Manufacturing in China

Do you want manufacturing in China? Do you want to find Chinese factory to manufacture products with your Made in China brand and designed in your country or with the manufacturer’s brand and import from China products, goods and raw materials? Contact us. 

Looking for Asian furniture manufacturers, wheel manufacturers, machinery manufacturers, tools, China steel, China aluminum, machinery and equipment, building materials, tiles, porcelain, tractors, implements, industrial supplies, capital goods, mining machinery, parapharmacy products and otc products (sphygmomanometers, thermometers, glasses, plasters, gauze, humidifiers), contact us.

Thinking for People has an office in the country, if you want to travel to China to visit factories, suppliers and wholesalers, perfect. Our team can organize your travel and create an agenda with manufacturers and suppliers. We help and offer advice to companies to manufacture in China and buy in bulk from China. If you need advice on manufacturing in China, inspecting products from China, quality control in China and inspecting container loading in China to import into your country. We can help you. Let’s talk?

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Manufacturing in China vs. manufacturing in India in 2022

Manufacturing in China or manufacturing in India depends on many external and internal factors. On the one hand, at the internal level of each country in the manufacturing process you have to take into account the technology, quality, product finishes, production capacity, supply times and logically the final price and the price of the raw material that you want to transform. The technical aspects mentioned here must be taken into account to obtain the qualities and prices you want to achieve. 

And on the other hand, externally you have to take into account the countries where you want to market and sell these products, therefore you have to take into account the shipping times of the goods via sea or air transport and the costs of container shipping and air transport costs.

If you want to know more about how to manufacture in China, contact us and tell us what you want to manufacture and we will find the Chinese manufacturer that best suits your product. 

Manufacturers in China

The manufacturers in China are very interesting for companies or entrepreneurs, you have a business niche in your country and you want to start manufacturing in China to be able to manufacture cheaper and thus outsource the manufacture of products or simply want to manufacture with more quality at lower prices, then contact us and we will try to help you.

If you are interested in manufacturers of aluminum, lamps, lighting, decoration, furniture, steel, clothing, building materials, machinery, tiles, porcelain, plastics, textiles, paper, cardboard, glass, towels, cement, stainless steel, expansive cement, glass, candles, scents, perfumes, doors, furniture, bottles, tubes, hardware, containers and packaging, packaging, cartons and other products we can help you and tell you how to produce in China.

If you are interested in contacting manufacturers in China to manufacture contact us, tell us what you want to manufacture and we will tell you how to produce in China.

Factories in China, industrial sites

The Factories in China are concentrated in industrial regions, industrial areas or zones are areas where companies of the same sector and related sectors are concentrated to manufacture products and by-products, for example machinery and machinery parts, so that the final manufacturer of the machinery needs all related parts to manufacture its machine. Therefore, in the same industrial zone there are factories of related sectors and sub-sectors, because the factories are needed to compete and bring out new products and export to other countries.

Industrial zones are close to big cities because they need a lot of labor for large factories and factories that manufacture millions of products. 

The main industrial zones with factories in China are Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. 

  • Shanghai 上海市 is the second largest city in the Asian giant and has the world’s largest container port and the world’s most important by container transit. Shanghai is the financial, shipping, industrial and commercial center. 
  • In Beijing 北京 or also known as Beijing 北京市 is the second most populous city and have specialized industrial zones where electronics and computer companies and pharmaceutical companies are concentrated. 
  • In Tianjin 天津 are concentrated automobile factories, cell phones, petrochemicals, clothing and textile companies, steel metallurgists, aluminum companies, and metal and solar panel companies. 
  • In Canton or Guangzhou 广州市 is the third largest city in the country and is the city where the Canton Fair is held which is the China Import and Export Fair held every year in April and October. it is a manufacturing area where manufacturers of clothing, handbags are concentrated, 
  • In Shenzhen 深圳市 is a major manufacturing center in China and the city is home to major technology companies. 
    China’s special economic zones are areas where policies have been implemented to modernize and attract foreign investment so that China has access to technology and foreign investment, creating industrial zones in China where companies are concentrated by sector, in coastal areas to favor foreign trade and the country’s imports and exports. 

The main factories are concentrated in industrial zones where products and by-products are manufactured to be traded and exported, mainly: 

  • electronic equipment and electronics manufacturers
  • machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and industrial machinery manufacturers
  • aluminum, iron and steel manufacturers from China
  • garment, textile and clothing manufacturers
  • chemical products manufacturers
  • food and beverage manufacturers
  • car and vehicle manufacturers
  • stone, porcelain and tiles manufacturers
  • lamps manufacturers 
  • lighting manufacturers
  • LED manufacturers
  • furniture manufacturers and decoration manufacturers
  • paper manufacturers
  • packaging manufacturers
Our team helps hundreds of companies to produce in China and then import from China to your country to market, sell and distribute your branded products to your customers. 
Our team can give you all the advice to manufacture in China and help you to find lamp manufacturers, decoration manufacturers, Asian furniture manufacturers, aluminum manufacturers, iron manufacturers, steel manufacturers, machinery manufacturers, paper and cardboard manufacturers and packaging manufacturers in China and other products that suit your needs to buy in China.
Manufacturing in China

How to find manufacturers in China?

