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Our team has a lot of experience in importing aluminium from China and importing aluminium from India, US, Dubai and Turkey. Importing metals and exporting metals. We help companies, warehouses and distributors to buy aluminium sheet, ingots, bars, profile, tubes, bar and more.

If you are interested to buy aluminium wholesale from China, India, Dubai, Turkey and US from wholesalers, suppliers and metallurgists and importing to your country, please contact us by email, phone or whatsapp.

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If you look around your environment you will find this metal everywhere because it is a light and solid metal. There are 2 ways to obtain aluminium, by:

  • The transformation of the physical-chemical process of bauxite or
  • Recycling of aluminium scrap wheels and rims, aluminium scrap troma, profiles or other scrap and waste in the scrap metal market.

After the function, the aluminium manufacturers proceed to the casting of ingots, sheets or finished products and it is one of the most precious metals in the world because of its mechanical and physical properties and characteristics.

Aluminium suppliers

If you are looking for aluminium suppliers or an aluminium factory to import from China, India, Dubai, Turkey or US we can help you. Contact us and let us know what series and format you need:

  • Aluminium ingots are used in the foundry sector and in the industrial sector to manufacture parts. Ask for purchase and sale prices AL99.90 – AL99.85 – AL99.70A – AL99.70 – AL99.60 – AL99.50 – AL99.00 – AL99.00 
  • solid bars or 6063 tubing 
  • Aluminium profile to anodize and anodized, the 6063 profiles have a high resistance to corrosion and are used in doors, windows, signs, chemical industry, aluminum pipes, household appliances. 
  • Aluminium frame 
  • Aluminium sheets and plates, please indicate the dimensions or formats.

The main producers in the world are China, India, Russia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Norway, United States and Iceland. Contact us and we will help you to buy aluminium wholesale and import to your country.

We help our customers to make international purchases and buy from international aluminium manufacturers, distributors and suppliers. If you are interested, contact us and we will help you.

Aluminium series

Like steel, aluminium needs to be alloyed with other elements to improve its mechanical strength, such as copper, manganese, silicon, magnesium, silicon and zinc. Therefore, depending on the use and mechanical properties, one series or another will be necessary. The different series are:

  • Series 1000, 99% aluminium with presence of iron and aluminum impurities.
  • Series 2000, with copper alloy
  • Series 3000, with manganese alloy
  • Series 4000, silicon alloyed
  • Series 5000, with magnesium alloy
  • Series 6000, with magnesium alloy and silicon alloy
  • Series 7000, with zinc alloy

We offer to buy aluminium in China, India, Dubai, Turkey and USA, both primary aluminium and unwrought aluminium AL99.90 / AL99.85 / AL99.70A / AL99.70 / AL99.60 / AL99.50 / AL99.00 as well as secondary aluminium, please let us know your specifications to buy ingots.

Depending on the state of the raw material, after the physical-chemical process of the bauxite or melting the scrap, we can find aluminium ingots, sheets, bars and aluminium profiles. The raw material can be processed by:

  • extrusion to obtain aluminium profiles
  • casting of parts, in such a way that molds are made to manufacture parts and the aluminum is poured into the mold to obtain the part.
  • machining by cutting tools
  • bending
  • welding
The applications are diverse, for example: 
  • In the market of transport, loading and unloading of goods, trailers, trains, vehicles of all kinds, elements and utensils of all kinds are manufactured with the advantage of lightness in weight, conformability of the material and the ability to adopt any shape.
  • In the architecture, urban planning and communication sector, it is used in advertising billboards, road signs, bus shelters, playgrounds, litter bins, bus stops and other elements of urban design. 
  • In the industrial and construction sector it is used to manufacture parts by casting aluminium ingots and structures in construction due to its ability to adopt different shapes and its capacity to size and manufacture parts.
  • In the shipbuilding industry it is used due to its lightness and resistance to corrosion and in the aeronautical sector due to its lightness, formability and strength.


