Our team works with different granite suppliers from India, we work with customers selecting the best stone quarries in India and Indian granite suppliers. From India we work in the natural stone sector with granite factories and quarries and sandstone quarries that export to Europe, USA, Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

Each market consumes a type of granite, therefore in India we select granite suppliers based on colors, quantity available, stocks of Indian granite and price of granite in India that our customers are looking to import granite.

Customers import directly from the stone quarry in granite blocks or from the granite factory cut into granite slabs and cut pieces, so that the customer gets the Indian granite directly to their facilities or directly to work if you are a builder and developer who buys directly their building materials, it all depends on whether the import of granite blocks or import of plates, slabs or cut pieces is performed. We are an international trade consulting company and we help companies to import granite from India.


Indian granite is one of the best quality granites, mainly black, cream, white, red, gray, yellow and green granite, although importers of natural stone from each country buy in India what their market consumes the most, normally:

  • Black galaxy granite
  • Absolute black granite – absolute black
  • Grey granite, Viscon White
  • Onyx white granite, Cristallo
  • Grey granite, Bluzonite
  • White granite, Monalisa
  • Black granite, Da Vinci
  • Grey granite, Roma Blue
  • Glacier white granite
  • Black Forest
  • Pink granite, Astoria
  • Black granite, Arizona Gold
  • White granite, New Viscon White

Therefore, contact us and we will inform you about the different types, colors, names and price range of Indian granite. Indian granite quarries and suppliers are located in the northern part of India and in the southern part of India, although the main Indian granite processing centers are located in the cities of Udaipur in northern India and Bangalore in southern India.

China, Italy and Spain buy Indian granite blocks to be cut into slabs for their domestic and export markets, while other countries directly buy cut granite slabs, cut-to-size pieces and cut tiles.


If you need to import from Indian granite suppliers we can help you. Our India export team works with leading Indian granite quarries and factories.

Therefore, we can offer you a service of buying granite from India from verified and verified suppliers, we give a door to door India purchase management service to make your imports from India to your country. If you need a type of natural stone granite, sandstone, Quartz from India that you don’t see here and you are looking for, contact us and tell our team what material you need, our team can source it in India for you.

Roma Blue



The manufacturers of granite slabs have granite stock available for immediate loading, normally there are larger slabs and smaller slabs depending on the area where the blocks have been extracted.

In the case of Indian granite blocks it is similar, there are different block sizes that are previously selected by the customer, after visual inspection “in situ” by our team to validate the quality that the customer wants to import.

However, granite tile manufacturers in India manufacture cut-to-size tiles and cut-to-size countertops upon customer’s order adapting the granite tile manufacturer and the dimensions and measurements of each customer.


The price of Indian granite can vary according to several factors: the quality of the granite, color, thickness and finish (single or double-sided polished, bush-hammered, etc…) and the location of the granite quarry. Prices of Indian granite slabs are sold per m2 or square feet and prices of granite blocks are sold per cubic meter or cubic feet.

Granite quarries in India

Indian granite quarries are recognized worldwide, because India is one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of granite.

Indian granite is extracted from granite quarries distributed in different regions. The main regions where quarries are located in India are:

  • Rajasthan: this region has quarries mainly in Jalore, Sirohi, Pali, Udaipur and Bundi, where there are high quality granite quarries.
  • Andhra Pradesh: in this region there are quarries in Chimakurthy and
  • Karimnagar in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Telangana: this region has areas, such as Warangal, known for their quarries.
  • Tamil Nadu: in areas such as Madurai and Krishnagiri.
  • Karnataka: in this region there are quarries in Bangalore and Mysore.

It is important to report that there are a large number of granite quarries that have different sizes and production capacity. Therefore, it is important to verify the quality of the granite before shipping to your country, so customers commission us to carry out inspections of the goods before making granite purchases in India and shipments.

The varieties of granite extracted from these quarries include a wide range of colors and patterns, which contributes to the diversity of options available in the market. The granite industry in India has grown significantly over the past few decades, and the quality of its products has contributed to its prominence in the international market.


Granite imported from India is quality granite. Whether you need to travel to select quarries you want to work with or select granite suppliers you want to work with, our team can walk you through the entire process because we are doing it for numerous clients.

In addition, we will help you with everything from performing visual quarry inspections prior to loading, managing international logistics and container transport to avoid delays and optimize the delivery of your orders in your country.

If you need us to do the import for you to Spain we can do it for you, we can act as your granite importer.

Contact us now, we are available 24h and weekends. Contact us with a call, an email or whatsapp, whatever is more comfortable for you and it’s that easy.

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