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We are granite supplierTell us how you want the granite in blocks or slabs and we will help you.  If you are a builder, marble manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier, kitchen furniture manufacturing company or natural stone related company and you want to import granite from India, Spain and Brazil we can help you. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in the export and import.

If you want to import granite from Brazil and Spain, please contact us and let us know the characteristics of the natural stone you want to import: color, grain size, etc.

We help you to import to countries like Spain, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Taiwan, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, United Kingdom UK, Morocco, Brazil, United States USA, Canada, Panama, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Turkey, Israel, Peru, Chile. As an importer of granite, we import it for you.

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We work hand in hand with construction companies, natural stone
wholesalers, marble dealers, importers to make buy wholesale and obtain
the best quality at the best prices.

If you are a marble company, an importer, a granite wholesaler, an architectural or engineering firm, contact us. We are an international trade consulting company and we help companies to import granite.


Which natural stone do you want to import? We can help you import granite from India, Brasil and Spain, sandstone from India and imported marble from Spain, Italy, Turkey and Egypt.

Over the years we are proud to be involved in numerous construction projects, some larger projects and some smaller projects, but they are all important to us. So, if you are a builder or importer of granite we can help you import natural stone. Contact us and we will let you know the price and how to start importing natural stone. Also, if you don’t know how to import granite, contact us, we will help you. 

Imported granite suppliers

Our team is a marble and granite supplier of colours and we work directly with customers by selecting quarries and granite suppliers based on colors, availability, stock and price to import granite. The main granite colours are:

  • White
  • Galaxy white
  • White ice
  • River white
  • Kashimir white
  • Salinas white
  • Black
  • Black galaxy
  • Black pearl
  • Black leather
  • Luna pearl
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Greenish
  • Brown
  • Fantasy brown
  • Red
  • Ivory
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Blue
  • Blue pearl
  • Blue dunes
  • Yellow

Importation is done directly from the quarry granite in blocks or from the factory if the granite is cut into slabs or cut pieces, so that the customer gets directly to their facilities or directly to work, it all depends on whether the import of granite blocksimport slabs or cut pieces is done.


If you are looking Brazil granite suppliers, exporters and factories, we can help you. Our export team works with the main Brazilian granite exporters and natural stone exporters from Brazil and we can offer you a door to door service for your imports from Brazil. If you don’t find here the natural stone from Brazil you are looking for, contact us and tell us what material you need, our team can find it for you. 

blue fantasy granite

Blue Fantasy

ornamental granite


yellow capri granite

Yellow capri

castel grey granite

Castel grey

Yellow Santa Cecilia granite

Yellow Santa Cecilia

white arabesque granite

Arabesque white

corumba gray granite

Corumba gray

Antartic White granite slab

Antartic white

Itaunas White granite

White Itaunas

maracuja yellow granite slab

Maracuja Yellow Slab

black forest granite slab

Black Forest slab

pearl green granite slab

Pearl green slab

Black titanium granite slab

Black Titanium slab

Titanium granite slab

Grey titanium slab


Spanish granite are famous for its quality and soft colors. The main quarries are located in the western part of the Iberian Peninsula, in the area between Spain and Portugal. The main export areas are the granites of Galicia, Caceres and Badajoz. As a reference, some of the most important Spanish granites are:

  • Porriño pink
  • White designed
  • Mocha cream
  • Pearl white
  • Carmen red
  • Badajoz gray
  • Crystal white
  • Marbled gray

Among many others. If you need to import granite containers from Spain, we can help you.  We work with top granite suppliers of Spain. Contact us.

In the market there are many other natural stones from other countries such as black impala granite, black Zimbabwe and black South Africa.

Uses and applications

The main uses and applications of imported granite are for kitchen granite countertops, interior floors and interior walls, statues, decorative elements, funerary art, exterior floors, exterior walls and facades due to the hardness and erosion resistance properties of this natural stone.


Each work is a world, each project is a challenge and that is why in our team there are engineers and experts in natural stone with more than 15 years of experience as natural stone consultants collaborating in projects that work with natural stone such as granite, marble, sandstone and other natural stones.

Therefore, the presentation formats are adapted to the needs of each client or the needs of each project, since the people who work the stone or the construction companies use the materials adapting it to each project. So, when importing granite we adapt to the quantities and formats of each client, advising the client on the best materials that we can import granite slabs and import granite block and cut-to-size pieces. Write us and ask for the price granite slabs for sale or price of blocks.  We will find what you are looking for.

The cut-to-size service is used by construction companies and developers who buy the product at origin (Brazil, India and Spain) and it is shipped to the destination where the construction site or project is located so that the material can be directly placed on site.

Textures and colors of granite

Nature gives natural stone some colors and in the case of this natural stone, the colors are provided by nature according to the tones of the different veins. The most common colours are granite black, pink, green, brown, ivory, gray, white, beige, blue or yellow, so if your project or your client wants a specific color, contact us and we will tell you how to start importing.

Granite exporters

As granite exporters, we export from India and other countries, if you have in your project the need for specific characteristics or specifications of granite for your project contact us. We export to most countries in the world, tell us to which port you want to send the container of granite and we will tell you how we can send natural stone to participate in your project.

We will also help you to make the best decisions to optimize the transit time of goods from the quarry to your country so that you have the material as soon as possible in your facilities to sell the stone, transform it or place it directly on site.

granite stocks and SIZES

Suppliers have granite stock available in blocks, large slabs and small slabs. However, in the case of cut-to-size tiles and cut-to-size countertops, the work is custom-made, and the tile and countertop manufacturer adapts to the dimensions and measurements of each customer.

Each customer has different needs, therefore the sizes are usually standard: 

  • blocks
  • large slabs 
  • medium-sized slabs 
  • small slabs
  • tiles 
  • cut countertops 

And if you wish, it is also possible to make customized works with personalized sizes according to the needs of each importer or builder to place the granite directly on site.


Granite slabs price is sold per square meter or square feet and blocks are sold per cubic meter or cubic feet. The price is differs depending on the type, color, thickness, finish and volume when buying granite containers stock and availability of the material. 

Each project has different needs, as well as each importer or builder. Therefore, please contact us and we will give you a price for the type, colors and volumes you indicate.

In addition, we will help you in the whole process of logistics and transport of containers to avoid delays and optimize the delivery of your orders in your country.

Granite importers

If you need us to import for you and act as a granite importer, we can import for you. Tell us which country you are from and we will tell you how to buy imported granite stock, just contact us. 

If you need help to find quarries and suppliers of Indian, Spanish, Brazilian and other countries granite to buy directly from the quarry and avoid cost overruns, please contact us. 

We are available 24h and weekends. Contact us with a call, email or whatsapp, whatever is more comfortable for you and it’s that easy.

Top Granite importing countries

Top importing countries are China, United Kingdom UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, United States USA, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Algeria, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Croatia, Norway, Argentina, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Guatemala, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Top granite supplier countries

Top granite supplier countries are India, Norway, China, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Brazil.

Are you interested in importing natural stone? Do you want to import sandstone and marble in blocks and cut slabs? If you have a company with which you want to start importing to Spain, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Taiwan, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, United Kingdom UK, Morocco, Brazil, United States USA, Canada, Panama, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Turkey, Israel, Peru, Chile. Contact us.

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