Importing from India 2024

If you are looking importing from India it is because you are looking for information about how to import? Contact us. Import products, goods and raw materials of Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Suppliers in India. Do you want to import goods? Do you want to manufacture in India? Do you want us to import for you? Do you have a problem with your import? We can help you. We have offices in India and China. Shall we start importing goods?

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Importing from India

If you are interested in how to import goods from India, you may be making an excellent decision because the Indian economy is rapidly booming and with a population of over 1.3 billion it is one of the largest trading countries in the world. We have an import office in India.

How to import from India and trade in India is one of the questions asked by many of our customers.  Do you need help importing from India? Are you looking for Indian products, exporters, manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers? Do you want to know the prices of products? Contact us, if you want to buy in India. We offer different services to help you import and export from India. We have a local team of experts in importing and exporting in India.

Do you want to import from India? Buy wholesale? Buy direct from manufacturers? Do you want to know prices to buy in India? Contact us.

Sourcing and importing from India is a process we can help you with because Thinking for People has experience and a team in India that is helping other suppliers, wholesalers, importers, distributors, entrepreneurs and freelancers to import to be more competitive in their business.
You can buy in India by-products to later transform them and sell them and products with your own brand, logo, silkscreen printing, packaging and sell them in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland and other European Union countries or in other markets and import to the United States, Canada and the rest of Latin America such as Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Uruguay, Chile and the Dominican Republic.
Our India sourcing agents ensure that the import from India reaches the importer’s country of destination without any problems.

To import:

  • Our team must know the characteristics of the product you want to import.
  • We search for suppliers and manufacturers of your product.
  • We can propose you several suppliers and several price quotations for the same product. From here, we will be able to help you in the purchasing process and in the closing of the price quotation to buy your product.
  • When you accept any of the proposals, we will help you during the whole process of importing the goods, with the logistics, transport and all the necessary documents for the import of the product according to the requirements established by the legislation, customs, customs procedures, etc.

Consulting for import from india

Our consulting for import from india offer different import services so that you can import from India all the products you want to buy and/or manufacture in India:

How to import from India step by step

If you are wondering how to import from India step by step this is the right place, we encourage you to continue reading the steps to import from India to your country. This would be a small guide to import from India products and goods:

Search for suppliers in India. Import and export.


We look for suppliers among Indian companies that comply with the legislation in force in the importer’s country of destination, with the characteristics of the product you want to buy and the minimum purchase quantities you want to make. We verify companies, verify suppliers and business verification. We verify the supply of the product. For example, importing clothes from India or importing indian furniture, we look for suppliers that best suit your clothing line. 

Search for manufacturers in India for import and export


If you want to custom manufacture your product, then we look for manufacturers in India to manufacture your product. We verify the manufacturer So that the manufactured product will suit your specifications and characteristics of the product to be manufactured. For example, if you want to manufacture and import apparel, the apparel manufacturers will be tailored to your clothing line or personal brand of clothing.

Management of samples from suppliers and manufacturers for import and export


After verify suppliers or company verification, we do all the management of samples of the product you want to buy or manufacture so that you know perfectly what you are buying at all times. So that you can validate the quality and characteristics of the products you are going to buy.

Tariffs, taric code, HTS code, import and export


We inform you about the tariffs that your product has to pay and the taxes that you have to pay. In addition, we inform you about all the procedures and the process of management with the customs service to avoid delays and that the merchandise arrives as soon as possible to its destination for its commercialization and sale.

container type logistics and transportation


We coordinate and manage all the logistics and international transportation from India to the country of destination, either by air, sea and land transport so that when the goods arrive at the customs service everything is correctly, without incidents and proceed to the clearance of the goods as quickly as possible and avoid delays in customs procedures to send the goods to destination.

logistics costing and budgeting


We calculate all the costs related to the import operation, price in India of the purchased product, logistics management and transportation, customs formalities and payment of import taxes in India to send the goods to destination. We work with the main freight forwarders in India.

import documents


We take care of having available all the import documents required by customs. So that we know and expedite the entire import process and thus comply with the legislation required in your country. For example, import documents and CE certificate.

order management for import and export


We coordinate and manage all the logistics, air transport, sea transport and road transport so that when the merchandise arrives at the customs service everything is in order and all the customs procedures are carried out to send the merchandise to its destination.

import and export consultation


We serve all customers who have doubts and questions about international trade and want to know what they have to do to perform import and export operations of goods, both in India and in other markets.

