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Have you identified a sales opportunity in Germany and need to manufacture the product in China and import from China to Germany to start selling?

If you have discovered a niche to sell and do business, we can help you. Do you need to buy wholesale in China from Chinese suppliers and wholesalers in China and import at cheap prices or low prices to be more competitive and be able to compete with your competitors?

Whatever your goal is, we can help you. We have an office in China and can support you in purchasing and importing to your country.

Contact us. We will help you to get the lowest price for the product you want to buy in China and we will give you advice to import to Germany.

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What does China export to germany?

German importers and companies in Germany are engaged in importing from China to Germany products and goods to meet the consumption needs of Germany’s population of 83 million people and improve the competitiveness of the German economy and with respect to other European Union countries.  Germans perform import from China, both products, raw materials and other goods worth more than $87Billion. If you want to know what Germany imports from China you can consult this list:

  1. Machinery and electrical equipment
  2. Textile and apparel
  3. Metals
  4. Chemical products
  5. Transportation
  6. Plastics and rubber
  7. Footwear
  8. Natural stone and glass
  9. Furs and leathers
  10. Wood
  11. Animals
  12. Food
  13. Vegetables
  14. Fuel

Germany is a trading partner of China for many goods imports.

How to import from China to Germany

Choose what you want to import, from here it is best to contact us to tell us what you want to import to Germany and we will inform you of all the requirements necessary to do so. For example, it is not the same to import machines, furniture or clothes than to import sanitary material. And if you want to export from China to Germany we can also help you to export, telling you the steps on how to export to Germany.

Have you identified the product you want to import?

If you have identified the product you want to import to Germany, through local Chinese directories and Chinese websites such as Alibaba or Made in China where a supplier from China or wholesaler from China publishes their products. For example, you have identified a clothing design or type of dress or suit. Perfect, we can help you to manage the import with that supplier you have found.

If you have not identified the product you want to buy?

Don’t worry, we will find it for your company. For example, you know you want to buy clothes, but you have not identified a clothing design, and you want us to propose different clothing designs based on your tastes and preferences of your customers in Germany. Well perfect, contact us and we start looking for the best supplier and wholesaler of clothing that suits your product and manage the import.

Do you want to manufacture in China?

Don’t worry, we will find it for your company. For example, you know you want to manufacture clothing in China with your brand, but you have not identified a design and you want us to propose different standard designs from a Chinese manufacturer to customize them based on your tastes and buying preferences. Well, contact us and we will start looking for the best product that suits your needs and we will manage the import. If you want to manufacture your own clothing designs we can also help you.


Once we know in which phase of buying in China and importing to Germany you are, we can start. In addition, we like to help people who start importing and for whatever reason have a problem importing in customs or in port or for any other reason, in this case you can also call us. We will give you advice for importing into Germany.

Depending on the import products or goods you want to import into Germany, German customs have different controls on the import, i.e:

  • Prohibited products in Germany. These are products that are not allowed to be imported into Germany under any circumstances.
  • Products with import quotas: Products for which only a certain import volume is allowed, so that the import of goods is restricted.
  • Product sectors under surveillance in Germany: these are those sectors in which the import of goods is only possible if you have an import license Germany.
  • Products that can be freely imported into Germany are those that do not require a license, nor are there any import quota controls.

Depending on the phase you are in, we will start to manage the whole process. For information and at a general level, we describe the phases to carry out the import. Logically, each sector and product of Chinese import has a series of specifications and procedures that must be controlled to avoid problems during the import phase. Step-by-step advice on how to import from China to Germany.


search suppliers china

Search for suppliers and wholesalers in china

Do you want to look for suppliers and wholesalers for wholesale purchase of your product or goods? We are experts in the international search of suppliers in India, China and many other countries. Contact us.

search for manufacturers china

Find manufacturers from China

Interested in sourcing manufacturers in China? We are experts in sourcing manufacturers to manufacture products in China, India and many other countries.

choose manufacturer and supplier from china

Choose supplier, wholesaler or manufacturer

Do not hesitate, if you need to select a supplier, wholesaler or manufacturer from China to start importing to Germany, we will help you make the right choice, based on your interests depending on whether you want to buy wholesale or buy directly from manufacturers, among many other criteria.

negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers in china

Negotiate with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers

Negotiating sales prices, sales conditions is important. The conditions of transport, import documents and guarantees are not the same for importing from China, it all depends on what product you want to import.

quality control of products imported from china

Quality control of products imported from China

The quality control of Chinese products and goods purchased and manufactured for import to Germany is important, because they have to comply with European regulations and have the necessary certificates for distribution and sale.

management of shipment of goods from china

Management of shipping from China to germany

We assist our clients in managing the shipping from China to Germany for goods. We assist companies in supply chain management, conditions, contracts, insurance of goods, logistics in China and international transport with sea freight, air freight and road transport and management of goods in front of customs.