If you are wondering how to find manufacturers in China  you have several options:

  • Search the internet for manufacturers
  • At import and export fairs, trade fairs, etc.
  • By word of mouth, by recommendation of other businessmen and importers.
  • Import and export agencies

Thinking for People can help you through the whole process, from finding Chinese manufacturers to helping you to buy in bulk and import from China wholesale to your country.

For example, if you are a paper packaging supplier and you want to start manufacturing products with your design and packaging, we can help you to manufacture packaging in factories paper packaging in China and India to manufacture cheaper and so you can market and sell directly in your country, contact us we can help you. 

chinese clothing manufacturers
Chinese clothing manufacturers

Buy in bulk from China

If you are interested in buy in bulk from China  steel, aluminum, raw materials, furniture, containers, packaging, cardboard, clothing, bags and accessories, machinery and machinery, industrial equipment and industrial supplies, furniture and many other products we can help you. Let’s talk to start buying and importing?

Our team handles everything from performing quality control inspections and container loading inspections to sending you quotes on how much it costs to ship a container from China or goods to your country.


Inspections at origin, quality control inspections in China are important in the manufacturing process so that the manufacturer delivers the product that you really want to receive in your facilities:

  • With your product specifications and not another one. If you perform quality control inspections you will be able to confirm that you will receive the products you want to receive based on your own specifications and that you will not receive any other product with different specifications.
  • With the expected quality and not another one. If you carry out inspections at origin you will be able to confirm that what you want to manufacture is well manufactured and not when it arrives at your facilities and you check that it is not so or there is some failure. If the quality control inspections are done at origin, i.e., you perform quality control inspections in China, you will avoid cost overruns in case of any incident.
  • Analysis, sampling and control of certificates or certifications that products must comply with to enter a country.
  • And within the agreed deadlines and not others.

Our team can perform 2 types of quality control inspections:

  • Source inspections during factory production.
  • Pre-shipment inspections, when the product manufacturer has finished manufacturing the product.

When everything is verified to be correct, you will be informed so that you can make the payment to the manufacturer and authorize him to load the container. Therefore, we recommend that you perform quality inspection of products in China, before shipping to your country.

Factory inspection service to verify that the factory exists and that the supplier exists, that it is a quality supplier and not a trader.

Certificate analysis and validation service.

Product quality inspections at origin

How can you ensure that your product meets your specifications, has the expected quality and is delivered on time? How can you verify that the product matches the sample to verify that it does?


With the China factory inspection or supplier and exporter inspection service you will be able to verify that the manufacturer exists or verify that the supplier exists, that the documentation is in order, that the supplier has an export license. Our team can help you to verify the manufacturer or supplier by performing an inspection.

China container management


Many customers ask us how much it costs to ship a container. Container shipping prices in 2022 have increased due to shortage, factory shutdown due to pandemic, stock breakage in supply chain management, container management in ports, uncertainty and strong demand for products has increased the price of freight transportation, which has led to an increase in the price of shipping containers from China and costs, in the same way has also happened in the transportation of goods by air. 

In many cases the goods transported by ships are worth less than the shipping price of the container.  

Do you need help with container shipping from China?

What are the ports of China?

China’s ports are located in strategic locations for the economic development of the different regions of the country and the main ports for the maritime transport of goods are:

  • Shanghai Port
  • Shenzhen Port
  • Ningbo – Zhoushan Port
  • Guangzhou Port
  • Hong Kong Port
  • Qingdao Port
  • Dalian Port
  • Tianjin Port

Air cargo airports

The main air cargo airports in China for air transport are Beijing Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun, Sanghai Hongqiao, Shanghai Pudong, Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Xiamen.

Consulting for manufacturing in China

If you need help and advice for manufacturing in China we can help you. Day by day we help companies to manufacture their products in the Asian giant. If you have questions about how to manufacture in China or how to produce in China, then contact us. We will help you in the whole process of manufacturing, buying wholesale and importing containers. 

We provide a door to door service, that is, we help companies to manufacture and ship their goods to your country, accompanying them throughout the import process. 

Our Thinking for People team is always available 24h and weekends. You can contact us through a call, email or whatsapp, whatever is easier for you. 

Are you a company from Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, United Kingdom, UK, Morocco, Brazil, USA, Canada, Panama, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Turkey, Israel, Peru, Chile and you want to manufacture in China? Contact us.

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