Aluminum manufacturers in China, India, Russia, Canada and other countries conform to various standards that standardize aluminum specifications for marketing and sales. In metal trading and metal wholesaling, the American standard, the Japanese standard, the Indian standard and the UK standard are used to define the composition of aluminum. If you want to buy or know the composition of any alloy, contact us, we can help you.

According to the American standard:

  • Aluminum alloys according to ANSI: 201.2, 204.2, 208.1, 208.2, 222.1, 241.1, 242.2, A242.1, A242.2, 295.1, 295.2, 296.1, 296.2, 308.1, 308.2, 319.1, 319.2, 328.1, 332.1, 332.2, 333.1, 336.1, 336.2, 354.1, 355.1, 355.2, C355.2, 356.1, 356.2, 357.1, A357.2, 359.2, 360.2, A360, A360.1, A360,2 380.2, A380, A380.1, A380.2, A383.
  • Aluminum alloys according to UNS:  A02012, A02042, A020B1, A020B2, A02221, A02421, A02422, A12421, A12422, A02951, A02952, A03081, A03082, A03191, A03192, A03281, A03321, A03322, A03331, A03361, A03362, A03541, A03551, A03552, A33552, A03561, A03562, A03571, A13570, A03592, A03602, A0360, A13601, A13602, A03802, A0380, A13801, A03602, A0383

According to Japanese standard:

  • Aluminum alloys, according to Japanese standard: ADC1, ADC3, ADC5, ADC6, ADC10, ADC12, ADC14, AC1A, AC1B, AC2A, AC2B, AC3A, AC4A, AC4B, AC4C, AC4CH, AC4D, AC5A, AC7A, AC7B, AC8A, AC8B, AC8C, AC9A, AC9B

According to the Indian and UK standard:

  • BS 1490:1970 standard. Aluminum foundries manufacture the following aluminum alloys: LM0, LM1, LM2, LM3, LM4, LM5, LM6, LM7, LM8, LM9, LM10, LM11, LM12, LM13, LM14, LM15, LM16, LM18, LM20, LM21, LM22, LM23, LM24, LM25, LM26, LM27, LM28, LM29, LM30, ALSI-62, ALSI-132
  • IS617:1959, aluminum foundries produce the following aluminum alloys: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10, A11, A12, A13, A14, A15, A16, A18, A22, A24, A25, A26, A27, A28, A29, A30

If you need aluminum manufacturers to manufacture parts, import and buy in bulk, contact us.


We sell primary aluminium ingots with purity AL99.90 / AL99.85 / AL99.70A / AL99.70 / AL99.70 / AL99.60 / AL99.50 / AL99.00 and aluminum ingots for smelting, secondary aluminum ingots with different grades of purity used in various aluminum casting and industrial sectors. 

Contact us and consult B2B aluminium prices for the purchase and sale of aluminium ingots for primary and secondary smelting.

We are dedicated to foreign trade consultancy and help buyers and customers to buy and sell aluminium ingots for smelting from different countries, according to the characteristics, specifications and aluminium qualities required by the customer.


World aluminum production

World production, as in many manufacturing industries:

  • China is the world’s leading producer, namely 37,000,000 tonnes,
  • followed by India,
  • Russia,
  • Canada,
  • United Arab Emirates,
  • Australia,
  • Norway,
  • Bahrain,
  • United States of America
  • Iceland
buy aluminum in China


The price of aluminium depends on the quotation of the London Metal Exchange LME. The LME is a market specialised in the quotation and price of ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, zinc, nickel, aluminium alloys and raw materials.

During this month of January 2022 the price is rising and has exceeded 3,100 dollars / tonne, in fact, the price on 25/10/2022 is:

Aluminium price 2,170 dollars / tonne 25/10/2022 (*) Reference and orientative price on the LME metal market.

(*) Quoted on the London Metal Exchange LME.