The following services are detailed below. Our help covers all your needs to make import operations from India to Spain or other countries without problems and buying in India or other countries. In the import we cover the management of the purchase, logistics and transport, management of customs formalities in India and Spain or the importer’s country with the delivery of the goods to the customer. Contact us.

Consultants for importing from India. Import goods from suppliers and manufacturers

In the case of importing items or importing goods and services, we offer a help and advice to import. We help companies, entrepreneurs, distributors, wholesalers and importers in Spain, Europe, America and Asia to import and export goods from India. The import services we offer include:

  1. Consultation on the process of importing from India. Gathering of all relevant information of the product you want to import as an importing company in the import process.
  2. Search for suppliers in India and verify suppliers that meet the criteria established by the entrepreneurs, distributors or importers of goods from India. 
  3. Get price quotes, quotations and offers from suppliers in India for the goods you want to import.
  4. Support during the process of closing the commercial agreements with the Indian supplier and the Incoterms required by the importer.
  5. Coordination with other service providers involved in import trade operations, such as legal services, tax, customs management and procedures, insurance, logistics, etc. for the successful closing of trade operations in India.
  6. Put at the service of the importing company or distributors all import and customs costs.

Thinking for People helps companies to import goods directly from foreign suppliers, especially from India, China and the challenges of Asia.

Import advisory service or import consulting service.

Manufacturing in India and importing product. Integrated supply chain management

At Thinking for People we take care of all aspects related to international outsourcing for the manufacturing of products or merchandise in India. We have the experience of working with international clients who want to manufacture their products in India and then import the product to their country and proceed with the sale.

At Thinking for People we can help you and support you in all phases of design, manufacture, import and sale of the product. Choose the phase in which you want us to help you, it’s as simple as that. Call us and tell us and we will tell you how we can help you in the manufacturing of your product.

Therefore, from a product idea or predefined product design Thinking for People can analyze and search for suppliers or manufacturers that can manufacture your product, either in India, China or anywhere else in the world. Logically, all according to the client’s requests.

The service includes the location and verification of suppliers / product manufacturers, interpreter service to improve communication with local manufacturers in the country, adaptation of the product to European regulations or the country of destination, obtaining samples, branding of your brand, labeling, visit of the facilities and manufacturing processes according to each case, all administrative procedures, transportation management, processing of goods in customs, etc.

If you want to manufacture in another country, call us and tell us what you are looking for and we will tell you what we can help you with no obligation.

The best manufacturer to manufacture in India

The best manufacturer to manufacture in India is the one that adapts to your requests and technical characteristics, regulations and certificates to manufacture and obtain the best final product. Often, the specialization in a certain product determines that the manufacturing is carried out in one country or another. In India we know the market and the manufacturers in India and we can guide you to get your product manufactured, with the best quality and best price. For example: clothing accessories manufacturers or clothes manufacturer.


Importing or bringing clothes from India

We advise many clients how to import or bring clothes from India and even men’s footwear, women’s footwear, accessories, accessories. We know a multitude of suppliers and manufacturers with clothing lines of manufacturers that may be interesting to put your logo or brand and directly buy, import and market and sell with your brand. Simply contact us and tell us what you are looking for and we will let you know if we can help you import or bring in the type of clothing that fits your business.


Creating my own clothing line does anyone know clothing manufacturers?

Creating my clothing line has never been easier. Thinking for People is at the service of entrepreneurs who want to create new clothing brands, clothing lines, accessories and complements for the public and generate large consumption. We can give you a complete service and help you during the whole process of creating the clothing line, find the best manufacturers to produce your clothing line and accessories, manage the samples and import your clothing line.


Do you want us to be your importer of products from India?

