’s leading producer, many companies import steel from China.
  2. Steel and steel structures and parts of structures such as bridges, towers, roofs, doors, windows, frames, trusses, waterworks gates.
  3. Metal fittings for furniture, wood products, doors, windows, etc…
  4. Various types of steel and iron manufactures.
  5. Iron household articles and steel household articles.
  6. Aluminum plates
  7. Hardware material such as screws, nuts, washers, rivets, nails, etc.
  8. Steel pipes, steel tubes, steel pipes, steel sections
  9. Iron pipes, iron tubes, iron pipes, iron profiles
  10. Steel bars and steel rods
  11. Iron bars and iron rods
  12. Stainless steel
  13. Iron and steel pipe fittings and components
  14. Padlocks
  15. Hand tools
  16. Aluminum profiles and aluminum fabrications
  17. Aluminum bars
  18. Ferroalloys
  19. Copper
  20. Iron wire
  21. Spoons, ladles, knives, skimmers, forks, etc.
If you need to import steel from China, aluminum, pipes, hand tools and raw materials, contact us. Our team can help you with the import of steel, aluminum, pipes, hand tools, zinc and other metals. 

Import agriculture, livestock, forestry, fishery and food products from China

Chinese producers, suppliers and manufacturers that transform products and raw materials obtained from agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing into products to be marketed and sold. This sector of agriculture, forestry, fishing and food products is the sixth most important sector of products to be exported from China. The main products for export are:

  1. Suitcases, briefcases, folders, camera cases, eyeglasses, board games, etc….
  2. Laminated wood, plywood and wood panels.
  3. Cardboard packaging
  4. Mollusks and crustaceans
  5. Leather clothing, fur
  6. Vegetables
  7. Toilet paper
  8. Fruits and nuts
  9. Wood products
  10. Animal feed
  11. Notebooks
  12. Tea
  13. Books and brochures
  14. Rice
  15. Leather clothing
  16. Pasta
  17. Apples and pears
  18. Sugar
  19. Fruit juices
  20. Frozen fish
 If you need to import paper from China and cardboard, food, packaging, manufactured goods and board games, we can help you. Contact us, we can help you with the Importing of paper and cardboard, packaging and raw materials.
import board games from china

Import vehicles from China

  1. Car, van and truck parts and car accessories
  2. Boats, ships, boats, cargo ships, cruise ships
  3. Automobiles: cars, vans and trucks
  4. Ocean containers for multimodal transportation
  5. Motorcycles and scooters
  6. Light boats
  7. Motorcycle parts
  8. Trailers and semi-trailers
  9. Bicycles
  10. Buses
  11. Tractors
  12. Motorized wheelchairs
  13. Car spare parts, car parts, car accessories and car spare parts.
  14. Motorcycle spare parts, motorcycle parts, motorcycle accessories and spare parts for motorcycles.
  15. Car wheels, car rims and car tires.
  16. Motorcycle wheels, motorcycle rims, inner tubes, motorcycle tires.
If you need to import car parts, motorcycle parts and spare parts, contact us.

Import marble, natural stone and building materials from China

Chinese building materials manufacturers work with carved stone, decorative pieces, ornaments, ceramic products and porcelain. The main Chinese products to be exported in the rock, natural stone and building materials sector by sellers, exporters and suppliers of building materials are as follows:

  1. Precious metals and jewelry and other jewelry items
  2. Ceramic products such as sinks, bathroom sanitary ware, cisterns, toilets, bathtubs, washbasins and bidets
  3. Marble and carved stone for construction
  4. Porcelain tableware, plates, dishes, platters, trays and decorative elements
  5. Cups, glasses, coffee and tea sets. Porcelain slabs, porcelain or ceramic tiles
  6. Building materials such as ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles. Flooring, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, hydraulic tiles, ceramic tiles.
  7. Prefabricated concrete, prefabricated cement and artificial stone
  8. Glass for windows, bathrooms, offices and interior decoration
  9. Tempered glass, laminated building glass and single glass
  10. Glass fibers
  11. Jewelry
  12. Glass mirrors
  13. Bricks, tiles, blocks, ceramic materials such as bathroom sanitary ware
  14. Glass containers such as glass jars, jars, vials, glass bottles
  15. Silver
  16. Diamonds
  17. Ceramic statues
  18. Ceramic ornamental pieces
  19. Gold
  20. Stone manufactures such as stone statues, worked stone, floor stone, wall stone
  21. Ceramic building bricks
  22. Paving stones
If you need to import tiles from China, chinese porcelain tile, marble and building materials, contact us, we will help you with the importation of construction materials.

Also, if you need to import laminated glass with CE marked , construction glass or window glass from China, please contact us to help you establish contact with glass manufacturers in China and import tempered glass, laminated glass and single glass.

Import minerals from China

  1. Refined petroleum oils
  2. Lignite, coal, coal, peat, coal
  3. Petroleum coke, bitumen and other oils
  4. Cements
  5. Clays

China wholesale imports

Thinking for People is a professional team to realize importing from china wholesale and our team helps companies with China wholesale imports and other countries. Therefore, depending on the volume of purchase and the type of product or goods, you can buy from China manufacturers or buy wholesale from China wholesalers, it all depends on the type of goods and purchase volumes.

