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If you look around your environment you will find this metal everywhere because it is a light and solid metal. There are 2 ways to obtain aluminum, by:

  • The transformation of the physical-chemical process of bauxite or
  • The recycling of scrap metal

After the function of aluminum is the casting of ingots, sheets or finished products and it is one of the most precious metals in the world because of its mechanical and physical properties and characteristics.

Aluminum suppliers

If you are looking for aluminum suppliers or an aluminum factory to import from China, India or USA we can help you. Contact us and let us know what series and format you need:

  • Aluminum ingots are used in the foundry sector and in the industrial sector to manufacture parts. Ask for purchase and sale prices AL99.90 – AL99.85 – AL99.70A – AL99.70 – AL99.60 – AL99.50 – AL99.00 – AL99.00 
  • solid bars or 6063 tubes 
  • profiles to anodize and anodized, the 6063 profiles have a high resistance to corrosion and are used in doors, windows, signs, chemical industry, pipes, household appliances. 
  • sheets and plates, please indicate the dimensions or formats.

The main producers in the world are China, India, Russia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Norway, United States and Iceland. Contact us and we will help you to buy aluminum wholesale and import to your country.

We help our customers to make international purchases and negotiate with large factories, distributors and suppliers internationally. If you are interested, please contact us. 

Aluminum series

Like steel, aluminum needs to be alloyed with other elements to improve its mechanical strength, such as copper, manganese, silicon, magnesium, silicon and zinc. Therefore, depending on the use and mechanical properties, one series or another will be necessary. The different series are:

  • Series 1000, 99% aluminum with presence of iron and aluminum impurities.
  • Series 2000, with copper alloy
  • Series 3000, with manganese alloy
  • Series 4000, silicon alloyed
  • Series 5000, with magnesium alloy
  • Series 6000, with magnesium alloy and silicon alloy
  • Series 7000, with zinc alloy

Ingot specifications AL99.90 / AL99.85 / AL99.70A / AL99.70 / AL99.60 / AL99.50 / AL99.00

Depending on the state of the raw material, after the physical-chemical process of the bauxite or melting the scrap, we can find aluminum ingots, sheets, bars and aluminum profiles. The raw material can be processed by:

  • extrusion to obtain aluminum profiles
  • casting of parts, in such a way that molds are made to manufacture parts and the aluminum is poured into the mold to obtain the part.
  • machining by cutting tools
  • bending
  • welding
buy aluminum in China

World aluminum production

As in many manufacturing industries, China is the world’s leading producer with 37.000.000 tons of aluminum, followed by India, Russia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Norway, Bahrain, the United States and Iceland.

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