Translation of your meeting and webinars

Do you need a professional translator to translate business meetings, face-to-face meetings and business meetings or webinars? Perfect, we understand. In business, details are important, so we offer you our over the phone interpreter or call interpreter service and you will be able to actively participate in your meetings and webinars. 

Many automatic translation systems, call translators, translation devices and translation applications perform automatic translations, resulting in failure to close deals, progress in meetings or misunderstandings at corporate and commercial levels.

Therefore, if you need a professional translation service, our team of language interpreters and call interpreters can avoid misunderstandings between meeting attendees and can help you meet your objectives and close business deals. Shall we talk?

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At Thinking for People our goal is that people communicate and both parties understand each other perfectly, no matter what language they speak. Our team of English – Spanish – Chinese – Italian – Hindi – Bengali – Arabic – French – Urdu interpreters will help you with the translation of your meeting or webinar. The service is available for face-to-face meetings, video calls, video conferences, business meetings, shareholder meetings, medical appointments and many other applications. Our goal is to help you and if you need a telephone interpreter, don’t forget, we are just a click away to assist you at any time.  

If you need another language, don’t worry. Contact us and we will let you know about availability within the language interpreting service

Translate Zoom meetings


Do you have a meeting at Zoom and need to translate the Zoom meeting? Perfect, don’t worry, our team of professional interpreters participate every day in customer meetings through Zoom providing professional translation services at Zoom. 

The Zoom meeting translation service allows the host to invite participants to the meeting via a link sent to the email to start the language interpretation service.

In this case, the host has already defined the language interpretation settings with our team of interpreters English – Spanish – Chinese – Italian – Hindi – Bengali – Arabic – French – Urdu and from the beginning of the meeting the professional language interpreter can start the language interpretation to the predefined language. 

Translate phone calls


Translating meetings over the phone is a telephone interpreting service that we lend to our clients on a daily basis so that they can communicate perfectly with anyone in the world. 

The telephone translation service is provided by adding one of our language translators of calls, prior to calling the client so that you can communicate correctly with your client, partner, supplier or company you want to talk to and communicate with correctly from the beginning. 

The service of translating phone calls can be performed for calls between 2 people, translating calls to 3 people and group calls. 

Translating video calls and translating WhatsApp calls


Translating a Whatsapp meeting is very easy if you have a language interpreter. Contact us and one of our language interpreters can participate as a professional translator in your meeting.

The language interpreting service can be used for the translation of WhatsApp video conferences and video calls, both between 2 people and between group video calls.

The language interpreting service is also available for Whatapp call translation between 2 people or group call.

Translate videoconferences


Nowadays, translating a videoconference and video call is very easy, you just have to contact us and tell us in the language interpretation service into which language you want to translate your videoconference.

Videoconferences and video calls can be made through a multitude of applications, but this is not a problem because our language interpreting team can adapt to provide language interpreting services on different platforms.

If you have any questions, simply contact us and let us know how you want to translate the videoconference and we will tell you how to do it.   


Our translation service for meetings and webinars is very comprehensive and adapts to the functionalities of any company or person. In addition, the language interpretation service is provided anywhere in the world and at any time, we adapt to the needs of each client, because what matters is you. 

We just need you to contact us and let us know: 

  • The languages you need to have our English – Spanish – Chinese – Italian – Hindi – Bengali – Arabic – French – Urdu interpreters ready or another language, if you need it.
  • And the date and time you want to hold the meeting.

If you need a meeting translation service by Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or by phone, it’s very easy. Here are our contact details, write us a WhatsApp, an email or give us a call. We are always available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year because we provide call translation and video call translation services all over the world.

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