Import containers from China

If you want to import containers from China to your country we can help you. You want to import Chinese products, goods, machinery, construction materials, construction equipment, steel, clothing, shoes, ceramics, car and motorcycle spare parts, OTC material, sanitary products from China or any other goods listed here. Contact us, we will tell you how we can help you to import containers from China.

China products factory and product suppliers

If you are looking for sites to import from china, product suppliers or product factories you may not have much experience in importing China products.

If you want to import Chinese products and you have no experience in importing, our import agents can help you with your imports instead of searching e-commerce sites to find suppliers and factories, verify suppliers and factories, negotiate, verify the quality of the products and merchandise and manage the shipments in international transport of China products to import to Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, USA, UK, Spain…. or any other country.

For example, if you want to know how to buy in Alibaba, if you are a company, don’t waste your time. We will inform you how to buy from chinese manufacturers. Contact us and we will help you to import without problems. 

Where to import from China

If you do not know where to import from China, but you have a device connected to the internet, then you are reading us from anywhere in the world and if you are wondering what to import from China to Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Norway, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey, Qatar, Doha, India, Poland, Mexico, Canada, United States, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Poland, Mexico, Canada, United States, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and if you need help to find a factory in China, import from China and buy in China, but do not know Chinese exporters, suppliers and manufacturers then write us an email or call us directly for the product you are looking for we can give you a price, contact us.

China Suppliers

Are you looking for a factory or suppliers from China to buy and import from China? We know many suppliers and manufacturers from many sectors, practically from all the sectors mentioned here.

If you want to buy in China and you are looking for China suppliers and pages to buy in China contact us, we can help you to import and manage all your purchases from China.

What to import from China, according to your country?

You want to import from China and you don’t know what to import according to your country. If you have doubts you can import current and seasonal things to sell and distribute in your country, but if you don’t know what to import and buy, then contact us and we will see how we can help you.

Here are some import sectors, such as the import of clothing, vehicles, cars, KN95 masks, FFP2 China masks, FFP3 masks, surgical masks, hygienic masks, motorcycles, machinery, branded clothing, perfumes, shoes, footwear, capital goods, chemicals, electronics, textiles, iron, aluminum, metal, marble, granite, natural stone and many more products, so give us a call.

What to import to Spain from China

If you want to know what to import to Spain from China you have to know what are the main sectors that Spain imports from China and the volume of purchases is more than 25 billion euros. Here are the main economic sectors of import that your country imports from China (figure indicated in billion euros):

Consumer goods over 13B
Machinery and electricity over 7B
Capital goods more than 6B
Textile, clothing and apparel over $4B
Intermediate goods over 4B
Metals 2B
Chemicals 2B.
Footwear 1B
Plastics and rubber products 1B
Transportation 0.7B
Leather and fur 0.7B
Raw materials 0.5B
Stones and glass 0.6B
Wood 0.4B
Food products 0.2B

There are other sectors, but imports from China to Spain are focused on these economic sectors.

Regions of China to import

China is divided into 22 provinces that together with the 5 autonomous regions and various special regions that make up the People’s Republic of China. Here are the different provincial divisions that make up the PRC, each with a different economic activity and companies, factories, industries and industrial zones that drive China’s commerce:

  • Beijing
  • Tianjin
  • Chongqing
  • Shanghai
  • Heilongjiang
  • Jilin
  • Liaoning
  • Qinghai
  • Gansu
  • Shaanxi
  • Shanxi
  • Hebei
  • Shandong
  • Henan
  • Sichuan
  • Hubei
  • Anhui
  • Jiangsu
  • Yunnan
  • Guizhou
  • Hunan
  • Jiangxi
  • Zhejiang – Yiwu Market. Ningbo Market. Export market with exporters from China.
  • Guangdong – Canton Fair
  • Fujian
  • Hainan
  • Macao
  • Hong Kong
  • Xinjiang
  • Mongolia
  • Tibet
  • Ningxia
  • Guangxi

There are other sectors, but imports from China to Spain are focused on these economic sectors.

Sourcing agent China

Our sourcing agents in China help companies and entrepreneurs to manufacture, buy in China and import from China. We provide our clients with an integrated service to buy and import to your country:

  • Chinese sourcing service
  • ODM manufacturing
  • OEM manufacturing
  • Verify one chinese company
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Quality Control
  • If you have problems with a Chinese supplier, please contact us and we will try to help you if you don’t know how to solve the problem with the Chinese supplier or Chinese company.
  • Groupage service in China to group cargo from different Chinese manufacturers.

Do you need help to manufacture, buy China wholesale and import from China?

Don’t know how to import from China and need help to import? this is your website to learn in general how to import. If you need help here we are here to help you. Do you want to find a factory for Chinese manufacturers to manufacture your product? We can help you, our import agents and purchasing agents will be able to answer all your questions about import and export licenses, import duty, custom duty payment and other doubts you may have. Contact us and we will help you in the whole process of importing from China to your country.

We offer solutions on what to import from China, quotations and wholesale prices and how to import from China to your country. If you are looking for a company to import from China we can give you advice to import.

Do we talk about imports?

If you need help to start an import business from China and distribution in your country, with your warehouses we can help you to start importing steel, iron, aluminum, marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, porphyry, building materials, carved stone, sculptures, ceramic tiles for floors and walls, furniture, decoration, wholesale or wholesale clothing, clothing accessories, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, tractors, sanitary equipment, merchandising and many other products you need. Contact us to start importing from China to your country. Do you need to import from china to india or another country?

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