At Thinking for People we can act as a product importer, favoring at all times the supply chain of your business. Simply contact us, we want to meet you to talk about the product you want to design, buy, manufacture and import.

For example, if you are an entrepreneur who wants to create a clothing line and you want to import clothes made in India, then we can take care of the designs, product samples and subsequent manufacturing and import of the product. The same for importing Indian furniture and other sectors.

For companies or distributors who do not want to import product, we can act as an import company or importer depending on the type of product to import. Call us and inform us about the products you want to import from India.

How to import from India in 2024?

The Indian economy has a strong growth and a huge population, which makes India one of the largest trading countries in the world. In the country there are many sectors in which they are specialized as chemicals, machinery and industrial equipment, technology, clothing, textile, leather, fur, electronics, natural stone, metals, furniture and decoration would be the main sectors among which are for the export of goods from India to the rest of the world. So the importer can find the product at a lower price or cheaper to make their imports.

We will give you all the relevant aspects and all the necessary information you need to know how to import from India safely and smoothly, for example:

  1. The tariffs and taxes (general, reduced or super-reduced VAT) that you must pay to import the goods, equipment or product. 
  2. What documents are required to import the goods.
  3. Which maritime incoterms or air incoterms is better to import your goods.

China, like India, is another emerging market. If you want to know how to import from China we can also help you.

Contact us by phone, we like to talk to people directly or write us a Whatsapp.

Imports from India to Spain

We offer solutions to buy in Indian Suppliers, Wholesalers and Companies.

Indian economic data

India is a country with a population of 1.35 billion and an incredible manufacturing potential in a multitude of sectors, with an average GDP growth of 6.3% in the last 5 years and a forecast of 5.3% annual growth until 2028.

If you want to import, here are the main importing countries of India and the main products and services exported by the Indian economy and imported by the majority of importers from their country of origin.

Major buying countries of India and importers from India

Here are some facts about the Indian economy such as which are the main importing countries of India and to which India sends its exports:

  1. In Asia, India’s main importing countries are the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Turkey and South Korea.
  2. In Europe, India’s main importing countries are the UK, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain.
  3. In the Americas and Latin America, India’s main importing countries are the United States, USA, Mexico and Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina.
  4. In Africa, India’s main importing countries are South Africa, Kenya, Egypt and Nigeria.
  5. In Oceania, of course, the main importing country from India is Australia.

What to import from India

What India exports to other countries we are going to reveal to you right now. Manufacturers and suppliers in India mainly export:

  1. Service sector
  2. Chemical products
  3. Minerals
  4. Natural stone
  5. Agriculture and processed foods
  6. Clothing, textiles, furniture and decoration
  7. Metals
  8. Machinery and capital goods
  9. Cars, industrial vehicles and transportation
  10. Electronics

The most important sectors for exports in the Indian economy are the sectors listed in this order and by volume of business. Below, within each sector, we detail which products and services are exported from India and which buyers and importers from other countries import to their countries of origin.

India's most exported services

The services most exported by India to other countries are as follows:

  1. Travel and tourism services,
  2. Transportation and logistics services,
  3. Finance and insurance services and
  4. ICT services (information technology and telecommunications).

Import chemicals from India

In the chemicals sector, India is one of the world’s leading chemical manufacturers, where you can buy from chemical wholesalers and chemical suppliers in India. Indians are large traders who market and sell products internationally.

Buyers from all over the world contact Indian wholesalers, suppliers and distributors to buy chemicals in bulk and then the importers market and sell the chemicals in their country. Depending on the chemical you want to import you may need import license and special permits according to each country’s regulations and current legislation of each country. The most imported chemical products from India are:

