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Thinking for People is an import and export company engaged in foreign trade throughout the world. It imports and exports for its clients, provides import and export consultancy and advises its clients when importing goods and exporting goods. In addition, it supports companies in those business consulting tasks to improve their business internally and provides marketing coverage to start selling in digital markets to obtain a better competitive position to start selling and exporting to other markets.

We source suppliers and manufacturers for our clients all over the world to outsource the manufacture and supply of goods from suppliers to your business, to companies and entrepreneurs nationally and internationally. In this way we help companies to manufacture and supply goods from suppliers in an optimised way and send the necessary goods to the point of distribution and point of sale of the company, improving the supply chain of your business. If you need suppliers in India and suppliers in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia or Bangladesh, contact us. 

We work with companies, suppliers and manufacturers from Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal, Morocco, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Vietnam, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Cambodia, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, United States, Canada, Bangladesh, India, China and Turkey.

With our business consultancy we help companies with export marketing, optimise internal processes and sell more through export. We also offer a translation service for commercial texts and simultaneous translation by telephone so that companies can communicate and talk business on a global level.

Consultancy and advice on importing goods

Advice for import of goods and import promotion. We help companies to import from China and companies to import from India to buy from suppliers and manufacturers in other countries and import in order to buy cheaper, better quality and be more competitive, making more profit and earning more money.

You can buy everything from clothing, household linen, furniture, decorative items, marble, sandstone, granite, building materials, sanitary ware, promotional and gift items, import masks from China, surgical masks, to metals and other sectors.

We help you to manufacture directly in other countries and to import your goods for distribution and sale. We help you manage your business supply chain.

Consultant for exporting goods

We help you with our export consultancy services and sell in other countries to improve your export, we use the data in order to know where your products and services are consumed and where they are sold or where their consumers are.

Advice import and export

We offer our customers our inter-country import consultancy service to help them import products from manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers in China, India and other countries.

Manufacturer of men's clothing and accessories in India, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Manufacture clothes in India, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh

“You are looking for clothing manufacturers for my brand” and create your own clothing brand. Contact us we can help you with your own clothing brand and manufacturing in India or manufacturing in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and other countries. We can help you find the best manufacturer of women’s, men’s, boys’, girls’, babies’, sportswear, advertising clothing, home wear, workwear. 

Importador de india.

Do you want us to be your importer of products from India, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Bangladesh?

If you are not used to importing, we can be one of your importers of products and goods. Contact us, we can help you with your imports.


Marketing for business

We love marketing and through our business marketing agency we help companies to grow, import products and market and sell them in any national and international market. We tell stories and focus on marketing with strategy to grow your business. We love trade events and product promotions.

We are your digital business marketing agency. Do you want us to help you sell more? We drive your growth goals without boundaries. We capture customer attention and bring brands closer to customers to sell more and export products to other countries.

Contact with Thinking for People

Write and call us, here are our contact details and you can contact us at any time. We offer solutions to manufacture in another country, buy in bulk, import from another country and start exporting to other countries. Contact with us.

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