Import tyres from China

The import tyres from China is a reality, the top 10 tyres manufacturing countries in the world are: China, Germany, Japan, Thailand, United States USA, South Korea, France, Spain, Poland and India. 

The main tyre manufacturers are located in Asia and year after year, Chinese manufacturers increase the wholesale of tyres from China thanks to the quality policy of their tyres, the policy of good prices and economic. We are an international trade consulting company and we help tyre companies to import. Shall we talk and start importing tyres from China?

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Nowadays you can not determine the quality of tyres by the origin of manufacture, because the world’s leading tyre manufacturers are going to manufacture in China, both their first brands of tyres, as the second cheaper brands. It is possible to import tyres for cars and other vehicles such as cars of all types, trucks, tractors, agricultural machinery, heavy machinery, machines, buses, motorcycles, tuc tuc and others…

Any wholesaler or importer can access tyre distributors and tyre manufacturers in China so that they can get quotation or prices of tyres in China, we already do it for many customers. If you are interested please contact us.

How to import tyres from China

The steps for importing tyres from China or importing tyres from India are as follows:

Find tyre suppliers

Finding the right tyre supplier in China is very important, because the variety is huge and the tyre supplier must meet all the quality, performance and technical specifications required in your country.

Request samples from suppliers and manufacturers

Tyre manufacturers, raw materials and their technical specifications determine tyre quality and wheel performance, so it is important to request samples to verify the quality of the tyres and to know if they meet your expectations.

Buy wholesale tyres from China

To make the purchase you must sign contracts for the purchase and sale of tyres, after signing the contract you will be asked for a percentage of the total money to buy tyres to confirm the purchase order and finalize the order. You must follow the proper procedures to buy wholesale in China and usually the purchase volume is full containers.

Documentation for importing tyres

As a tyre importer you are responsible for the importation and have all the necessary documents to import tyres, casings, rubbers, wheels or rims, as each country calls them differently.

Transportation of tyre containers

The transport of goods is atomized, but if you want to make an efficient management in reducing costs, you should transport containers of tyres by sea in such a way that the repercussion of the transport cost on the price of each wheel is as low as possible.

Customs clearance

All imports of merchandise must pay duties and taxes on entry of the merchandise into your country to clear the merchandise through customs. It is necessary to know if your country has any anti-dumping duty from China which is a trade defense measure used by countries to protect the national industry, so that merchandise is not introduced below the manufacturing price domestically or in the domestic market.

If you need help with any of these steps, our Chinese tyre import team can help you.  

Advice on importing tyres from China

If you want to buy wholesale tyres from China, India or any other country, perfect. Our import team can help you in purchasing and importing tyres. Normally, the quantities to make an import depend on the type of wheel of car, agricultural machinery, heavy machinery, car, motorcycle, truck, buses, tractors, machinery, etc…, therefore the number of wheels that goes into a container will depend on the size.

For more information, please contact our import team. Tell us the number of wheels you want to import and send us the technical specifications of the tyre you are looking for. 

Now, our China import team is available for you, write or call us. We are always available 365 days, 24 hours a day.

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