  1. Packaged medicines, blister pack, generic medicines and active ingredients of medicines and pharmaceuticals from India
  2. Cyclic hydrocarbons
  3. Organic coloring matter
  4. Rubber tires
  5. Polyacetals POM, also called polyoxymethylene or polyoxymethylene methylene oxide
  6. Ethylene polymer
  7. New tires
  8. Organic compounds
  9. Plastic plates
  10. Plastic sheets
  11. Polypropylene polymers
  12. Essential oils
  13. Packaging caps
  14. Alcohols
  15. Acids
  16. Cleaning products
  17. Mixtures of substances
  18. Vitamins
  19. Activated carbon
  20. Hydrocarbon derivatives
  21. Colorants
  22. Make-up preparations
  23. Polymers
  24. Rubber conveyor belts
  25. Perfumes
  26. Resins
  27. Synthetic rubber
  28. Salts
  29. Metal compounds
  30. Cellulose
  31. Pigments
  32. Dental hygiene products
  33. Glues
  34. Adhesives
  35. Silicones
  36. Plastic floor coatings
  37. Paints and varnishes
  38. Used tires
  39. Candles
  40. Pipes
  41. Nitrogen fertilizers
  42. Refractory cements
  43. Polyamides
  44. Fertilizers
  45. Lubricants

If you are interested in importing chemical products, we can help you. Please contact us.

Import minerals from India

In the minerals sector, India has significant export capacity. Minerals is the third most important sector in exports to other countries. Manufacturers of mineral based products, processing plants and granite quarries, sandstone quarries and other minerals perform processing of minerals to have a final product to market and export within the minerals sector.

The main mineral products from India that are exported to different countries by importers who perform buy wholesale of minerals are:

  1. Petroleum oils, refined
  2. Iron ores and concentrates
  3. Import granite blocks. Granite slabs and cut pieces
  4. Petroleum gases
  5. Cements
  6. Petroleum coke
  7. Salt
  8. Natural barium sulfate
  9. Copper ore
  10. Titanium ore
  11. Clays
  12. Charcoal
  13. Mica
  14. Waxes
  15. Quartz
  16. Sulfur
  17. Natural abrasives
  18. Limestone
  19. Natural steatite
  20. Slag and ashes
  21. Marble
  22. Gravel
  23. Granulated iron or steel slag
  24. Metal bearing wastes
  25. Aluminum ore
  26. Kaolin
  27. Mineral substances
  28. Chromium ore
  29. Precious metal ores
  30. Slate
  31. Natural sands
  32. Gypsum
  33. Lignite
  34. Zirconium ore
  35. Bituminous mixtures
  36. Natural graphite

Import granite, sandstone from India and building material

In the sector of building materials, rock and natural stone, stone quarries in India are engaged in the export of marble, granite, sandstone, other natural stones and building materials. If you don’t know how to export building materials or other products from India. The main products that India exports the most are:

  1. Diamonds
  2. Gemstone jewelry
  3. Floor tiles. Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles India. Glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles. Flooring tiles and wall tiles. Bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles and outdoor tiles.
  4. Worked building stone
  5. Gold
  6. Precious stones
  7. Synthetic gemstones
  8. Glass containers or jars for transporting products or foodstuffs
  9. Precious metal scrap
  10. Refractory ceramic bricks and tiles
  11. Other ceramic construction articles
  12. Glass articles and products
  13. Bathroom sanitary ware, ceramic wash basins and ceramic sinks,
  14. Ceramic sanitary ware accessories
  15. Imported articles and products of cement, concrete or artificial stone
  16. Articles of precious stones
  17. Rough stone for construction
  18. Articles of natural stone
  19. Other mineral substances
  20. Float glass
  21. Safety glass
  22. Stone crushers
  23. Refractory ceramic products
  24. Glass fibers
  25. Friction material, grinding wheels and crushers. Industrial items.
  26. Glass beads
  27. Insulating materials and mineral wool.
  28. Goldsmith and silverware
  29. Ceramic products and articles for the home
  30. Ceramic products for decoration
  31. Laboratory crystals
  32. Natural stone
  33. Import marble blocks and marble slabs
  34. Ornamental stone, decorative stone,
  35. Import sandstone from India and sandstone slabs and block
  36. Import granite blocks and granite slabs
  37. Bricks and natural stones
  38. Glass mirrors
  39. Platinum
  40. Glass for interior decoration
  41. Worked slate stone
We can give you advice for import from India of building materials, granite, sandstone, tiles and other import products. We know the best tiles companies in india. If you want to export from India contact us.


Here you can find information on the most imported products in this category and on the import of processed agricultural and food products from India.