If you are interested in buying and importing from China to Germany. Contact us.

Import from China to Germany for machinery and electronic equipment

German importers, manufacturers from Germany and companies from Germany import electronic equipment and machinery from China to Germany and mainly buy from Chinese wholesalers and suppliers and manufacturers in China electronic equipment and machinery that they have available for import: 

  1. Computers
  2. Calculators, cash registers, coin counting machines, bill counting machines and other office machines.
  3. Toys
  4. Printers and photocopiers
  5. Games
  6. Drive shafts, bearings, rolling bearings
  7. Laser cutting machines
  8. Sports equipment, both for outdoor sports and gymnasiums.
  9. Medical instruments, medical equipment and hospital equipment.
  10. Pumps, compressors and ventilators
  11. Padlocks
  12. Mold boxes for metal casting
  13. Agricultural machinery
  14. Hydraulic pumps
  15. Christmas and holiday items
  16. Tools for work
  17. Clocks
  18. Electric brooms and mechanical sweepers
  19. Centrifuges
  20. Motors
  21. Eyeglasses and goggles
  22. Office machines
  23. Washing machines
  24. Thermometers
  25. Air conditioning machines

If you want to import machinery and electronic equipment from China, contact us. We can help you with your imports to Germany.

Import of electronic devices from China to Germany

  1. Televisions, telephones and radios
  2. Electrical transformers
  3. Semiconductors
  4. Electrical heaters
  5. Electronic circuits
  6. Batteries, electric accumulators or batteries
  7. Electricity appliances
  8. Electrical appliances
  9. Microphones
  10. Vacuum cleaners
  11. Electric cables
  12. Smartphones
  13. Computer monitors and projectors
  14. Electrical appliances
  15. Electric shavers

Import from China to Germany clothing and textiles

  1. Lamps with light projectors
  2. Seats
  3. Sweatshirts, vests and sweatshirts
  4. Cloth footwear
  5. Women’s suits, women’s dresses, women’s skirts and
  6. women’s pants
  7. Rubber footwear and plastic footwear
  8. Women’s coats and women’s anoraks
  9. Men’s suits, men’s jackets, men’s suit and jacket sets,
  10. men’s pants and men’s shorts
  11. Men’s coats and men’s anoraks
  12. Leather footwear
  13. Fabrics
  14. T-shirts, beach t-shirts
  15. Socks
  16. Mattresses and bedding
  17. Household clothing and linens
  18. Umbrellas
  19. Sportswear
  20. Women’s shirts
  21. Curtains
  22. Hats
  23. Decorative items and ornaments.

Why import from China to Germany with Thinking for People?

Get the best purchase prices in china

We will negotiate the best purchase prices and purchase discounts for your products. It is not the same for a Chinese person to negotiate as it is for a foreign person to negotiate in China. Our China team will get cheap prices and lower prices and even better volume discounts. Tell us what you are looking for and we will propose you a purchase price.

Professional attention

We are professionals in foreign trade and international trade, used to manage the import of containers from China to Germany. In addition, we also manage the groupage of goods.

Personalized service to customers from Germany

Our staff adapts to the tastes and needs of your local customers in Germany or in other countries where you distribute and sell your product.

Depending on the type of import goods or products, we can help you from the design to suit the taste of customers in Germany to the management of the entire supply chain and the shipment of goods.

Professionals with more than 5 languages

We have a professional communication team in more than 5 languages to do business anywhere in the world.

Service for import from China

If you need to import from China to Germany products, goods, raw materials such as steel, iron, aluminum, machinery, building materials, granite, sandstone, marble, clothing, fashion accessories and clothing, work shoes, shoes and slippers, household linen, advertising clothing and many other items we can help you import to Germany, just contact us and tell us what product you need to buy and our buying agent in China and import agents will propose you purchase price. We are available 24h and weekends. Contact us with a call, an email or whatsapp, whatever is more comfortable for you and it’s that easy.

And if you want to export from China to Germany we can also help you to export, telling you the steps on how to export to Germany.

We are available 24h and weekends. Contact us with a call, email or whatsapp, whatever is more comfortable for you and it’s that easy. If you want to know how to import from Germany, call us.

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