How to find suppliers in China and China wholesale B2B marketplace and web sites

B2b China suppliers can be found on B2B online platforms and B2B marketplaces are used by foreign companies to find China manufacturers and suppliers, when they decide to import from China.

One of the main challenges in buying wholesale or manufacturing in China, in the Asian giant is to know where to start looking for China manufacturers  and suppliers and Chinese wholesale suppliers.

Many of the companies want to verify suppliers and manufacturers and find out if the suppliers are reliable. In the first searches, companies use B2B e-commerce platforms from China. China has a multitude of online e-commerce platforms which you can check out below if you read on. From popular Chinese online websites such as Alibaba, Globalsources, made-in-china, among other online websites. If you need help finding suppliers contact us.

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If you are interested in buying wholesale, manufacture products, know how to find Chinese suppliers, verify suppliers or know how to do business, contact us.


If you are considering how to sourcing in China, it is because you are looking for factories in China to import from. When foreign companies decide to improve their supply of products and raw materials to process or resell is when the challenges of buying in China wholesale or manufacturing products in the Asian giant begin. If you need to import from China and know suppliers in China to import, contact us.

Foreign companies that want to look for suppliers in China or Chinese wholesalers that are reliable proceed to look for China suppliers to import through online B2B e-commerce platforms in China, but don’t forget to verify the Chinese supplier.

If you want to know how to source China suppliers and manufacturers, here are 3 options:


Search for sites to import from China on online websites and B2B platforms to buy from China, but we recommend that you do a supplier verification or manufacturer verification to do business.


Through a China import agent. Our team has an office in the country and we can source China manufacturers and suppliers, verify suppliers and offer you other services.


Attend trade fairs where you can meet new Chinese manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers. Our team can accompany you to visit trade fairs and manufacturers in China.

12 B2B online platforms to find suppliers in China and manufacturers in China

Here is a list of 12 B2B online platforms to find China manufacturers and China suppliers. By accessing these e-commerce platforms you will be able to identify Chinese suppliers.

Alibaba is one of the most popular platforms in the world.  Here you know how to find wholesalers in China and manufacturers. On Alibaba there are not only Chinese suppliers and Chinese manufacturers, on the online platform there are suppliers and manufacturers from many countries around the world, just search by keywords in the search engine and start filtering by each of the criteria that each buyer needs. Alibaba is the best China b2b marketplace for buy in bulk wholesale and Aliexpress is for retail shopping. is one of the largest B2B e-commerce platforms in China. On Dhgate you should check the reliability of sellers or suppliers independently. If you have any questions about how to buy on Dhgate contact us. We will help you to buy from China and import to your country. Dhgate has opened its marketplace to European companies and SMEs to start selling in the Asian giant in more than 27 product categories. is a source for Chinese products and is a B2B marketplace where suppliers, manufacturers, factories, wholesalers and exporters showcase their products. is a B2B e-commerce website in China. is a multi-sector B2B marketplace with more than 15 categories of Chinese products from suppliers, exporters and manufacturers. Globalsources is a meeting point between exporters in China and importers from all over the world.

Banggood is one of the most important gadget suppliers. Depending on where you read, the reviews are either good or they are bad reviews.​ is like a Chinese Alibaba for Chinese, here the Chinese buy directly from suppliers and manufacturers.

HKTDC marketplace is the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and is a body to promote, develop and encourage international trade and business. not available in Spanish, only in English and Chinese and is the markeplace of Yiwu market. Yiwu Fair or Yiwu Market is considered as the great Chinese bazaar and is one of the main export centers for Chinese products. is a Chinese government-sanctioned B2B marketplace of Chinese manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers. is a Chinese e-commerce platform, specifically a B2B marketplace for industrial products and industrial supplies for Chinese buyers, importers and exporters. is a marketplace for industrial supplies, industrial goods and Chinese products, with a comprehensive directory of Chinese companies, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and product categories. is a global B2B marketplace where buyers connect with manufacturers and suppliers.

How to find suppliers in china

How to find suppliers in China or Chinese wholesalers through any of the business directories is easy, you have to access any of the Chinese B2B business platforms or B2B marketplaces to start contacting suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers.

When you access the directory, websites or China wholesale B2B marketplace you will be able to:

  • Search for China wholesalers, manufacturers and suppliers through the China b2b marketplace.
  • You will need to verify suppliers
  • Negotiate with suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers
  • Close trade agreements with suppliers and manufacturers, purchase and sales contracts, INCOTERMS
  • Quality control of Chinese products
  • Manage shipments of goods and container shipments from China to your country
  • Customs, taxes, duties and tariffs for goods from China to enter your country.

If looking for suppliers, verifying companies, negotiating, closing trade agreements, managing shipments, duties, taxes and customs seems very complicated and also if you are going to make an important purchase in China I suggest you talk to us, we can help you throughout the process and we will help you mitigate risks in your business operations. We have an office in China and we can give you support and coverage to buy wholesale.

manufacturers and suppliers in china

Once you get in contact with the Chinese manufacturer or wholesale supplier through any of the B2B directories you must verify the supplier or verify the manufacturer, but before doing business to buy in bulk or that any Chinese manufacturer will manufacture your brand or product. If you need help to verify supplier or company, contact us, we can help you to do business in the Asian giant.

How to buy on Alibaba

If you are wondering how to buy on Alibaba safely or you don’t know how to buy on Alibaba, then contact us, we will help you through the whole process. If you want to buy on Alibaba and avoid problems with b2b wholesale suppliers and manufacturers, one recommendation is that you should pay with Alibaba Trade Assurance.

Why find China suppliers?

If you are wondering where to find wholesale suppliers and how to import from China, contact us. We will help you to buy in China in a professional way with our import agents and purchasing agents.

Get the best prices from China

In China, local Chinese people negotiate better prices than foreign people, because they know the industry, they speak the same language, they know the culture and the way to proceed to close a deal.

Our Chinese staff speaks your language

Our China staff provides customers with personalized attention, depending on the type of Chinese import product or Chinese goods we can help you from design to the management of the entire supply chain.

Professional attention

Our team of China agents are professionals in foreign trade and international trade and are used to manage China containers for our customers and buyers from different parts of the world.

Need help finding suppliers in China and manufacturers in China?

If you need to find manufacturers and wholesale suppliers from China, simply contact us. We can help you in all phases of importing so that you can make your international purchases with greater security. Tell us the product or merchandise you want to buy and we will tell you how we can help you import Chinese products. We can help you from finding suppliers to arranging shipment of goods from China to your country.

In which sectors can we find suppliers and manufacturers from China for you? Virtually everything from raw materials such as steel, aluminum, machinery, construction materials, construction equipment, work tools, power tools, industrial supplies, industrial material, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, clothing and accessories, footwear such as women’s shoes, men’s shoes and slippers, advertising clothing, to furniture from China and Chinese furniture.

Right now we are available for you and to solve any doubt you may have about importing from China. We are available 24 hours a day and weekends to solve your doubts about how to import from China. Contact us with a call, an email or whatsapp, whatever is more comfortable for you and it’s that easy.

Are you interested in exporting from China? Do you want to buy in China from reliable suppliers? Do you have a company you want to start importing from China? Do you want to check China suppliers and China manufacturers to do business with? Contact us. We can help you with our company to import from China.

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