India has significant sales capacity and export capability in the agriculture and food sector. Indian manufacturers, producers and suppliers sell or export their products directly to other countries or through importing countries. The agricultural and processed food products purchased by importers in the agriculture and processed food sector are:

  1. Rice
  2. Crustaceans
  3. Veal
  4. Logs and boxes
  5. Vegetable juices and extracts
  6. Sugar cane and sucrose
  7. Vegetable fats, vegetable extracts and vegetable oils
  8. Pepper and other food spices
  9. Oilseeds
  10. Soybeans in bulk or packaged
  11. Leather
  12. Coconuts and cashew nuts
  13. Tea
  14. Infusions
  15. Frozen fish
  16. Mollusks
  17. Anise, fennel
  18. Coffee
  19. Tanned skins of bovine or equine animals
  20. Peanuts
  21. Onions, shallots, garlic
  22. Spices in bulk or in bags
  23. Coffee extracts
  24. Solid vegetable oil and fat residues
  25. Bakery products
  26. Grapes
  27. Offset paper, cartonboard, cut to size paper, paper and cardboard, paper rolls and packaging. Toilet paper, napkins and paper products.
  28. Animal feed
  29. Plants used in perfumery, pharmacy or insecticidesa
  30. Wood and handicrafts India
If you are interested in importing cardboard, parper and packaging from India, contact us.
import furniture from india


Importing fabrics from India is a good option if you are a garment manufacturer in your country. There are major fabric manufacturers and yarn manufacturers in the country that export their products to many countries. 

  • 85% cotton yarn
  • Cotton fabrics
  • Synthetic filament yarn
  • Cotton fabrics > 85% cotton fabrics weighing 200 g/m2
  • Denim, denim fabrics
  • Footwear textile, knitted fabrics, synthetic fibers
  • Footwear parts
  • Carpets of all types
  • Synthetic filament yarn fabrics
  • Embroidered fabric parts
  • Man-made fibers of yarn and vegetable textile fibers
  • Cotton yarn of <85%, yarn of artificial fibers, wool yarn
  •  Linen fabric, fabrics of artificial fibers, silk fabric, fabrics of jute or other textile fibers.
  • Man-made filament yarn
  •  Narrow woven fabrics, combed wool fabrics
  • Canvases
  • Metallized yarn
  •  Rigid fabrics, felt, silk
  •  Rubber fabrics, yarns of vegetable textile fibers, sewing thread of synthetic fibers, synthetic monofilaments
  • Cotton, carded or combed

If you have any questions about importing fabric from India or importing yarn, please contact us.


Import furniture from India and decoration from India. There are major furniture manufacturers and decoration manufacturers in the country who mainly export the following products:

  • Furniture and decoration
  • Sofa and furniture parts
  • Hardware
  • Mirrors, gifts, decoration, pictures, vases, flower vases, flower pots, cushions, lanterns, candle holders, candlesticks, wrought iron, decorative figures, coffee tables, chairs, sofas, crystal, glass, wood, natural stone, fabrics, armchairs and decorative furniture.
  • Cotton, carded or combed
  • Carpets
  • Seating
  • Indian lamps, lighting, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, sconces, ceiling lights, pendant lamps, hanging lamps
  • Ropes and cords
  • Paintings and pictures
  • Prefabricated wall decorations
  • Quilting of textile materials
  • Medical, dental or veterinary furniture

If you don’t know how to import furniture from India or import handmade decoration, perfect, our purchasing agents can help you to buy from furniture suppliers or furniture manufacturers in India and import wholesale Indian furniture to your country. We work with Indian furniture manufacturing companies and exporters of Indian furniture, decorative items and furnishings.

If you want to buy Indian carved furniture and antique furniture, furnishings and want us to help you we can do it.

If you want to import lamps, led lights, sconces, fittings and decoration, we can help you, for example to:

  • import ceiling lamps, hanging lamps, led lights, led spotlights, led spotlights, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting.
  • import fittings and fixtures, ceiling lights, lamp fittings, lamp fittings
  • import decoration, Indian decoration items, such as lanterns, chandeliers, spotlights and other lights, contact us.