Importing aluminium from China

Importing aluminum from China is a good option because you can buy directly from aluminum manufacturers in China and buy at source. So construction companies, warehouses, distributors and other companies can buy at good prices, another option is to buy from aluminum manufacturers in India because India is the world’s second largest aluminum manufacturer. 

If for any reason you are not interested in buying from China because of the cost of containerized transportation, because of the tariffs you have to pay for the product from China in your country or simply because the delivery time is shorter, then you can buy aluminium in India from Indian manufacturers.

Buy aluminium from China

Buy aluminum in China directly from aluminum manufacturers for the construction, automotive, aerospace, structural, marine, transportation and industrial sectors.

Each sector has some technical specifications of aluminium that must be met for the correct use and application, in the case of:

  • Standard profiles, U-profiles, T-profiles, double T-profiles
  • Aluminium rods, round bars, square bars, hexagonal bars and wire
  • Aluminium sheet and alloy plates
  • Anti-slip sheet metal
  • Aluminum tubing, solid square tubing, hollow square tubes, solid round tubes and hollow round tubes
  • Aluminium flat bars
  • Aluminium angle, equal-sided angle, unequal-sided angle.
  • Alloy coils
  • Perforated sheets and aluminum plates
  • Profiles for metal carpentry, aluminium profiles for windows and doors.

Here you can find some of the standard profiles and aluminium alloys most frequently requested by our customers. However, if you have any other request to purchase aluminium with other specifications from the 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 series, please let us know.

Normally, the commercial alloys 6060, 6082, 1000, 1050, 1200, 6005, 6061, 2011, 2007, 2030, 2033, 2017, 2024, 5083, 6061, 6082, 6262, 6026, 6064, 7010, 7020, 7075, 3003, but as mentioned above, please ask us.

Buy aluminium wholesale

Our services to buy aluminium wholesale from China and India is a very good option, whether you are a metal stockist, construction company, structural company or metal carpentry company who wants to buy aluminium wholesale in China, India, Dubai, USA and Turkey.

Our team assists aluminium buyers in the whole process, i.e:

  • In the search for quotation and price of metals from aluminium manufacturers in China, India and USA based on alloys, dimensions, tolerances, finishes, aluminum specifications, volume of purchase requested by the customer and material certificates.
  • Supporting the customer in negotiating and closing aluminium purchase transactions.
  • Support in logistics management and organisation of logistics and shipment of goods from the aluminium smelter to your company’s facilities in your country.
  • Loading inspection of aluminium containers, before closing the aluminium container to verify the cargo.
  • Customs clearance support in China, India, USA, Dubai and Turkey. If you need to know a tariff classification, product codes, Taric code, HTS code to know the tariffs for your country. Contact us.

So if you are looking for an aluminium supplier from China, India, Dubai, US and Turkey, please contact us.

buy aluminium from China, India, Dubai, USA, Turkey

Do you need to buy aluminium from China, India, Dubai, US and Turkey? or are you looking to buy in bulk to import aluminium into your country? That’s perfect. We can help you. Our aluminium import team will be able to answer all your questions.

Contact us now and we will help you through the whole process of importing aluminium from China, India, Dubai, US and Turkey to your country.

We also help many companies that export to different countries, if you need help contact us and our team will help you.

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If you are looking for factories in China and India and wholesale aluminium suppliers and need to import from India metals, steel or other raw materials, just contact us now. If you need to import from China or USA we can also help you. Tell us which metal you want to import and we will tell you price and availability. We are an import and export company and we help companies to buy from other markets and sell to other countries. We have offices in China, India, Dubai, Canada and Spain.


Aluminium prices above 3,100 dollars / tonne

20/01/2022 – LME aluminium prices exceed $3,100/tonne this week due to falling inventory stocks and demand from aluminium importers and exporters.

Aluminium in Vietnam

20/11/2021 – Vietnam has aluminium reserves of around 1.8 million tonnes that are waiting to be traded and when traded will affect the world benchmark aluminium price.

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