We can help you import lamps and import led lights and electrical material.


Decoration manufacturers India


Companies from all over the world are looking for garment manufacturers in India, garment suppliers and wholesalers, so companies make the decision to import wholesale garments from India and even manufacture garments in India. We can help you in the whole manufacturing process and help you choose the best apparel manufacturers. You can also buy wholesale clothing from wholesalers and clothing suppliers.

India is a world reference in the sector and clothing manufacturers and companies, textile companies and garment workshops, fabric exporting companies are manufacturers and suppliers of India wholesale with a great capacity to export women’s clothing, men’s clothing, home wear, fabrics, textile, fashion accessories. The main Indian wholesale clothing products that importers import to their countries are:

  1. Women’s T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts, suits and pants
  2. Household clothing
  3. Leather footwear
  4. Leather goods and products
  5. Women’s shirts
  6. Men’s sportswear, men’s shirts, men’s suits and pants
  7. Bags for packaging goods
  8. Baby clothing
  9. Women’s underwear
  10. Sweaters, pullovers, sweatshirts
  11. Other clothing and knitwear
  12. Shawls, scarves, etc.
  13. Mattresses and bedding
  14. Men’s suits
  15. Rubber or plastic footwear
  16. Women’s underwear
  17. Blankets
  18. Women’s shirts
  19. Brassieres
  20. Clothing accessories
  21. Men’s underwear, clothing and apparel, surplus clothing
  22. Used clothing and textiles
  23. Women’s coats
  24. Men’s coats, knitted gloves
  25. Work clothes and work uniforms
  26. Women’s coats
  27. Tents and tents
  28. Hats
  29. Scarves and fabrics of vegetable textile fibers
  30. Household linen and home clothing
  31. Neckties, bow ties and straw ties

For example, if you want to import clothes from India to USA or another country or buy clothes wholesale we can help you. We know the sector very well and we work with Indian companies, fashion suppliers, textile wholesalers, Indian and Chinese clothing manufacturers. Depending on the type of clothing, garment or accessory you want to buy clothes from India and buy fabrics, textile and fabrics to import fabrics and buy yarn to import yarn.

We can help you to buy in India from USA or from another country, we are professionals in the import and export of products and services and we help companies to meet their objectives.

importing clothing from india

Import steel, iron, zinc, aluminum from India

India’s steel, iron and steel companies are a global benchmark. India is the second largest steel producer in the world and the metal industry is the seventh most important sector because Indian companies, manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers sell their products to importers who want to buy steel, iron, aluminum and other metals. The main metals exported by India are:

    1. Aluminum ingots AL99.90, AL99.85, AL99.70A, AL99.70, AL99.60, AL99.50, AL99.00
    2. Ferroalloys
    3. Rolled steel or iron products such as plates or sheets
    4. Semi-finished products of iron and steel
    5. Copper and copper alloys
    6. Articles of iron and steel
    7. Iron and structural steel structures for bridges, cantilevers, gates, towers, lattice girders, doors, windows, frames, singular works.
    8. Corrugated iron bars and rods
    9. Stainless steel bars and rods.
    10. Raw zinc India
    11. Elbows, sleeves, pipe couplings and fittings for iron and steel pipes and tubes.
    12. Iron, steel and aluminum screws, washers, bolts, nuts, hooks, rivets.
    13. Hardware items
    14. Tubes, pipes and hollow sections of steel or iron.
    15. Table decorations, candlesticks, chandeliers, lamps, etc.
    16. Cookware, kitchen utensils, frying pans, pots and pans, household utensils.
    17. Iron and steel cold rolled products for different types of steel or iron sheets.
    18. Unwrought lead
    19. Steel or iron pipes
    20. Steel or iron profiles
    21. Aluminum profiles
    22. Iron and steel wires
    23. Steel or iron bars
    24. Iron fittings for furniture, decorative products, doors, windows, household appliances, car bodies, shutters, trunks, trunks, coat racks and similar articles of iron, steel or other materials
    25. Car wheels, car aluminum rims
    26. Fabricated aluminum products
    27. Steel, iron and aluminum wires, cables, stranded wire, cables and braids
    28. Manufactured copper products such as tubes, pipes, rods
    29. Hand tools or hand tools such as hammers, routers, screwdrivers, cut-off wheels, drill bits, forging anvils, shovels, hoes, rakes, pruning shears, stripping shears, axes, cutting tools, sickles
    30. Power tools such as milling cutters, lathes, drills, electric screwdrivers, welding machines, laser cutting machines, blowtorches, radials,
    31. Aluminum plates, sheets, strips, rods, bars, ingots, aluminum profiles and aluminum sheets
    32. Ferrous products in ingots, granulates, blocks, etc.
    33. Hot-rolled steel or iron rods and bars
    34. Hot-rolled steel or iron plates and sheets
    35. Hot-rolled coils of steel or iron
    36. Hot rolled steel. Catalog of steel profiles
    37. Rolled iron. Iron sections catalog
    38. Cold rolled profiles
    39. Formed steel
    40. Cast iron pipes, cast iron tubes, cast iron pipes, functional profiles
    41. Aluminum plates, aluminum sheets, aluminum strips
    42. Copper wire
    43. Razor blades and razor blades
    44. Iron or steel wires, iron or steel ropes, iron or steel cords and cables
    45. Steel wire ropes and similar articles
    46. Cargo containers
    47. Angles, sections and special pieces of steel or iron
    48. Steel, iron or cast iron covers
    49. Steel, iron or cast iron street furniture
    50. Bottles, stoppers, caps, capsules, lids, packaging and seals of metal
    51. Flexible metal pipes and fittings
    52. Wires, rods, tubes, pipes, plates, welding electrodes
    53. Railroad and tramway tracks of iron or steel, wedges, sleepers, electrical poles, catenaries
    54. Copper pipes and tubes, copper profiles
    55. Copper fittings such as copper elbows and sleeves, couplings and other accessories
    56. Plated, veneered, plywood or coated rolled products
    57. Crude steel and steel alloys
    58. Iron tanks, stainless steel tanks, steel tanks
    59. Nails, screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, washers, shafts, shafts

If you want to buy steel, buy iron from steel mills, buy zinc and buy aluminum in India from smelters and steel mills you can contact us, if you are a company that wants to import steel, iron, zinc, aluminum and other by-products, we can help you to import metals.

In addition, if you need to export aluminum scrap and waste to India and other metal such as aluminum wheels, aluminum profile and more metals, please contact us. 

Import machinery from India

In the machinery and equipment sector, the main manufacturers, producers and suppliers of machinery in India are engaged in exporting and selling to other countries. Buyers in the machinery and equipment sector are going to buy machinery in India:

    1. Turbojets, turboprop and other gas turbines.
    2. Parts, accessories and equipment for the operation of gas turbines.
    3. Taps, valves, tanks and tanks regulated with thermostat.
    4. Electric motors
    5. Gasoline engines
    6. Diesel or gas oil engines. Internal combustion piston engines.
    7. Engine parts
    8. Pumping equipment
    9. Electric pumps for liquid products
    10. Hydraulic pumps and pistons
    11. Vacuum pumps and air pistons
    12. Air compressors
    13. Vehicle transmission shafts
    14. Crankshafts, gearboxes, variable speed drives
    15. Bearings and gears for machinery
    16. Medical instruments and apparatus
    17. Surgical instruments and apparatus
    18. Dental instruments and appliances
    19. Veterinary instruments and apparatus
    20. Parts of machinery, instruments and apparatus
    21. Machinery and apparatus for filtration and purification of liquids and gases
    22. Household appliances
    23. Laboratory material and equipment
    24. Laboratory instruments and apparatus
    25. Dozers, bulldozers, excavators or dozers
    26. Graders, mechanical shovels, excavators, loaders, road rollers, road rollers
    27. Ball bearings
    28. Rollers
    29. Site and quarry machinery such as screeners, washers, aggregate crushers, mixers, mixers and kneaders
    30. Concrete mixers
    31. Steam boilers
    32. Fiber optics, raw materials and mirrors. Optical apparatus, instruments and equipment.
    33. Internal combustion engines
    34. Textile fiber preparation machines, yarn winding machines, spinning machines, doubling machines.
    35. Textile production lines, agricultural production lines, industrial production lines.
    36. Rubber and plastics processing machines
    37. Steam turbine parts and accessories
    38. Refrigerators and freezers
    39. Heat pumps
    40. Air conditioning machines
    41. Printers and printing machinery
    42. Water supply meters
    43. Flow, level and pressure measuring and control instruments
    44. Drilling and mining machines 
    45. Snow plows
    46. Moulding boxes for metal, glass, mineral, rubber and plastics foundries
    47. Machines for production lines: bottle and container filling machines, closing machines, sealing machines, labeling machines for bottles, cans, boxes, bags, jars and other containers.
    48. Sports and gymnastic articles and equipment, outdoor games.
    49. Lifting, handling, loading and unloading machinery such as forklifts, elevators, hoists, forklifts, escalators, escalators, escalators, ramps
    50. Iron working machines such as rolling mills
    51. Packaging lines for industrial preparation of food and beverage products
    52. Brooms, brushes, mechanical sweepers, motorized sweepers, scrubbers
    53. Agricultural machinery, tractors, mini tractors 
    54. Hay and lawn mowers
    55. Printing machinery, printers, photocopiers, fax machines
    56. Molds
    57. Orthopedic appliances, crutches, belts, splints, hearing aids
    58. Agricultural machinery, agricultural implements

Importing cars, commercial vehicles and transport from India

Here you can view information about what types of vehicles, cars and means of transport buyers import within the category import cars, commercial vehicles and transports from India.

In the passenger vehicles, transport and cargo vehicles sector there are many manufacturers of cars, vans, trucks, trailers that are engaged in exporting and selling their products to other countries. Buyers who want to buy cars, commercial vehicles and other means of transportation in India tend to buy:

    1. Cars, vans for the transport of passengers and goods.
    2. Industrial vehicles such as vans, trucks
    3. Motorcycles and mopeds.
    4. Boats and vessels
    5. Motor vehicles
    6. Import tractors
    7. Vessels, cruise ships, cargo ships, barges
    8. Tugboats
    9. Railroad passenger and freight cars
    10. Motor vehicle bodies
    11. Trailers and semi-trailers
    12. Mobile cranes
    13. Ambulances
    14. Fire trucks
    15. Concrete mixers
    16. Sweepers

If you are interested in importing tractors, mini tractors, agricultural machinery and other vehicles, please contact us.

Import electronics from India

Here you can see information about what types of electronics buyers import in the category import Electronics from India.

In the electronics sector, Indian manufacturers, producers and suppliers tend to export and sell their products to other countries. Buyers and importers who tend to buy electronics in India usually buy:

    1. Radio, television or television sets, digital cameras, camcorders, camcorders
    2. Static converters
    3. Sound and video recording and playback equipment
    4. Electrical transformers
    5. Motor parts
    6. Pumping equipment, liquid pumps
    7. Wires, cables and optical fibers
    8. Electrical equipment
    9. Electrical apparatus
    10. Electrical circuit protection devices
    11. Electrical circuits
    12. Switches, relays, fuses, surge suppressors, plugs, sockets, lamp holders, junction boxes, connectors

Where to import from India

If you want to import from India to Spain, Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Morocco, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, United Arab Emirates, China, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Peru, Mexico, Canada, United States, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Panama, France, Germany and any other country in the world and you need help to know what to import from India, where to import from India and how to import from India, manufacturing in India and buying in India wholesale.

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Sourcing agent india

Our sourcing agents in India offer a full service for you to make your purchases from your country: 

  • Supplier and manufacturer sourcing service,
  • Company verification service 
  • Pre-shipment inspection and container loading service.
  • Quality control service
  • Contract and price negotiation service
  • If you have a problem with a supplier, contact us and we will try to help you, if you do not know how to solve the problem with suppliers and manufacturers. 
  • Export service and groupage of goods in India prior to export and groupage of goods from different manufacturers.


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